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tenrou 成為會員的日期 2008/04/16

Back to school... ^^;;;

Colorado Springs, CO · 流浪人


  • 發表了評論 on 2016/01/02 19:56

    This has become a daily thing for me... ^_^

  • 發表了評論 on 2015/12/25 19:11

    Merry Christmas! >^.^<

  • 發表了評論 on 2013/07/11 09:02

    The average retention rate for most new teachers, now, is between three to five years. For the most part, most people don't realize how much work/time is involved in teaching when they become teachers, and end up quitting from poor pay/stress after a few years. As for me, I'm looking at this for at least the next decade or more. There would have to be a really special position/job to tear me away from the profession. ^^

  • 發表了評論 on 2013/07/09 03:36, I'd be viable for positions as a math, science, or Japanese instructor. With the economy and school funding the way it is, now, I'd probably end up filling multiple roles in most schools. It gives me a leg-up on applying for teaching positions versus single discipline candidates. ^_^

  • 發表了評論 on 2013/07/01 11:36

    Waiting for the Danny/Mimi merger... ^^;

  • 發表了評論 on 2013/07/01 11:34

    Congrats on graduating! ^_^ I'm currently getting a teaching certification for math-secondary education. Will also try to get endorsements for general science and Japanese language on my license. ^^

  • 發表了評論 on 2013/07/01 03:09

    Moved here, last year... ^_^ ...back in college, too... ^^;;; Are you still haunting MIT? ^^

  • 發表了評論 on 2013/06/26 12:13

    I live about 5-10 minutes from Manitou Springs... ^^

  • 發表了評論 on 2013/06/25 10:34

    Would love to apply, but relocating to Tokyo is a no-go for me for the near future. ^^;

  • 發表了評論 on 2013/06/13 08:59

    Mazinger Z

  • 發表了評論 on 2013/06/12 14:15

    Probably one of the best heroes in manga/anime... ^^

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  • 發表了評論 on 2013/06/12 14:07

    Wataru was one of my favorite anime as a kid... ^^;;;

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    新年あけましておめでとうございます! ^_^

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  • 發表了評論 on 2012/12/23 15:33

    She definitely has my interest... ^_^

  • 發表了評論 on 2012/12/14 02:46

    Congrats! Will have to look for Mirai the next time I'm in Seattle... ^_^

  • 發表了評論 on 2012/11/18 07:59

    Falling Pipe? O_o

  • 發表了評論 on 2012/11/03 09:27

    As for story recommendations, I've always enjoyed "Watership Down." Good, dark adventure elements, plus a few bits of mythos thrown in for flavor. If you want more of a comedy flavor, I suggest looking at children's books. The good ones keep their stories simple, but interesting and well-paced. I've been enjoying the "Dragonbreath" series with my daughter. There are plenty of others that I'm sure other folks will recommend. ^_^

  • 發表了評論 on 2012/11/03 09:21

    Or lots of use on dirt roads... ^^

  • 發表了評論 on 2012/11/03 09:16

    One of my favorites... ^_^

  • 發表了評論 on 2012/10/28 12:57

    I taught myself how to read, so I'm really uncertain on what kanji is supposed to be at what grade level... ^^;;;

  • 發表了評論 on 2012/10/28 12:15

    化? ^^;

  • 發表了評論 on 2012/10/26 18:38

    One of my favorite Mirai images... ^_^

  • 發表了評論 on 2012/10/24 09:51

    That is amazing work! ^o^