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    2008/08/09 16:45

    Danny, I think you've made a slight mistake in your link to Akibahobby. It should be .net instead of .com.

    on 秋葉原

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    2008/08/07 18:54

    I wonder if those FMP figurines are action figurines. They appear so, with the movable-looking joints like those similar to Fig...

    on ホビーメーカー展示会

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    2008/07/13 20:56

    I think half the fun of collecting figurines is having to clean them.

    on Figures N Dust

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    2008/07/11 18:45

    Good things always have to come to an end.

    on The end of Code Geass

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    2008/06/22 22:12

    Currently, one of my goals is to get a decent job in Japan after I graduate from University. It'll be even better if I can actu...

    on ジャパンで仕事

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    2008/05/24 09:33

    This feels more of like a figurine shop rather than a room.

    on Figure Collection

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    2008/04/13 17:42

    Mirai and Kako, sounds great. Now all you need is another brother/sister named Ima.

    on みらいちゃんの妹

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    2008/03/17 06:00

    Wow Japan's Macdonalds' pay is really high compared to Singapore's Macdonalds' starting pay. Compared to 850 yen, the pay he...

    on 平均時給

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    2008/03/10 19:57

    I never got the chance to go-kart, simply because I was always below the height requirements when I went to amusement parks in ...

    on マックスファクトリー グッドスマイル

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    2008/03/04 18:11

    Stormtrooper amour with brushes sticking out of the helmet. That could be the next fashionable hit!!!

    on 一週間の東京 8

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    2008/02/22 01:16

    If such things such as fortune telling are really true, they why won't the fortune teller predict stuff like stocks and the lot...

    on 占い

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    2008/02/14 00:22

    Danny, you sure must be one happy Stormtrooper, especially with 2 hawt girls dancing together with you.

    on プライマリーズ

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    2008/02/11 05:43

    That's some awesome snowy photos you have there, Danny. I love snow, especially since Singapore's summer 24/7 =(

    on 東京 雪

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    2008/02/10 03:36

    Wow Danny, your life sure is hectic. I'm a person who requires at least 6 hours of sleep to function properly, and even 6 hours...

    on 一日の東京

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    2008/02/01 00:06

    The dolls are rather freaky ~.~ Imagine waking up in the middle of the night just to see a few of these staring straight at you.

    on ブライス ドール

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    2008/01/31 00:01

    Devil May Cry 4 isn't released in Singapore until next week >_>

    on ゲーム機のネット接続率

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    2008/01/30 06:52

    Some many awesome care products!!! Too bad I still have more than half a year to go before the shops would allow me to legally ...

    on 一週間の秋葉原

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    2008/01/27 23:59

    That wanted man must have had the evasion skills of a ninja. Either that, or the police really suck LOL

    on 日本の税金扱い

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    2008/01/24 06:24

    Hey Danny, I hope your condition improves. And don't push yourself too hard =)

    on 病についてのディスカッション

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    2008/01/14 20:44

    Singapore's Internet connection sucks. Everything is capped...

    on ジャパン ブロードバンド

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    2008/01/12 19:06

    I'm surprised no one stole it.

    on おぱんてぃ号

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    2008/01/06 00:19

    I like the dashboard of your car. Too bad I can't drive, yet.

    on 一週間の東京 6

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    2007/12/31 18:52

    Hey Danny, hope you had a great 2007 and an even enjoyable 2008 ^^ And may dannychoo.com flourish to greater heights.

    on dannychoo.com in 2007

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    2007/12/28 00:04

    I buy CDs only if I really like the artiste and feel that he/she/they deserve my support.

    on 音楽の手に入れ方

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    2007/12/19 21:20

    As usual, great photos. Nice, you just made me desire for a Fauna figurine =X

    on ファウナ