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What? Too typical you said? XD

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    2010/01/19 19:40

    That's what came across my mind too ^_^ Finally a Mio that looks like one xD

    on figma秋山澪

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    2009/12/02 20:20

    Hehehe, this is it, your kinda level is what I'm aiming for all these years. Been drawing for 12 years and I'm still only a no...

    on 書き下ろし

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    2009/11/11 20:44


    on あみあみ企画第2弾 : アイギス当たる

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    2009/11/08 18:32

    Congrats for amiami for their arms-upgrade XD And my guess would be [23:15:27]

    on あみあみ英語サイト

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    2009/11/02 12:08

    Happy B'day to the Otaku Trooper!!!

    on 末永みらい痛チャリ

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    2009/10/31 21:33

    Hope my room will be otaku enough for Otacool Zwei next time XD

    on 今日のアキバ

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    2009/10/26 12:22

    Whoah, I wonder how would I feel if I see her and then he called me "Jii-san" T_T Anyway, I'm not into this kinda thing, no 3D...

    on ベッキー・クルーエル

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    2009/10/26 12:15

    That's the true otaku. Live in the shadows, die in the shadows XD

    on ベッキー・クルーエル

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    2009/10/24 21:43

    nah, It's just your imagination ^^;

    on 韓国特撮レイフォース

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    2009/10/24 21:26

    Hoh, the giant mecha is quite cool. Other than that ... nothing new, I guess ^^;

    on 韓国特撮レイフォース

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    2009/10/21 08:52

    Hohohoh, no time limit, Danny? I'm hyped for this thing, finally I got a strong reason to design something again XD Alread...

    on 東京ストーム忍者

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    2009/10/20 18:01

    Forget about "Wish Fullfiling 1000 Paper Crane", let's cover the sky with 1000 flying pantsu!!! XD I haven't watched the show ...

    on 空飛ぶパンツのようなもの【実体化】

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    2009/10/20 12:03

    Even Sabra has given up? Things does not look well here in Japan eh. Anyway, 2D always wins, no questions about it Danny ^_^

    on Sabra休刊

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    2009/10/18 18:22

    Wohohoho, can't wait for this. I planned to buy an X360 before just to get this game, but since I heard that PS3 will have thei...

    on ベヨネッタ

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    2009/10/14 17:54

    The arts looks good. How 'bout the story? Any good? Or is it just another do-anything-while-showing-pantsu scenario?

    on そらのおとしもの

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    2009/10/08 12:27

    Awesome, just awesome. Now this is "Otaku's Dream" kinda way of living. Anyway, what studio will do this? KyoAni??? XD

    on 未来のみらい

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    2009/10/07 21:13

    It will hit Nagoya tomorrow. Hope nothing bad happens ^_^;

    on Japan Typhoon

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    2009/10/03 22:27

    Anyone who dares to slave a loli will face my wrath!! Anyway. this girl doesn't look like a loli =_=

    on 3次元のコ

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    2009/10/02 12:23

    Will buy one if they remodeled it a little cooler. Like, err, Red Eyes's armor? XD

    on パワーローダー

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    2009/10/02 12:20

    It won't be long until we see Anime-fied Mirai (^o^) Until that happens, FIGHT, Danny, FIGHT!! XD

    on BBCで全世界放送されちゃいました

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    2009/09/30 18:46

    Look at all that comments!! o_O But anyway, eventhough my reason is different, I can understand their reason of not wanting ...

    on 日本は衰退していく

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    2009/09/30 12:10

    Will go there just to check out the Miku theme XD And, might also be interested to donate a few galons of my blood

    on AKIBA:F

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    2009/09/30 08:59

    I "was" moving around when I play games, especeially action games. But that was way long ago, I'm cool as an ice now XD. Except...


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    2009/09/28 12:27

    I am a sucker for Yamashita-sensei's work. But still, 15k yen is definitely out of the question. Not to mention the so-so base ...

    on ダイキ工業

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    2009/09/28 12:08

    Wow, now that's what I call a matsuri, just like what we saw in animes and mangas ^_^ This reminds me, there's going to be a m...

    on 東京祭り