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wormgear 登録日 2008/02/22

I mostly love staying home and watching anime or reading manga. Aside from this, I also like travel, languages, pâtisserie, bicycling, chocolate, music, cooking, sake, arts, literature, DJ'ing, technology and martial arts.

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  • commented on 2011/08/12 08:11

    Even though I see scenes like this every day in NHK news, seeing the before and after photos together gives a much more complete view of the true extent of the damage. Seeing what has happened to beautiful Miyagi Prefecture makes me cry. (ToT) I will be going to Ishinomaki in 3 weeks to do some volunteer work before my up-coming business trip in Tokyo. I am very much looking forward to having to opportunity to contribute to the relief efforts directly. 頑張って未来へ向く事しかないね。

  • commented on 2011/04/14 15:01

    Ooooh! I was there last June! I had such a nice time!! It's really a very nice place. Only Danny would be allowed to take photos in there. Amazing. What's even better is that I met the girl that is serving the omurice and parfait to you, Danny! I happened to be leaving at the same time as she was finishing her shift. I guess American customers are a little bit rare in there so she decided to talk to me for a minute. When she came up to me in Don Quixote, I almost didn't recognize her without her make-up and uniform! I hope to go back there again some time. Moe-moe *kyun*!

  • commented on 2010/10/01 23:08

    Thank you! I will do my best!

  • commented on 2010/10/01 13:12

    Hey Danny. I just went back and re-read the "Pursue Your Passion" post after reading this one. When I first started reading your blog nearly 3 years ago, you were already working to deliver this message to us and making it stick. You would have no way of knowing this, but receiving this message from your posts played an important part in changing my path and getting me moving toward the exit of my comfort zone. Sure enough, I started lying to myself about my career about 11 years ago (long time, right!?). It turns out I'm not really all that interested in software engineering. What I'm passionate about is Japanese language and culture. As a software engineer, I make a *very* comfortable living and rarely find myself in want or need of anything material. I can't say the same for my soul, however, which is often starving. About 2 years ago, I finally got serious about studying Japanese and although I often work 50 - 60 hours per week (sometimes much more) at the company where I work, I still manage to find between 1 and 5 hours *every* weekday for studying Nihongo (sometimes more than that on the weekends). This December I plan on passing the JLPT N3. Next year I will definitely take N2. I know that as a translator, editor, researcher, etc. I'll never make the same salary as I do in the software business, but I will certainly be happier following my passion, and I'll have many more opportunities to live and work in Japan with strong language skills at my fingertips (or... tongue-tip?). Perhaps new opportunities that I've never even considered will open up from there. Part of what made it easier to lie to myself is the fact that I've only just begun to start taking steps to follow my dreams and I always thought of myself as "too old to start now." (You and I are the exact same age, Danny, literally-- in fact we have the exact same birthdate!) You were starting your own company in Japan 3 years ago and I was still hiding in my comfort zone here in Chicago. Like you said though, "it's going to happen anyway because that's me, so I may as well get started," I thought. Hopefully I'm on my way now. Thanks as always for the inspiration, Danny! いつもありがとうございます。今後とも、よろしくお願いします。

  • commented on 2010/07/19 07:48

    Wow! I am very happy that I was able to provide some useful information! It's definitely the kind of place that rewards repeat-visitors since the area is so large and so full of beauty and hidden treasures. Please enjoy it again! ^_^

  • commented on 2010/07/06 01:49

    Aww! I wish I'd read this post earlier! I could have watched on Tokyo MX TV while I was in Japan (just came home the day before yesterday).

  • commented on 2010/04/20 10:09

    Oh man! Gorgeous cars! I wouldn't have any problem at all driving around in one of those cars; I would drive with confidence and a smile on my face. I wouldn't do it here in the U.S. though for it would surely be vandalised.

  • commented on 2010/03/27 22:16

    Mm. Wait, nevermind. It got removed. Oh wells!

  • commented on 2010/03/27 11:38


  • commented on 2010/03/27 11:37

    Just in case someone happens to visit this post again in the future, take a look at part 2:

  • commented on 2010/02/24 09:27

    LOL! Classic Fam Guy right there. I'm sorry it was such a disturbing experience. ^^

  • commented on 2010/02/23 13:59

    I hope your visit to the Doctor went well!

  • commented on 2010/02/23 13:57

    Ooh! Let's talk about that! I would be grateful if you took a minute or two to share what you're getting from it. I think I need some help getting perspective on this one. I, personally, see two possible messages here-- FIRST is decidedly mocking non-Japanese Otaku culture in that westerners who are self-proclaimed "Otaku" truly believe that they are "becoming Japanese" without fully understanding the breadth and scope of Japanese culture (obviously it goes far beyond anime, manga and video games). I would accept this if I perceived that this message was delivered clearly and successfully (but I don't think it was). The SECOND possible message is a more superficial one which is the stardom of foreign people in Japan. The local Akihabara folks take a secondary role as mere supporting actors to the "amazing" Kirsten Dunst with her power and influence from overseas. (Or perhaps this WAS the message, but in a satirical way?)

  • commented on 2010/02/23 04:30

    HAHAHAHA! dead last FTW!

  • commented on 2010/02/22 22:24

    I always HATED this song (especially that guitar-riff at the very beginning that get repeated during the song). Here is the original from 1980 by The Vapours: My opinion-- this video is patronising and objectifies rather than celebrates Japanese culture (Otaku culture, actually, despite what the song suggests). Blech.

  • commented on 2010/02/22 02:04

    Eh... what sort of "cheese"...?

  • commented on 2010/02/22 02:03

    "took a photo of her" LMAO!! That's fantastic! Nicely played!

  • commented on 2010/02/12 13:55

    WOw!! I had to go back an look again! heh! With the curry and Mirai-chan's oppai in the foreground, it's hard to notice the Taj Mahal!

  • commented on 2010/02/12 13:50


  • commented on 2010/01/31 04:02

    Me Too! Me Too! 未来ちゃんガンツ・ヴァージョンはめっちゃかっこいい!

  • commented on 2009/12/22 04:31

    WONDERFUL! Simply wonderful!

  • commented on 2009/12/11 21:35

    This never happens in Chicago because public transport vehicles are NOT comfortable. The only time I ever fell asleep on a train was on a commuter train traveling from a far suburb of Tokyo into Shinjuku station. It was so warm and comfortable in there and the trains dosn't shake, rattle and roll like the trains do here.

  • commented on 2009/12/08 13:39

    This is so exciting! We've all been waiting for a long time since Figma Mirai was first announced. The time is drawing nearer-- I can hardly wait!

  • commented on 2009/12/08 13:33

    Wow! So many taking/passing Levels 2 and 1! Well done!!! I took 4級 over the weekend. I wouldn't say that I destroyed it or killed it, but I am certain I passed it. Unfortunately the results are not sent out until February-- such a long time to wait! I will definitely be ready for 3級 next year.

  • commented on 2009/12/08 13:28

    If you check the international job offers in Japan, most of them specify JLPT Level 2.