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finalarks 成為會員的日期 2008/11/16

My name is LesterHo. Currently a student who studying in Japan Tokyo. Please visit my blog for more daily updates about Japan.

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  • 發表了評論 on 2010/06/10 16:14

    Will be looking forward to the broadcast.

  • 發表了評論 on 2010/06/09 19:17

    Danny.. you forgot my link for this CGM Night. ^^;;

  • 發表了評論 on 2010/06/09 01:07

    Got my iPhone 3Gs back in last year when Softbank just launched after a week ago and now I plan to get the iPhone 4 for a change since I'm kinda convienced about the new awesome features and functions available for the iPhone 4.

  • 發表了評論 on 2010/06/07 19:17

    After looking at these pictures, I feel like going back to Tokyo instead of my current place now in Osaka.

  • 發表了評論 on 2010/05/24 18:29

    I prefer meat more tha veggie but having veggie once in a while isn't that bad at all!

  • 發表了評論 on 2010/05/24 18:28

    Can't wait for the rest of it.

  • 發表了評論 on 2010/05/15 11:22

    Seeing this makes me wanted to go back more. ^^;;

  • 發表了評論 on 2010/05/14 16:47

    It's been a while since I last went back to Malaysia. I'm kinda miss the foods there.

  • 發表了評論 on 2010/05/03 02:07

    Gonna look forward to it. Too bad I don't have anything to show yet since I just moved into a new place not too long ago.

  • 發表了評論 on 2010/04/29 18:26

    Great post and pictures. I was waiting for my White Xperia X10 but unfortunately it was out of stock and I managed to reserved one but don't have the time to take it. ^^;;

  • 發表了評論 on 2010/04/15 16:00

    Wow! Looking good there. Might take a short trip to UK if I have the chance.

  • 發表了評論 on 2010/04/12 08:29

    I have no complain about my own hometown even though I did alot back then but the thing I don't really like is my own country especially on the west side where I used to go there and study as fear always stick on me whenever I went to since the crime rate there are quite high back when it was in 2007.

  • 發表了評論 on 2010/04/10 13:58

    Cool Pictures taken by your Lumix GF1.

  • 發表了評論 on 2010/04/03 16:30

    Don't have the time to attend the Akihabara Tour last time. Unfortunately for me.

  • 發表了評論 on 2010/04/03 01:53

    Alot of great staff members are working on this. Will be looking forward to it's completion.

  • 發表了評論 on 2010/04/01 19:25


  • 發表了評論 on 2010/03/30 12:37

    Gonna wait for this to be done.

  • 發表了評論 on 2010/03/28 19:49

    I love anime very much but too bad I couldn't draw well So this field will be totally out for me. But I have alot of friends here whom in the same language school with me going to study animation in some college here and they most of them are very good at drawing. Some did go for seiyuu course in a college called Shobi or Toho. Their school fees for a year are about the same as mine. At least they are cheaper than those who studied fashion design that cost 2 million yen per year and doctor for the lowest fees is 7 million yen in any Japan college and university.

  • 發表了評論 on 2010/03/27 00:06

    Seems like there will be another event for me to go to this sunday.

  • 發表了評論 on 2010/03/25 10:53

    Wow! seems like there is another awesome anime that i'm going to look forward to. Congrats Danny!

  • 發表了評論 on 2010/03/23 09:38

    Another part of nice pictures around HK from you Danny.

  • 發表了評論 on 2010/03/22 07:50

    Am looking forward to the next article about this.

  • 發表了評論 on 2010/03/19 09:37

    Wow. They still got sell some Japan stuff there.

  • 發表了評論 on 2010/03/17 10:39

    Wow! I would love to go to HongKong one day. I heard the food there is nice.

  • 發表了評論 on 2010/03/15 21:33

    Wow! Will look forward to the next step.