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もえ漫画 002: 頭脳パワー

Posted by Danny Choo On 金 2013/10/25 17:07 JST In MoeManga
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今日のもえ漫画のネタ提供者はAndy Loさんです!ご自身の4コマネタをもえ漫画化して欲しいという方はこの記事をチェック



"頭" [あたま (atama)] means "head" or "brain". When used with "良い" [よい (yoi)], which means "good", it means you're a brainiac like Kanata-chan. "頭" can be used with other verbs and adjectives like below:-

  • 頭が悪い [あたまがわるい (atama ga warui)] - to be soft in the head.
  • 頭にくる [あたまにくる (atama ni kuru)] - to be annoyed.
  • 頭を冷やす [あたまをひやす (atama wo hiyasu)]- to cool one's temper/thoughts/emotions.
  • 頭が下がる [あたまがさがる (atama ga sagaru)] - to greatly admire someone.
  • 頭が禿げる [あたまがはげる (atama ga hageru)] - to go bald.

"頭" is also used when counting large animals such as horses or cows.
For example: "馬が二頭" [Uma ga nitou] 2 horses. "牛が十頭" [Ushi ga Jyuttou] 10 cows.


凄い [すごい (sugoi)] is Japanese for "amazing", "awesome", "awful" or just plain "wow".


"分ける" [わける (wakeru)] means to "share" or "separate". When another verb comes in front however, it can have new meanings too:-

  • 小さく分ける [ちいさくわける (chiisaku wakeru)] - to split up into small parts
  • 使い分ける [つかいわける (tsukai wakeru)] - to use properly.
  • 見分ける [みわける (miwakeru)] - to distinguish.
  • ふるい分ける [ふるい分ける (furui wakeru)] - to select/sift.


"なんちゃって" [nanchatte] usually means "just kidding" but when used as a pre-noun adjective, it can also mean "wannabe", "pretend" or "fake".

  • なんちゃって女子高生 [なんちゃってじょしこうせい (nanchatte joshi kousei)] - a pretend high school girl.
  • なんちゃって結婚 [なんちゃってけっこん (nanchatte kekkon)] - a fake marriage.


"~wa" is one of the Japanese feminine sentence-final particles (aka. women's word 女性語) that is intended to give a polite and soft tone. Other ladylike speech includes "kashira", "noyo", "mashou" and many many more.

  • 欲しいわ [ほしいわ (hoshii-wa)] - I want that.
  • 行きますわ [いきますわ (ikimasu-wa)] - I'll go.


"じゃあ" [jya] is a conjunction used when you want to say something like "well then" or "so".


"こつん" [kotsun] - an onomatopoeia used when something hard (e.g. head) bumps onto another object. "Bonk" would be its western version.


"じー" [jiii] - an onomatopoeia used when a character stares at someone or something. The word comes from "じっと見る" [じっとみる (jitto miru)] which means to stare.


"むにゅっ" [munyu] - an onomatopoeia commonly used when you press something soft or squishy - like an oppai ^^;
The pronunciation is a quick "moon-you" and not "mun" as in "munchy".
A close western equivalent would be "squish".


"おっぱい" [oppai] - boobies. This is said to be the first word that many Japanese students learn.



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