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    2009/06/22 11:01

    I'd prefer longer skirts myself, but then again, I find the idea of school uniforms to be rather strange since there's really n...

    on 女子高生はロングスカートブーム

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    2009/06/16 11:11

    I agree with all that's been said. If you're tired, you're tired and no surface is too bad that you wouldn't want to just chil...

    on 眠るジャパン4

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    2009/06/16 11:09

    Really wish these sorts of places were more ubiquitous where I live since having a local shop for this would help out so much i...

    on 台湾でオタクなお買い物

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    2009/06/14 08:28

    Definitely looks nice. I think the winking eye gives it some degree of charm that you don't quite get from the Gift figure.

    on ヨーコ・リットナー

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    2009/06/14 08:27

    Living in such a location would be great if for no other reason than the fact that I wouldn't have to pay such high fees whenev...

    on Akihabara

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    2009/06/14 08:25

    Now it just needs to have lasers and be packed to the brim with missiles and its use as a weapon will be complete!

    on RX-78

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    2009/06/12 07:09

    Congratulations! Now I'll have to give one of these future contests a shot to test my luck!

    on 呂豪の太もも

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    2009/06/11 10:27

    Seems like it could be a hit or miss. Unless the food item is extremely easy, the prep work would be prohibitive to making thi...

    on ロボットシェフ

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    2009/06/10 09:10

    Always good to see someone be able to live that dream, even if the costs of doing business in Japan can be high at times. Look...

    on MIRAI株式会社の新社員

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    2009/06/10 09:07

    Ahhh, if only more stores like this one existed here in the States, that would make things much more convenient. Too bad thoug...

    on Hong Kong Otaku