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oid 登録日 2007/09/16

Born in the UK, living in Spain.
I like to understand the hows and whys of as much as I can. Manual activities such as building, DIY and electronics are some of my pass times.
Some hobbies are photography, modding, reading and watching anime.


Spain · Cook assistant ·


  • commented on 2014/03/21 10:26

    I wish I knew Danny whas going... I would of actuall gone inside! Hahaha Hope you come back to Barcelona some time Danny!

  • commented on 2012/08/28 11:41


  • commented on 2012/08/28 11:40

    Need more figures with belly buttons!

  • commented on 2012/08/28 11:39


  • commented on 2012/03/14 11:47

    Kanetsugu <3

  • commented on 2012/02/07 15:01

    Captain! I'm detecting large amounts of win in this sector!

  • commented on 2010/11/23 03:25

    Poor Jibril... gas pump penetration... xD

  • commented on 2010/05/22 21:09

    Canal Plus? As in the Spanish Canal Plus? Hmmm I'll have to keep my eyes open!

  • commented on 2009/12/22 19:57


  • commented on 2009/12/06 14:32

    Good luck to everyone! :3

  • commented on 2009/12/01 12:59

    My cat doesn't care sometimes, other times he just strolls of and curls up! But that cat is at over 9000 lazylevels! Such strange furballs. Meow!

  • commented on 2009/12/01 12:51

    Thanks Danny, only you manage to go to such lengths! It's amazing how you get around :3 Also my thanks to Kotobukiya for choosing my little green room! I'll have two books now... :D

  • commented on 2009/09/26 06:37

    Hahahaha, wow, that would be interesting :D

  • commented on 2009/08/02 19:26

    I'm loving those Keroro dioramas!

  • commented on 2009/06/15 04:01

    You and your secrets!!!

  • commented on 2009/04/13 04:18

    As long as she doesn't have the same voice... No problem!

  • commented on 2009/03/19 02:53

    As if the last picture wasn't enough, now all I can do is suffer from stitches thanks to your comment. I'm just glad I finished my sandwich!

  • commented on 2009/03/10 20:12

    Well, I'll say he's cute in the picture. In the video on the other hand the levels of cuteness dropped dramatically. Shees, the Spanish comments on the Nico video are harsh xDD

  • commented on 2009/02/02 15:18

    I love those magnetic cars! My driving license was pretty easy, provably because I never got nervous about it. On the day of the driving test I was playing Burnout on the PSP in the waiting room and making everyone verrry nervous hahaha!

  • commented on 2009/01/21 12:05

    Also be care full, some times (extreme) the oil can leave the ball bearings in the motor and won't be able to start up easily if they are on for too long. I leave my pc on for months at a time, it's very rare. You can always turn on the HDD shutdown after a few hours of idling.

  • commented on 2009/01/18 08:32

    Awww, he kissed her! How cute lol Well, as long as they don't break a bone being tossed...

  • commented on 2009/01/12 02:16

    I'll say 5

  • commented on 2008/12/06 06:56

    What is recycling seriously? 100%? 80%? I do recycle, plastics, paper, organic material, glass and more stuff like batteries and oil. Although some times plastic goes in with the normal trash, and the bin in my room is a bin for pieces of scrap paper and plastic. Wile I do try to recycle as much as possible, a small amount doesn't get recycled. I can't really answer your poll, as I don't know what "seriously" is. But if really made choose, I'd say no, because I'm not checking every little bit. :3

  • commented on 2008/12/02 07:31

    Win-chan T_T xD

  • commented on 2008/11/23 04:24 53746