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musouenrai 登録日 2010/10/21

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  • commented on 2016/07/19 16:16

    I've seen this documentary.

  • commented on 2016/01/02 04:55

    I don't know why but the thing that catches my attention the most are those two. They look like a lovely couple.

  • commented on 2016/01/02 04:35

    Everything looks so magical! :) I wish I was there. I must be a pain to remove all those light garlands off the trees.

  • commented on 2016/01/02 04:14

    Happy New Year, everyone! I hope it brings you good health, lots of joy and fulfilled dreams!

  • commented on 2015/12/25 23:07

    I'm at home most of the time. In front of the computer. Biggest problem - the desk is too high, the chair is too low. And I slouched a lot. Actually, the desk is with 3 tables - for printers on top, an unfoldable table to the side and a small table for a keyboard. Kinda office-like. Yeah, weird. Then changed the chair but it's still not perfect. Plus, I'm on a laptop and while they offer portability, they do not offer comfort. They say the screen has to be at the leve of your eyes, etc. Here's the article: P.S. I ought to try this standing desk as well. Sometimes my butt start to hurt, too.

  • commented on 2015/12/25 22:24

    Hey, there, little fellow!

  • commented on 2015/12/25 21:46

    Love that gif! (pronouncing it like "gift" without the "t") How come I see it just now?

  • commented on 2015/12/25 21:44

    Merry Christmas to everyone! :) I like the images, Danny! :D And Mirai's message is deep! Thanks for reminding me of it. Happy Holidays!

  • commented on 2015/05/25 06:52

    Hello there! I've eaten this before! On a loaf, of course. But it was a blue package. P.S. When it's past its expiration date or so, it smells and tastes like some experimental toxic hair wax!

  • commented on 2015/05/20 18:59

    Also, that 3D render of a space ship - I remember it. Some years ago you wrote that the tunnel vortex took you a month to figure out how to do it. And it was by creating some sort of a tunnel frame and then mapping a sprite or something. :D

  • commented on 2015/05/20 18:54

    "Change is easy only if you are not afraid or feel it bothersome" I'm one of the people who don't like changes because everything new and unknown could pose a threat to my "safe and comfortable world". But it's a fairly limited world, I must say. I'm trying from time to time to change this, get things moving. Thanks for reposting motivational posts from previous articles. It's certainly useful to be reminded of your valuable thoughts. :) And I think it's time for me to find an answer to the question - "What do I want to do in life?" As years pass, it's becoming more pressing. I think I'm gradually getting closer to the answer. But the sooner the better.

  • commented on 2015/05/20 17:47

    Mark Dacascos!

  • commented on 2015/05/20 17:36

    Most of the times when I think about Japan and subway, I remember this problem - the groping AND false accusation groping. Being a molesting pervert terrorizing people is bad but I think false accusations are even worse. I don't know. I would certainly use those white straps. Also, I must say I'm surprised to discover that those molesters are arranging their actions online. I'ld say: THE BEST ADVICE FOR MEN -> OCCUPY ALL HANDS! ALL HANDS ON DECK!

  • commented on 2015/05/20 17:27

    Last Saturday I was at a Bunkasai and there was a presentation on Japanese Festivals. And I think they mentioned this one - Kanda Matsuri. There was a video of dancing people - with red and blue kimonos.

  • commented on 2015/03/04 10:14

    "Unlike many startups who feel they need to splurge out on expensive furniture to lure potential candidates..." I didn't know there are companies which do that sort of thing. By the way, Danny, your office looks very fresh and bright. It has a nice vibe, a lovely atmosphere. :) Also, the floor and walls looks so cool and shiny I feel like I wanna lick them! :P

  • commented on 2015/03/04 09:46


  • commented on 2015/01/16 23:23

    Happy New Year! Although a bit belated. I wish you all good health, good luck and strong determination for your goals! :D

  • commented on 2014/12/27 08:38

    A bit late but still. Merry Christmas everyone! :)

  • commented on 2014/12/18 10:28

    Wow! Reading this article, I was thinking about how brave you are and what strong perseverance you have to keep on pushing until you achieve your goals. Patience is crucial. I can imagine how you could've given up so many times. Especially about the part where you had to move out of your own place. Sounds like a very difficult thing to do. There's also one thing that I couldn't stop thinking about while reading. Your wife is very supportive. I guess she lives in sync with your daily rhythm. And it's one filled with stress and hard work. But she sticks around and supports you and your cause. That's really something. It appears you've found the best companion in life you can hope to find. That's really something. :) You make sacrifices which affect your close ones. It's hard for them too but they support you. And you know how some people just don't want to deprive themselves from some things(which have become basic and taken for granted). Ex. spending money for good food instead of saving it for something else. Something more valuable and important. They're just not up for it. But you are! It's getting late, so I'll wrap it up - I'm happy for you, Danny! You strive hard and succeed. And only you and those around you know how hard and trying it is what you do. But every time you succeed it's like you create a miracle. Triumph! So keep on pushing! :D

  • commented on 2014/11/10 00:44

    Here's some inspiration for me to get things going in life. :) It's one thing to figure out what you want to do in life. But a whole lot different to actually do something about it. To have the courage, determination, self-discipline, faith and last but not least - patience. I've been slacking around for many years but recently I think I finally started to realize what I want to do. P.S. Lovely office you have there, by the way. :)

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  • commented on 2014/11/09 23:48

    Japanese Michael Jackson!

  • commented on 2014/07/03 08:03

    The show was awesome! Can't wait for Season 2. Reminds me an awful lot of Shingeki no Kyoujin though. And the OST is great!

  • commented on 2014/07/03 07:58

    I gotta try this! :P