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zenical 登録日 2007/11/08

zenical loves to rant!!

Singapore · boss of zotaku!!!! ·


  • commented on 2009/04/27 09:13

    6666 yen =3

  • commented on 2008/11/16 12:21

    no eating and drinking in MRT aka Trains. lol

  • commented on 2008/11/16 08:39

    so many fines, but we don't really care, because it just depends how "lucky" you are when performing such "acts" XD

  • commented on 2008/11/15 07:40

    welcome to Singapore, hm I been to that place you went, lots of food there XDXD.

  • commented on 2008/11/15 07:16

    first thing you go to is an anime shop in Singapore? Haha! I have the Fate Alarm Clocks X)

  • commented on 2008/10/28 12:02

    exams for me. last paper is 20 November. NOOOOOO. Danny possible to sign up and if unable to go, not attend? =3

  • commented on 2008/10/25 10:29

    WHITE ALBUM!!!!!!!

  • commented on 2008/10/24 19:22

    nendoroid or heroes topic? XD

  • commented on 2008/10/24 16:46

    so cute! I preordered the Shana nendoroid myself. can't wait XDXD

  • commented on 2008/10/23 13:46

    they're available again. LOL?

  • commented on 2008/10/23 09:49

    same here -_-

  • commented on 2008/10/23 09:45

    lol preorders for the school sets are closed at hobby search O_O

  • commented on 2008/10/09 18:29

    I like this fig a lot. Wonder whether I should buy...

  • commented on 2008/10/09 16:33

    wouldn't spend so much.. And I don't use USB drives a lot.. So no XD

  • commented on 2008/10/09 08:30

    I think its because of her holding melon pan. Think if its with the sword, she would look cool. The face doesn't suit with melon pan, I think =3

  • commented on 2008/10/09 08:22

    I'm waiting for Hobby Search to up her for preorders so I can instantly hoot XD

  • commented on 2008/10/05 18:51

    discotheque is the OP ^^. Lol I can't wait for the next episode

  • commented on 2008/10/05 18:49

    think it's average =/ will watch it though, maybe it'll grow? lol

  • commented on 2008/10/04 09:08

    Will watch more before I take a stand. Lol but most likely I'll continue watching XD

  • commented on 2008/09/28 13:58

    I kept laughing at Tsukasa =X

  • commented on 2008/09/22 16:28

    Figurines... Too much heat can kill ~_~

  • commented on 2008/09/14 21:32

    I don't mind anything 1/8.. My 1/8 Shana is cute small, easy to display XD

  • commented on 2008/09/11 17:40

    Hobby Search should send a replacement. I had one time where they missed one of my stuff from my parcel. They sent me the missing item within days. They were at the losing end, but they had to give me the item XD. Try to email them, they should be responsible enough. Also, I don't think you should dismantle her body though. Lol. Send them the photo over, they should send you one soon ^^

  • commented on 2008/09/11 17:38

    I have not watched the anime yet =X

  • commented on 2008/09/11 10:07

    You should email or request from the store u bought from , for a replacement.. I got a replacement for my Figma Fate (when her joints connecting her body and lower body had problems) I got a free replacement, hope you get yours soon! ^^