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  • commented on 2012/07/19 04:17

    Congrats Kenneos ^_^

  • commented on 2012/04/02 02:31

    Big congrats Danny and family ^_^

  • commented on 2012/02/17 07:13

    oh my O_O

  • commented on 2011/11/03 07:30

    She looks so cool ^_^

  • commented on 2011/10/11 09:53

    This is awesome....I'm finally marrying my fiancee in May (been dating for 9 years :3)..she has family in Japan and it was our dream to have our honeymoon there ^_^. I'm signing up

  • commented on 2011/09/09 01:27

    Very cool ^_^ I love seeing the progress of Mirai over these past few years. I just sold out of her figma figures and now seeing that she's not only guest staring in anime but getting her own anime is a wonderful feat. My mascots have been around since 2003 but only recently have I had some progress with their development with fan art made of them and currently a video game in development ^^ Seeing Mirai (and the other girls too) be in the spotlight is always great inspiration for me and the rest of the fan base for our own characters site, etc.. (speaking of sites...I WILL make something of when the funds are there..I promise ^^;;)

  • commented on 2011/08/27 07:14

    lol, awesome ^_^

  • commented on 2011/08/20 07:38

    TTGL of course ^_^

  • commented on 2011/08/09 00:30

    she looks so awesome ^_^

  • commented on 2011/08/04 00:37

    so many of my friends went this year; I'm still land-locked here on Long Island >_< Here's hoping next year I can go to Otakon...and other cons other than NYAF for that matter.

  • commented on 2011/06/14 07:30

    I can attest to the fact that these games DO sell in the US. Holding back any games, figures or anime from the US market is the main cause of any pirating. Fans want their stuff. Sometimes I want to just hit the licensees over the head with a fan over there sometimes >_<

  • commented on 2011/06/13 19:59

    She looks so awesome ^^ Why is AAAanime taking so long to get this in stock for the US stores? >_< (I want one for myself too :-/ )

  • commented on 2011/06/06 20:26

    amazing post Danny. I can say that anime and Japan can contribute to me meeting my fiancee and starting my business. Your blog has for years now help inspire me to improve my site and continue to look forward to a bright and profitable future of being an anime fan...not for the money but for the love of Japanese culture and the fun experiences being with other fans can bring. In due time (I know, been saying this since 2009 ^^;;) I'll be free from my boring day job and be running my anime biz full time. A freedom that only a love for this culture can bring and something I wouldn't have thought possible if it wasn't for you and the rest of the community here. Wish I can be there at AnimeExpo; still stuck in NY, but one day soon.

  • commented on 2011/03/17 02:49

    I hate seeing anime figures busted >_<...but figures are figures in the end; people being safe is more important. (not gunna deny I was like NOOOOOOO! when I saw this though ;_;)

  • commented on 2011/03/11 18:19

    I'm up at 4:00am now...I can't sleep because of this. I hope my fiancee's cousins and extended family are ok :-( and everyone else of course. Japan is better at handling earthquakes than we would here in NY but this is insane.

  • commented on 2010/11/27 07:10

    my god...I came back from my months of not commenting (sorry about that, been busy ^^;;) to state...Holy freaken figure fail!! o_O

  • commented on 2010/06/07 03:39

    Awesome news. I wish I could go but I'm in the NY area so NYAF in NYC is where I regular ^^;;

  • commented on 2010/05/27 02:55

    definitely a BRS item from what I can tell ^^

  • commented on 2010/04/10 05:05

    Paris Trooper FTW! ^^

  • commented on 2010/04/01 02:30

    she's a fav in my book now ^o^

  • commented on 2010/04/01 02:29

    lol, lulz :3

  • commented on 2010/04/01 02:26

    ..I almost got fooled..or did I?

  • commented on 2010/04/01 02:25

    lol, awesome

  • commented on 2010/03/23 05:01

    She looks great, a must keep ^_^

  • commented on 2010/03/15 00:45

    Definitely looking forward to it ^_^

  • commented on 2010/03/14 03:29

    wow, I really need to spell check; my engrish is off ^^;;

  • commented on 2010/03/13 06:08

    Well, they better start learning how to herd some Kobe beef and grow some seeds.

  • commented on 2010/03/13 05:56

    wow, you hear his load of horse#%^ from JASRAC (and I would bet the usually-more-crooked US music industry to follow in their footsteps), yet you have artists like Black Eyed Peas doing a suprise and FREE concert in NYC right now. EXPOSURE of content creates sales, epically in today's internet age. Create a worthy track that gets virally spread and watch artist mint millions of $ (billions of yen) As long as the fair-use clause is being upheld and the 3rd party/fan aren't making $ from it, than JASRAC and anybody else dumb enough to shoot themselves in the foot like this need to shut up already and let what sells, sells.

  • commented on 2010/02/28 00:25

    Been with my significant other since 2002 when I was a senior and she was a freshman in HS. We've been engaged since December of 2007 but due to the REALLY high prices for weddings here (and the cost of living...damn you Long Island!!) we are still engaged. The wedding is planned for next May though..hopefully we can afford it T^T

  • commented on 2010/02/24 07:47

    How can I not comment about this considering my site's name? ^^ I simply love the shrines and can't wait to go see some on my honey moon in a year or two.

  • commented on 2010/02/24 07:45

    Awesome Danny... so jealous >_<

  • commented on 2010/02/19 08:17

    ...I will agree though that copyright holders really need to ease off cosplaying and other stuff like AMVs... free advertisement is free advertisement and viral movement of some content on the web can only mean more $ for the content holders in the long run....which is what they are afraid of losing in the first place.

  • commented on 2010/02/19 08:15

    Looking forward to the book ^_^ Those questions you and Kotobukiya got were definitely...o_O Some people really need to think before they ask stuff. Usually one would say "there is no such thing as a stupid questions"...but a few there would stress the truth in that statement ^^;;

  • commented on 2010/02/10 01:21

    Free?! "I'll take 8 ^_^ " - Zoidberg

  • commented on 2010/02/08 07:22

    readies wallet and store...ready for her to come stateside ^^

  • commented on 2010/02/07 11:08

    yay... ~nya ^^