TevaZul 成為會員的日期 2009/09/16

I am a web developer and database software engineer by day and a writer and general video game and anime otaku by night. Currently living in Lincoln, NE.

Midwest U.S. · Web Developer/Software Engineer · http://www.nyannet.com


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    2010/05/25 08:29

    I wonder if those girls know how many adoptable pets PETA kills each year because it spends all its money on ad campaigns.. ht...

    Tokyo Vegetarian

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    2010/05/13 09:44


    Momohime Giveaway

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    2010/04/05 23:18


    Mugi Kotobuki Giveaway

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    2010/03/23 04:34

    First [35H] Second [36H]

    Seena Giveaway

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    2010/02/21 04:12

    If I am someplace that may not let you take pictures I usually use my iPhone. Its pretty easy to just pretend your getting bad ...

    Hatsune Miku Cosplay

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    2010/02/04 00:30

    1st Guess [36gb] 2nd Guess [128gb]

    Figma CANAAN Giveaway

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    2010/02/03 09:59

    There are a few up on Ebay now but the shipping is a killer...

    Nakano Azusa

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    2010/02/03 00:48

    Pre-Orders are closed/out of stock everywhere I have looked ><.

    Nakano Azusa

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    2010/01/10 15:55

    Second Guess: 47

    CANAAN Giveaway

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    2010/01/10 13:10

    First Guess: 52

    CANAAN Giveaway

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    2009/12/20 09:41

    Yeah they are all like that, can never bring my self to enter. Heavily perfumed, giant pictures of naked men, club music blarin...

    Abercrombie Fitch Japan

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    2009/12/07 15:44

    Guess I will start off with these guesses. Good luck Everyone! [13:04:32] [11:06:50] [09:06:52]

    Otacool Giveaway

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    2009/11/10 01:04

    [21:45:30] [22:50:30]

    AmiAmi Giveaway

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    2009/11/04 13:44

    Whats next a Puchi Blurbs app? ^^

    iPhone Website

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    2009/10/28 00:25

    When I get busy or stressed my favorite drink is Pepsi, it fueled me though my days as a student. Most of the time I drink Earl...

    Japanese Beverages

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    2009/10/23 00:21

    I just started using Twitter since I launched my website, its a great way to keep visitors and users informed on when I am work...


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    2009/10/22 05:30

    I think Halloween celebrations waned here for a while but I think they are starting to come back. For Halloween this year some ...


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    2009/10/19 04:28

    Personally I don't like infinite scrolling. It provides to much information on a single page I think that at some point the eye...

    Web Usability

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    2009/10/15 05:04

    I wonder if this app can be plugged into other applications.. say one that reads barcodes or numeric codes in general. Could be...

    Sekai Camera

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    2009/10/14 13:52

    I was skeptical after the first episode. But the second episode was right on track. I think this is going to be a great series!

    Sora no Otoshimono

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    2009/10/14 03:29

    Nice. This does remind me of Eden of the East. I will definitely be getting this when its made available in the U.S.

    Sekai Camera

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    2009/10/01 11:20

    Reminds me a bit of the labs from the first Resident Evil movie. We have blood drives at my work every month. They drive a "Blo...


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    2009/09/30 03:55

    I see they are available in the U.S. on the web but I haven't seen them around. Maybe when the new "pulse" is out it will becom...

    Free Pantsu

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    2009/09/25 04:10

    I agree with everything this book stands for :P. Girls with huge headphones are かわいい!

    Headphone Girls

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    2009/09/24 15:47

    Gun laws are pretty relaxed in the U.S. There is a waiting period for getting a gun from a gun store, but often that can be cir...

    Firearms in Japan