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I love video games, consumer electronics, Asian dramas and music. I am currently in medical school and do some light blogging for fun.

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    2010/11/30 23:32

    Hopefully Danny will upload more episodes of Culture Japan to Youtube because there doesn't seem to be an on-demand way to watc...


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    2010/09/24 18:27

    Super Potato is a fantastic place to visit, but be aware that they have higher prices due to all the Western media publicity th...

    Super Potato

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    2010/07/06 01:15

    Why are you reposting something from 4 years ago?

    Tokyo Hairdressers

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    2010/06/08 13:04

    I would consider the iPhone if it came out for multiple carriers in the U.S. (particularly Verizon). In the U.S., iPhone is exc...

    iPhone 4 Japan

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    2010/05/31 14:56

    I knew immediately this was a repost because Danny doesn't do photo walks anymore :(

    Dealing with Haters Part 1

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    2010/05/24 19:21

    I did not like the Apple iPad case because it was so flimsy. If you need a stand, you can get a business card holder or a plate...

    iPad Video Review

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    2010/05/24 00:08

    M-flo has a couple jazz-inspired collaborations, but otherwise that's a pretty weird comparison. Agree on Danny's amazing netw...


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    2010/05/09 21:20

    I forgot to mention that Limousine Bus takes you directly to the front door of many hotels. The seats are also fairly spacious ...

    Tokyo Airport Train

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    2010/05/09 21:18

    I've had nothing but positive experiences with Limousine Bus. I always travel with a lot of luggage so using the trains is a bi...

    Tokyo Airport Train

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    2010/05/01 23:38

    I bought an iPad for my mom. It's great for web browsing and email but it certainly has some significant limitations. Hopefully...

    iPad Hands On

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    2010/04/25 20:13

    Welcome home! The Heathrow airport lounge is very familiar to me because I was stranded there last year also. Only for about 3 ...

    Tokyo Arrival

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    2010/04/19 09:39

    Good job blending in with the group. Almost worked ;)

    Tokyo Trooper in London

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    2010/04/19 09:25

    Hope you get home soon! Paris isn't a bad place to be stuck though :)

    Tokyo Trooper in London

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    2010/04/19 07:48

    Look on the bright side... of all the places to be stranded, Paris isn't too bad ;)

    Volcano Airport

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    2010/04/03 21:24

    Can't wait to see your travel photos!

    University of London SOAS Talk & Meetup

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    2010/02/15 22:16

    I agree, not too big a fan of sites that rely exclusively on user-generated content. At least Dannychoo.com still publishes lot...

    Tokyo Guide

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    2010/02/11 08:55

    Fantastic facility design!

    Japan Blood Donation

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    2010/01/28 11:14

    iPad is Apple's biggest disappointment. I haven't seen such widespread discontent from a new Apple product. Seems like a comple...

    iPad Hands On

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    2010/01/20 03:02

    Danny looks really handsome as a young man! Did you have any fun encounters with the lovely flight attendants? :)

    Japan Airlines Bankruptcy

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    2010/01/14 07:38

    Thanks for introducing cu-te.tv to us!

    Japanese Girls

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    2009/12/22 12:01

    Wow this is very impressive use of technology!

    Tokyo Cam

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    2009/12/18 08:06

    Very cool feature, though it seems like too many users are spamming the images.

    JQuery Plugins

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    2009/12/13 23:32

    It's hard to get a bad meal in Japan :) Yakiniku mmmm

    A Week in Tokyo 48

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    2009/12/05 21:55

    Which camera did you use? These photos look quite a bit sharper than past photos.

    Singapore Food

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    2009/11/30 22:32

    I got my copy! Looking forward to Otacool 2 :)