otakusan 成為會員的日期 2011/01/15

Love animes & figurines. :)

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    2012/03/30 00:05

    Can't wait to watch your new show on the Internet and good luck as always Danny :)

    Announcements 2012/03/29

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    2012/03/21 10:22

    Haha! I know how you feel! Same here, final exam is in June!!! Why!!!!! Sob...(;_;)


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    2012/01/07 02:22

    Wow! Looks like a million dollar-worth room! ^^

    御宅族房間 —— 前後對比

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    2012/01/01 02:23

    Thanks for the motivational words of wisdom. Happy New Year!

    新年快樂 2012!

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    2011/12/30 13:45

    Awesome trip! So I think Danny's role was more like a translator in Hong Kong :) And Milky Holmes are so cute too! Cool!!!


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    2011/12/24 16:10

    LOL! That was funny! Hahaha :)Love it ^^


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    2011/12/24 02:54

    All the figures that we collect are very vulnerable. I mean they are all very cute and nice but are also easily damaged. That i...

    Figure Danger

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    2011/12/18 23:55

    Yeah I do agree that the management was poor. They kept us waiting the whole time. I also waited for about an hour. Worst still...

    Comic Fiesta 2011

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    2011/12/18 23:47

    Can't wait to see you in Malaysia soon Danny!!! Ah... can't believe that I missed the digest version of Culture Japan Season 2 ...

    Comic Fiesta 2011

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    2011/11/26 00:44

    If I win this one, I'll frame it and hang it on the wall and it will become part of my treasure. By the way I just want to wis...

    2011 Thanksgiving Giveaway

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    2011/11/24 23:47

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    2011/11/03 14:08

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful story. Very inspiring indeed. May the best things in life come to you more with each passin...