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TevaZul 成為會員的日期 2009/09/16

I am a web developer and database software engineer by day and a writer and general video game and anime otaku by night. Currently living in Lincoln, NE.

Midwest U.S. · Web Developer/Software Engineer ·


  • 發表了評論 on 2010/05/25 08:29

    I wonder if those girls know how many adoptable pets PETA kills each year because it spends all its money on ad campaigns.. Doing my best not to go on a rant.. as a animal lover... PETA makes me really mad...

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  • 發表了評論 on 2010/03/23 04:34

    First [35H] Second [36H]

  • 發表了評論 on 2010/02/21 04:12

    If I am someplace that may not let you take pictures I usually use my iPhone. Its pretty easy to just pretend your getting bad reception and snap a few shots ;P.

  • 發表了評論 on 2010/02/04 00:30

    1st Guess [36gb] 2nd Guess [128gb]

  • 發表了評論 on 2010/02/03 09:59

    There are a few up on Ebay now but the shipping is a killer...

  • 發表了評論 on 2010/02/03 00:48

    Pre-Orders are closed/out of stock everywhere I have looked ><.

  • 發表了評論 on 2010/01/10 15:55

    Second Guess: 47

  • 發表了評論 on 2010/01/10 13:10

    First Guess: 52

  • 發表了評論 on 2009/12/20 09:41

    Yeah they are all like that, can never bring my self to enter. Heavily perfumed, giant pictures of naked men, club music blaring, dark lights... not the environment that makes me want to buy a sweater.. or shop... or be within 100ft.

  • 發表了評論 on 2009/12/07 15:44

    Guess I will start off with these guesses. Good luck Everyone! [13:04:32] [11:06:50] [09:06:52]

  • 發表了評論 on 2009/11/10 01:04

    [21:45:30] [22:50:30]

  • 發表了評論 on 2009/11/04 13:44

    Whats next a Puchi Blurbs app? ^^

  • 發表了評論 on 2009/10/28 00:25

    When I get busy or stressed my favorite drink is Pepsi, it fueled me though my days as a student. Most of the time I drink Earl Grey blend black tea, Roobios tea, or soy hot chocolate. ^^

  • 發表了評論 on 2009/10/23 00:21

    I just started using Twitter since I launched my website, its a great way to keep visitors and users informed on when I am working on the site and just what I am doing in general. I use Tweetdeck on my iPhone and on my computer to keep track of the people I follow etc. It was really useful when I was debugging the site my testers could just send me a quick tweet if something was broken etc. I used to use Echophone but I like Tweetdeck better.

  • 發表了評論 on 2009/10/22 05:30

    I think Halloween celebrations waned here for a while but I think they are starting to come back. For Halloween this year some friends and I are going to go camping at a State Park that is not to far from where we live. The campsites are in a creepy hollow and they have Halloween trick or treating along the camp sites, pretty neat. I am going to get a couple of pounds of dry ice and see how much fog we can create for everyone :3.

  • 發表了評論 on 2009/10/19 04:28

    Personally I don't like infinite scrolling. It provides to much information on a single page I think that at some point the eye gets lost. Personally I like the format of having a recent page that has all the latest information, a slightly archived page that has the most recent articles and the last X amount of articles, and then either a date archive or search archive or both. I have never once thought in all my years of using the internet "If only this information was all on one infinitely scrolling page I could easily find it."

  • 發表了評論 on 2009/10/15 05:04

    I wonder if this app can be plugged into other applications.. say one that reads barcodes or numeric codes in general. Could be an interesting way to do coupon distribution.. or better yet it could be used to make a pretty sweet monster hunter/pokemon style game where you find monsters in the form of a tagged space with a barcode that links up to another app that has your character information etc...

  • 發表了評論 on 2009/10/14 13:52

    I was skeptical after the first episode. But the second episode was right on track. I think this is going to be a great series!

  • 發表了評論 on 2009/10/14 03:29

    Nice. This does remind me of Eden of the East. I will definitely be getting this when its made available in the U.S.

  • 發表了評論 on 2009/10/01 11:20

    Reminds me a bit of the labs from the first Resident Evil movie. We have blood drives at my work every month. They drive a "Bloodmobile" to the front lobby doors. Inside the "Bloodmobile" is the donation stations which are pretty nice standard sterile looking hospital fare. I have yet to donate blood though. Does everyone know their blood type? I found out mine a few years back when I was having some lab work done, O Negative. What are your blood types? I have heard blood type compatibility is still a big thing in Japan, similar to astrological signs in other countries.

  • 發表了評論 on 2009/09/30 03:55

    I see they are available in the U.S. on the web but I haven't seen them around. Maybe when the new "pulse" is out it will become more popular, I know that I will be getting a "pulse".

  • 發表了評論 on 2009/09/25 04:10

    I agree with everything this book stands for :P. Girls with huge headphones are かわいい!

  • 發表了評論 on 2009/09/24 15:47

    Gun laws are pretty relaxed in the U.S. There is a waiting period for getting a gun from a gun store, but often that can be circumvented. There is also a loophole in gun code where "Gun Collectors" can own just about any form of weapon available. Which means private citizens can legally own automatic weaponry as long as they are a "collector". As far as airguns go, I believe you have to be above 18 to purchase most places, and all air-soft or toy weaponry is required to have an orange cap on the muzzle of the gun. There have been several incidents in the U.S. where police officers have shot down kids with toy guns because they thought the guns were real. The U.K. has stricter gun control than the U.S. but it has a lot more knife crime does it not? I work with some people in the U.K. from time to time and they are always talking about kids stabbing each other. I think Japan's success comes from its strict regulation of both guns and bladed weaponry.