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    2013/09/17 20:15

    It's like forever since I watched noitaminA's Sakamichi no Apollon. This is really must watch for me.


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    2009/11/02 00:45

    The Bayonetta OST Game OST looks awesome, makes me want to buy though it says 8,000 yen at this time?! And this "Japanese Sword...

    Anime Shops

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    2009/04/24 19:41

    A long line on the canteen, I see there are lots people taking their lunch. It's good to pack yourself a lunch, it'll probably ...


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    2009/04/22 18:09

    Pew pew pew, Welcome! Sister Alodia!

    Alodia Gosiengfiao

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    2009/04/06 05:41

    Surprisingly, TBS TV Station which 1st aired K-ON! on 2011 will now be airing WS. They be doing that for the reason their subsc...


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    2009/03/22 10:31

    Seems you have enjoyed again your work there. I want to eat some Singaporean food too.

    A Week in Singapore

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    2009/02/15 14:05

    A cute magical shoujo, the best loli fig for the 1/8 PVC fig. mere perfect. I wonder what it would be like for the metamorphosi...


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    2009/01/13 16:42

    I never owned such stuff before or nonetheless never saw one in my life before. REAL too bad for me.

    Ton O Dakimakura

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    2009/01/08 19:02

    I have to say, this fig loses 'cause most of us here are already pre-ordered their like.

    Yuki Nagato

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    2009/01/03 15:11

    That's a serious problem, people here in the Philippines are eager to work, it's impossible or any of our citizens here will do...

    Japan NEET

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    2008/12/31 16:39

    Second and Hyakko for me.

    Best and Worst Anime of 2008

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    2008/12/31 16:30

    It's my first time to cook anything with rare recipes, I want always be a new year for me to do this, I have experimented about...

    7pm in Tokyo - New Years Eve

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    2008/12/31 11:38

    I'll better try it first.

    Windows 7 Beta ISO Leaked

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    2008/12/30 12:42

    Thanks for the person who did the stolen shot on photo at HQ.

    Nendoroid Nagi

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    2008/12/28 16:06

    She should have saw the man's junior, whether it is hard for condensed milk, you can't or it's hard to pee when your jr.'s head...

    BMW Man

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    2008/12/28 16:01

    I'd say, Tony's been good on his drawings, I'd say this is one beauty figure I've seen. Still never failed.

    Comiket 75 Figures

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    2008/12/28 15:46

    I'll buy Toshiba products for a chance to win Meido!

    Toshiba Maids

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    2008/12/26 19:54

    Maybe a good idea of having this as a contest and to challenge members to have a very stylish avatars or etc.

    Holiday Avatars 2008

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    2008/12/25 14:18

    That's a good news for sellers out there, and as for me, I'm planning myself to have a buy and sell business and to think Danny...

    Classifieds Open

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    2008/12/25 13:49

    Xmas means from me there's a lot of money, what should I buy next?? Merri Kurisumasu!

    Merri Kurisumasu 2008

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    2008/12/24 19:09

    Though it's not parody? 2nd epic fail...

    Hajirai Machine Girl

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    2008/12/24 12:28

    Danny sure gonna get this piece of to figma works.

    Figma Mirai Meets Augmented Reality

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    2008/12/24 12:21

    I got a good feeling that I should have a vacation the same as yours.


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    2008/12/23 17:04

    http://blog.livedoor.jp/geek/ http://moonphase.cc http://sankakucomplex.com http://gelbooru.com http://baka-updates/release...

    Frequently Visited Sites

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    2008/12/23 16:15

    Fortunate but do not abuse, maybe one step is that don't lose time, time managing is the best way for a couple to understand wh...

    Partner of an Otaku