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tflops 成為會員的日期 2007/11/25

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  • 發表了評論 on 2013/09/17 20:15

    It's like forever since I watched noitaminA's Sakamichi no Apollon. This is really must watch for me.

  • 發表了評論 on 2009/11/02 00:45

    The Bayonetta OST Game OST looks awesome, makes me want to buy though it says 8,000 yen at this time?! And this "Japanese Sword Girls" fetish is getting it to me, anyways happy birthday DC!

  • 發表了評論 on 2009/04/24 19:41

    A long line on the canteen, I see there are lots people taking their lunch. It's good to pack yourself a lunch, it'll probably take a long time if did you fall in line. Pretty sure, I'm harem on where I reside, not a single girl better to say they're many, I usually stay on dorms if I have classes. The good thing here is that I'm the only guy on that dorm.

  • 發表了評論 on 2009/04/22 18:09

    Pew pew pew, Welcome! Sister Alodia!

  • 發表了評論 on 2009/04/06 05:41

    Surprisingly, TBS TV Station which 1st aired K-ON! on 2011 will now be airing WS. They be doing that for the reason their subscription on that TV Station is also dropping. cause 16:9 viewers can't stand old fashioned 4:3.

  • 發表了評論 on 2009/03/22 10:31

    Seems you have enjoyed again your work there. I want to eat some Singaporean food too.

  • 發表了評論 on 2009/02/15 14:05

    A cute magical shoujo, the best loli fig for the 1/8 PVC fig. mere perfect. I wonder what it would be like for the metamorphosis version.

  • 發表了評論 on 2009/01/13 16:42

    I never owned such stuff before or nonetheless never saw one in my life before. REAL too bad for me.

  • 發表了評論 on 2009/01/08 19:02

    I have to say, this fig loses 'cause most of us here are already pre-ordered their like.

  • 發表了評論 on 2009/01/03 15:11

    That's a serious problem, people here in the Philippines are eager to work, it's impossible or any of our citizens here will do that, many are unemployed looking for jobs, maybe IT will be very stupid for that to do it 'cause we're people here are have big problems FINANCIALLY and our gov't doesn't work on use poor citizens. If only they can experience how hard life it is here.

  • 發表了評論 on 2008/12/31 16:39

    Second and Hyakko for me.

  • 發表了評論 on 2008/12/31 16:30

    It's my first time to cook anything with rare recipes, I want always be a new year for me to do this, I have experimented about 10 different viand. All we're delicious, congrats to me, Happy new year everyone!!

  • 發表了評論 on 2008/12/31 11:38

    I'll better try it first.

  • 發表了評論 on 2008/12/30 12:42

    Thanks for the person who did the stolen shot on photo at HQ.

  • 發表了評論 on 2008/12/28 16:06

    She should have saw the man's junior, whether it is hard for condensed milk, you can't or it's hard to pee when your jr.'s head up, right?

  • 發表了評論 on 2008/12/28 16:01

    I'd say, Tony's been good on his drawings, I'd say this is one beauty figure I've seen. Still never failed.

  • 發表了評論 on 2008/12/28 15:46

    I'll buy Toshiba products for a chance to win Meido!

  • 發表了評論 on 2008/12/26 19:54

    Maybe a good idea of having this as a contest and to challenge members to have a very stylish avatars or etc.

  • 發表了評論 on 2008/12/25 14:18

    That's a good news for sellers out there, and as for me, I'm planning myself to have a buy and sell business and to think Danny would cover up with these, that's one good implementation up with this feature Danny! It's very interesting, and lol'd when I thought of that many will sell things, how about a garage sale and how about shipment?

  • 發表了評論 on 2008/12/25 13:49

    Xmas means from me there's a lot of money, what should I buy next?? Merri Kurisumasu!

  • 發表了評論 on 2008/12/24 19:09

    Though it's not parody? 2nd epic fail...

  • 發表了評論 on 2008/12/24 12:28

    Danny sure gonna get this piece of to figma works.

  • 發表了評論 on 2008/12/24 12:21

    I got a good feeling that I should have a vacation the same as yours.

  • 發表了評論 on 2008/12/23 17:04 http://baka-updates/releases.php torrent sites and etc. forgot them

  • 發表了評論 on 2008/12/23 16:15

    Fortunate but do not abuse, maybe one step is that don't lose time, time managing is the best way for a couple to understand what are these hobbies for.