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Born in the UK, living in Spain.
I like to understand the hows and whys of as much as I can. Manual activities such as building, DIY and electronics are some of my pass times.
Some hobbies are photography, modding, reading and watching anime.


Spain · Cook assistant · http://figuramania.blogspot.com/


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    2014/03/21 10:26

    I wish I knew Danny whas going... I would of actuall gone inside! Hahaha Hope you come back to Barcelona some time Danny!


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    2012/08/28 11:41


    Chara Hobby 2012

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    2012/08/28 11:40

    Need more figures with belly buttons!

    Chara Hobby 2012

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    2012/08/28 11:39


    Chara Hobby 2012

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    2012/03/14 11:47

    Kanetsugu <3 http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=115727658551105&id=636725434

    Figure Loot

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    2012/02/07 15:01

    Captain! I'm detecting large amounts of win in this sector!


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    2010/11/23 03:25

    Poor Jibril... gas pump penetration... xD

    Itasha Sticker

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    2010/05/22 21:09

    Canal Plus? As in the Spanish Canal Plus? Hmmm I'll have to keep my eyes open!

    Dolls Party 23下篇

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    2009/12/22 19:57



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    2009/12/06 14:32

    Good luck to everyone! :3


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    2009/12/01 12:59

    My cat doesn't care sometimes, other times he just strolls of and curls up! But that cat is at over 9000 lazylevels! Such stra...

    Japanese Cats

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    2009/12/01 12:51

    Thanks Danny, only you manage to go to such lengths! It's amazing how you get around :3 Also my thanks to Kotobukiya for choos...


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    2009/09/26 06:37

    Hahahaha, wow, that would be interesting :D

    Honda U3-X

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    2009/08/02 19:26

    I'm loving those Keroro dioramas!

    Hong Kong Anime Convention

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    2009/06/15 04:01

    You and your secrets!!!


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    2009/04/13 04:18

    As long as she doesn't have the same voice... No problem!

    Mirai Fanart

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    2009/03/19 02:53

    As if the last picture wasn't enough, now all I can do is suffer from stitches thanks to your comment. I'm just glad I finishe...

    Tenga Egg

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    2009/03/10 20:12

    Well, I'll say he's cute in the picture. In the video on the other hand the levels of cuteness dropped dramatically. Shees, ...

    Boy is Maid

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    2009/02/02 15:18

    I love those magnetic cars! My driving license was pretty easy, provably because I never got nervous about it. On the day of ...

    Japan Drivers License

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    2009/01/21 12:05

    Also be care full, some times (extreme) the oil can leave the ball bearings in the motor and won't be able to start up easily i...

    Sony Vaio P Boot Time

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    2009/01/18 08:32

    Awww, he kissed her! How cute lol Well, as long as they don't break a bone being tossed...

    Throw the Groom

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    2009/01/12 02:16

    I'll say 5

    20090110 Giveaway - Kodansha International

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    2008/12/06 06:56

    What is recycling seriously? 100%? 80%? I do recycle, plastics, paper, organic material, glass and more stuff like batteries a...

    Waste disposal in Japan

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    2008/12/02 07:31

    Win-chan T_T xD

    Retired Figures

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    2008/11/23 04:24

    http://www.dannychoo.com/detail/mac/eng/image/10328/.html#comment382312 53746

    20081113 Giveaway - Round Two