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    2009/07/05 15:57

    Hmmm this is new. Not that I would try it.

    Japan Body Inflation

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    2009/05/30 04:43

    uhhhh it's solved. Ignore this XD

    Otaku.fm Feed Share Request

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    2009/05/26 05:42

    My feed is approved and my old posts are showing up, but my new ones aren't showing. There shouldn't be any problem with the w...

    Otaku.fm Feed Share Request

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    2009/05/10 12:25

    Hmmm nice vid. Must have taken quite some time to film and composite everything.


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    2009/05/01 18:05

    Looks really nice but the price tag is quite a turnoff =/

    Homestar Planetarium

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    2009/04/22 17:46

    They should put this right outside my door...

    Japanese Vending Machines

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    2009/04/21 14:55

    Wouldn't be harmful to have one just for the fun of it. Next thing you know they'll start implanting brains and vocal cords in...

    Japanese Silicone Dolls

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    2009/04/18 06:38


    Roppongi Trooper

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    2009/04/18 04:10

    I need to save up money and go there someday...

    Your First Japan Loot

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    2009/04/14 18:08

    This is going to be very interesting if incorporated into eroges... Just that it's meant to be for 3d eroges not 2d >.> Well ...


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    2009/04/13 17:31

    I reached climax when i saw the dolls... But I died from the price.

    Dollfie Fate

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    2009/04/12 03:29

    Good one... Though I think the hair shouldn't actually be stuck together... A limitation on the engine perhaps or an oversight...

    Rin Kokonoe

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    2009/04/10 17:51

    Depends on what you think is happiness I guess. I pondered on that question for a long time and in the end I just end up doing...

    Pursue Your Passion - A Summary

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    2009/04/10 17:46


    Korea Dollfie

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    2009/04/07 05:56

    If that thing started in the night I think some people may die from the shock lol.

    Happy Drummer Cat

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    2009/04/07 05:50

    Looks like it's going to be more interesting around here =D

    Welcome Guest Blogger Brad Rice

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    2009/04/06 05:50

    Only got to a fight once and ended in.......... uhhhhh..... Us going back to class. Didn't bother much about fighting anyway. ...

    Japan Self Defense

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    2009/04/05 13:48

    Spiderman cause he got a web drawing behind his butt. No rly.

    Best Ever Bootleg Figures

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    2009/04/04 16:02

    I like carrying cash more than cards... I get to feel the weight of the cash which reminds me that the cash is actually there. ...

    Japanese Banks

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    2009/04/04 15:53

    Are the people too used to stuff like this in Japan....... Cause normally a stormtrooper and a priest together should usually ...

    Influential Comrades

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    2009/04/04 03:55

    That.Sushi.Made.Me.Hungry My saliva is dripping all over the table >.>

    A Day in Tokyo 3

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    2009/04/03 18:10

    20k is quite a huge number XD I may buy one depending on my mood (and money)

    April Fool Summary

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    2009/04/03 05:46

    I don't wear makeup at all... Then again i can't be bothered with it. Not like I meet up with strangers much. The most extreme...

    Japanese Men Makeup

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    2009/04/02 15:42

    Looks really convenient... But I can't stop laughing XD I kinda want to paste a piece of paper with "Child 100 YEN"

    Japanese Children Transportation

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    2009/04/02 06:28

    If things gets messy there are always gundams XD Or are they gonna use the bishoujo tactic.

    Japan Missile Defense