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My name is LesterHo. Currently a student who studying in Japan Tokyo. Please visit my blog for more daily updates about Japan.

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    2010/06/10 16:14

    Will be looking forward to the broadcast.

    Culture Japan

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    2010/06/09 19:17

    Danny.. you forgot my link for this CGM Night. ^^;; http://www.lesterho.com/?p=1753

    CJ Night Tokyo 7

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    2010/06/09 01:07

    Got my iPhone 3Gs back in last year when Softbank just launched after a week ago and now I plan to get the iPhone 4 for a chang...

    iPhone 4 Japan

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    2010/06/07 19:17

    After looking at these pictures, I feel like going back to Tokyo instead of my current place now in Osaka.

    Japanese Universities

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    2010/05/24 18:29

    I prefer meat more tha veggie but having veggie once in a while isn't that bad at all!

    Tokyo Vegetarian

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    2010/05/24 18:28

    Can't wait for the rest of it.


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    2010/05/15 11:22

    Seeing this makes me wanted to go back more. ^^;;

    Malaysia 2010/05 Part 1

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    2010/05/14 16:47

    It's been a while since I last went back to Malaysia. I'm kinda miss the foods there.

    dannychoo.com Kuala Lumpur Meetup

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    2010/05/03 02:07

    Gonna look forward to it. Too bad I don't have anything to show yet since I just moved into a new place not too long ago.

    Danny Choo Network TV

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    2010/04/29 18:26

    Great post and pictures. I was waiting for my White Xperia X10 but unfortunately it was out of stock and I managed to reserved ...

    A Week in Tokyo 53 Part 2

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    2010/04/15 16:00

    Wow! Looking good there. Might take a short trip to UK if I have the chance.


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    2010/04/12 08:29

    I have no complain about my own hometown even though I did alot back then but the thing I don't really like is my own country e...

    Hackney London

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    2010/04/10 13:58

    Cool Pictures taken by your Lumix GF1.

    Tokyo Dance Trooper游巴黎

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    2010/04/03 16:30

    Don't have the time to attend the Akihabara Tour last time. Unfortunately for me.

    Akihabara Tour

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    2010/04/03 01:53

    Alot of great staff members are working on this. Will be looking forward to it's completion.

    Chinka PV April Fools

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    2010/04/01 19:25


    Chinka Repackaged

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    2010/03/30 12:37

    Gonna wait for this to be done.

    Chinka Illustrations

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    2010/03/28 19:49

    I love anime very much but too bad I couldn't draw well So this field will be totally out for me. But I have alot of friends he...

    Anime School

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    2010/03/27 00:06

    Seems like there will be another event for me to go to this sunday.

    Tokyo Anime Fair 2010

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    2010/03/25 10:53

    Wow! seems like there is another awesome anime that i'm going to look forward to. Congrats Danny!


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    2010/03/23 09:38

    Another part of nice pictures around HK from you Danny.

    Hong Kong Day 2

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    2010/03/22 07:50

    Am looking forward to the next article about this.

    Asian Film Awards 2010

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    2010/03/19 09:37

    Wow. They still got sell some Japan stuff there.

    Hong Kong Day 1

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    2010/03/17 10:39

    Wow! I would love to go to HongKong one day. I heard the food there is nice.

    Hong Kong Trip

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    2010/03/15 21:33

    Wow! Will look forward to the next step.

    New Employee Announcement