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hangmen13 成為會員的日期 2007/04/21

An enthusiast widely familiar with Internet and Imageboard subcultures. An avid fan of anime, 1/6 action figures, toy collecting, videogames, and military stuff. I also do military cosplay and a little bit of part-time acting.

Sabah, Malaysia, but now studying in KL (still the same country) · Freelance Translator (English/Malay) & Writer ·


  • 發表了評論 on 2013/05/31 06:33

    Hey, it's me! Around the time when this photo was taken, I had suffered a severe breakdown. I completely lost all energy and motivation to finish up the thesis for my English Degree, dropped out as a consequence and went inactive for twelve months in near-isolation until April of this year. I'm now picking up the pieces by freelancing as a translator (English/Malay and Malay/English), proofreader, as well as a writer, doing anything from writing under the behalf of others to writing menial stuff like someone else's CV and formal letters. Honestly, while it's true that I did a freelancing job as a means to earn experience as well as to boost my credentials, I admit that I also did it for the money. I wish I wouldn't need to, but sustaining a life for a month in Kuala Lumpur is difficult due to the high cost of living, despite having partial financial backing from my parents. What I'm truely passionate about is writing stories, works of fiction. I'm working on a novel and a few short stories which are all yet to be published, but my preoccupation with chasing after my monthly rent and putting lunch on the table everyday is really slowing me down from actually pursuing my dream. There are lots of things I wish to try out in life besides writing a novel: running businesses, composing music, acting, and so forth, but money kept my wings anchored down. Motivation, while admirable, are often in an endless conflict against reality, which at the end of each battle would slump both sides into another stalemate. Yet motivation also kept me believing there's always a chance, no matter how small, that I could turn the tide of battle to my favour and somehow, emerge victorious.

  • 發表了評論 on 2012/06/20 18:25

    Hey, me and my cosplay comrades! I'm the guy carrying the riot shield.

  • 發表了評論 on 2012/06/04 15:35

    Registered. See you guys there!

  • 發表了評論 on 2012/04/04 11:40

    If Mirai Airlines could fly to the Osean Federation, you may proceed to take all my money.

  • 發表了評論 on 2012/04/04 11:38

    Osean Federation

  • 發表了評論 on 2012/03/11 14:01

    One thing's for sure, Japan's reconstruction effort in the aftermath of the earthquake is something to be praised highly of.

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  • 發表了評論 on 2011/12/26 14:40

    Yay, mine's here! ^^

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  • 發表了評論 on 2011/12/17 06:05

    As of the time I'm posting this comment, Comic Fiesta 2011 has only six hours left before it starts. I'm gonna cosplay as a Praying Mantis PMC soldier from Metal Gear Solid 4 on Day 1 and Ghost from Modern Warfare 2 on Day 2.

  • 發表了評論 on 2011/10/08 16:43

    I can hear Command & Conquer's Hell March playing in the background.

  • 發表了評論 on 2011/07/12 11:09

    Oh wow, I visited this place once in 2008. This is where you'd lose a lot of your money to all the cool stuff they're selling!

  • 發表了評論 on 2011/06/15 02:29

    COMING SOON FROM GOOD SMILE COMPANY! 1/1 scale Chuck Norris in seifuku and cat ears!

  • 發表了評論 on 2011/06/02 01:03

    Being a Ghost cosplayer myself, I say he's done a helluva job. I wanna chat with him if I could :P

  • 發表了評論 on 2011/05/05 18:01

    I'm more of a 1/6 military figure kitbasher so even though it looks damn gorgeous, it's a pass for me. :P I'm already spending too much for my military stuff both 1/6 and 1/1.

  • 發表了評論 on 2011/05/05 17:43

    Real Action Heroes? Is this from Medicom Toys? If it is, I'm expecting it to be around 1/6 scale and as pricey as their Masked Rider and Evangelion figures.

  • 發表了評論 on 2011/03/20 02:29

    Aww hell yeah operators!

  • 發表了評論 on 2011/03/20 02:28

    Heh awesome.

  • 發表了評論 on 2011/03/11 17:44

    I hope all my favourite directors, mangakas, and seiyuus are safe in Japan. Glad to hear you're safe Danny, and so is Hideo Kojima...

  • 發表了評論 on 2011/03/10 11:22

    Shut up and take my money!

  • 發表了評論 on 2011/03/06 10:16

    Revoltech Jehuty

  • 發表了評論 on 2011/02/14 15:14

    Yuno (Hidamari Sketch)

  • 發表了評論 on 2011/02/09 23:19

    Let imagination handle that!

  • 發表了評論 on 2011/01/26 02:51

    Because they can dress like that?

  • 發表了評論 on 2011/01/08 01:43

    Aww yeah!