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    2009/11/30 05:15

    Someone needs to tell him to sing Ichigo Complete from Ichigo Mashimaro. I'd definitely pay money to see that.

    Ichirou Mizuki

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    2009/11/21 16:14

    Not that great of a singer in my opinion. She never puts much in the way of emotions into the music, so it's really hard likin...


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    2009/11/07 15:30

    Won't argue that this looks pretty good, but not tasteful enough for public display, and that's a huge factor in my purchase de...

    Kousaka Tamaki

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    2009/10/16 14:59

    Might not have been on my buy list before, but it sure is now :P

    Reimu Hakurei

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    2009/10/11 06:37

    Oh cool, so Kadokawa will be there. Interested in seeing whether anyone grills them about a certain Endless story arc that bec...

    Animation Asia Conference

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    2009/10/08 16:50

    Good news indeed, I look forwards to seeing it. Any idea what the plot is going to be or is that some deep dark secret?

    Mirai no Mirai Anime

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    2009/10/08 16:09

    Well, this was the site that helped give me the boost and get me the readership that I finally do have so it's great to see tha...

    Featured Feeds - dannychoo.com

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    2009/10/08 16:06

    Hooray! I've been missing it for quite some time. Glad to know it's running and is better than ever before!


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    2009/09/28 15:23

    The Otaku Revolutionary Army supports these actions for the great motherland of Nippon! BANZAI!!! Remember, if you're not with...

    F*ck Anime

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    2009/09/25 13:50

    I can attest to having such a book and the illustrations are pretty sweet. Really love the graphs and charts and wish I could s...

    Headphone Girls

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    2009/09/24 16:39

    Well, it certainly looks nice, but Guilty Gear figurines aren't exactly my thing so I'll just give that a pass.

    Queens Gate Dizzy

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    2009/09/18 14:39

    Definitely not getting. It looks decent enough, but it doesn't have quite the eye-opening look of say... the Haruhi Band figuri...

    K-On! Merchandise

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    2009/09/13 02:38

    Now that... that's getting up there in terms of ridiculousness. Guess this gives me an incentive to work my ass off until I ca...

    Japan Anime Shopping

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    2009/09/04 14:48

    Oh SWEET! I've been waiting on this one since forever when I preordered it back in January. Glad all the kinks have been worke...

    Good Smile Saber

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    2009/09/04 14:46

    This might actually encourage me to get one, mostly because I still need to make the jump to the next generation of consoles. ...

    PS3 Slim Launch

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    2009/09/03 15:35

    Looks like the concerts will definitely be something to look for. Wish I had the time to be able to check it out since anime mu...

    AFA 09

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    2009/08/22 19:55

    Yup, that looks pretty rad all right!

    Black Rock Shooter Anime

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    2009/08/20 03:57

    Definitely something to look forwards to, especially if it comes with a price drop because... let's face it, it's just too expe...

    PS3 Slim

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    2009/06/22 10:11

    Isn't there a new show coming out that's based on a character popularly found in Pachinko parlors? I'd like to check it out an...


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    2009/06/16 11:01

    The Good Smile version wins by a huge amount. The only thing that's annoying though is that it won't come out until August. G...

    Alter Saber Lily

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    2009/06/14 00:19

    Registered readers requirement suggests something having to do with social networking, which would be super since it'll allow a...


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    2009/06/13 11:06

    You'd think the people writing these papers would do some actual fieldwork or something :x At least, any self-respecting resea...

    Kodansha International

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    2009/06/13 09:33

    Sounds like a pretty fun event, though I do wonder what the point of an otaku encyclopedia would be since the easy solution to ...

    Kodansha International

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    2009/06/12 03:51

    I'll probably pass on this one given the fact that I've got the Good Smile Saber Lily variant which fulfills my Fate Stay Night...

    Nendoroid Saber Lily

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    2009/06/10 07:52

    The good news is that my blog has become a decent platform for my opinions and getting some modicum of recognition has been rea...

    Japanese Companies