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All hail Lunamaria Hawke!

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  • Zyl
    commented on 2012/10/02 00:42

    I saw the first itasha in Akihabara, in front of the K-Books building, on Oct 11!

  • Zyl
    commented on 2009/12/04 10:25

    Yes, really. I kid you not. Anyway the resemblance between the actual subject and metaphor is uncanny.

  • Zyl
    commented on 2009/12/03 16:16

    Just a bit of local Singaporean trivia: To 'merlion' is slang for projectile vomiting especially in the context of having had too much (alcohol) to drink.

  • Zyl
    commented on 2009/11/26 15:05

    Glad you had a better experience this time - esp w the Sg MSM than the last time! Come back again soon!

  • Zyl
    commented on 2009/05/25 04:28

    Oneecon is HAWT. Yuri oneecon is HAWTER. Hope to see this storyline continued.

  • Zyl
    commented on 2009/05/23 05:12

    As Danny said, cartilage is any kind of soft bone. For nankotsu, the most commonly used part is the caudal end of the sternum which is the lowest part of the keel (or carina) labelled as (6) in the following anatomy chart: I love nankotsu too. As well as kawa (skin) and heart.

  • Zyl
    commented on 2009/05/23 05:00

    I believe that's called NIMBY.

  • Zyl
    commented on 2009/05/23 04:56

    Will pass on this and save the money for the glory that is Kawashima Ami.

  • Zyl
    commented on 2009/05/21 10:15

    Cinema gits needs to be fixed like the way they were in the Kara no Kyoukai pre-screen puppet shows. LOL

  • Zyl
    commented on 2009/05/21 09:58

    Nurse Witch Komugi-chan to the rescue? Or will it be more like Venus Versus Virus?

  • Zyl
    commented on 2009/05/20 10:26

    Same reason. (And not Gundam pla-mo :P)

  • Zyl
    commented on 2009/05/20 10:20

    The Eleventh Commandment: Thou shall not get caught. ;-)

  • Zyl
    commented on 2009/05/20 10:11

    JPY 7-8,000 isn't that steep (though it has been going up) especially when compared to the insane prizes that are charged for Limited Edition R2s. (Still feeling the pain of Evangelion 1.01 LE)

  • Zyl
    commented on 2009/05/20 10:04

    Yeah, we needed MOAR details of beer.

  • Zyl
    commented on 2009/05/15 01:44

    The big question is... will her pantsu be shima shima?

  • Zyl
    commented on 2009/05/15 01:41

    The pose, detailing, sculpt in general are great but I agree that it gave me the feeling of 'not Yoko at all' - definitely prefer the anime version and will be giving this one a miss.

  • Zyl
    commented on 2009/05/15 01:39

    Like the Haruhi gekisou set, bands of four (with instruments) are such an evil marketing ploy to GET THE WHOLE SETTO.

  • Zyl
    commented on 2009/05/14 11:01

    Aoi hana FTW.

  • Zyl
    commented on 2009/05/14 10:58

    Manga and doujin can weigh a ton. Sending stuff back home via packages will cost a little more on top of the purchases but it gives you added float and more luggage space for figures.

  • Zyl
    commented on 2009/05/13 11:41

    I agree completely!!

  • Zyl
    commented on 2009/05/12 11:57

    I was just reminded of that screen from Robocop where the other executives fled the toilet after the evil EVP entered. One of them pee-ed on his own pants in his haste to get away. How will one escape if one is kneeling?? Haha!

  • Zyl
    commented on 2009/05/08 09:20

    Speaking of hospitals, what is quite disturbing are reports of Japanese hospitals turning away people with fevers: I understand hospitals need to take precautions but if they don't help sick people, who are patients going to turn to?

  • Zyl
    commented on 2009/05/08 09:14

    I'm not into dollfies in general but agree that Saber always looks good. Her alter version is simply exquisite and quite haunting in a good sort of way.

  • Zyl
    commented on 2009/05/08 08:59

    I fully second Chibichibiusa's comment on - they licensed titles (e.g. MariMite under Nozomi Entertainment) that I enjoy very much and I find their box sets (esp when on sale) to be very good value for money.

  • Zyl
    commented on 2009/05/06 09:51

    Not to be a wet blanket or anything but I vaguely remember reading in Anthony Bourdian's Kitchen Confidential something to the effect that if you have money to lose, the thing to do is to open a restaurant. Lots of upfront costs (venue, COD terms for supplies, labour, HSE compliance etc.) which means the operation has to generate cash from the get go. But I'm sure you'll figure it all out, execute beautifully and look forward to visiting your restaurant during my next Japan trip! :D