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I'm a 22 year old female, living with my super awesome husband Matt...I am obsessed with figures and manga (in Japanese) mostly. I am really into collecting and displaying my stuff.

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    2009/05/02 02:25

    My rice cooker plays twinkle twinkle little start when I start cooking the rice.

    on Homestar Planetarium

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    2009/04/12 12:41

    I like Yui best, my husband says I am just like her haha.

    on Mio Akiyama

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    2009/04/09 18:57


    on Transforming Lego Valkyrie

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    2009/03/21 21:49

    Love Ikea and I love Daiso, I am glad there is one nearby me :3

    on A Week in Tokyo 36

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    2009/03/18 19:03

    There is no new one...the 3.0 OS will be downloadable for everybody.

    on dannychoo.com iPhone ver

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    2009/03/18 10:21

    I can't wait! I love my iPhone :3

    on dannychoo.com iPhone ver

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    2009/03/17 19:06

    Doesn't seem like she would be good as a runway model, not very graceful. She basically walks like a Asimo but she has a cute f...

    on HRP-4C

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    2009/03/16 10:41

    We are more of a Mac family. We have a MacBook, iMac, iPod Touch and an iPhone. I do have a PC but only because some things are...

    on Mac Life 4

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    2009/03/16 10:24

    4392 Yen http://www.dannychoo.com/detail/mac/eng/image/15946/20090314+Giveaway+-+Iroha.html#comment522264

    on 20090314 Giveaway - Round Two

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    2009/03/15 06:05

    front:3 back:1

    on 20090314 Giveaway - Iroha

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    2009/02/22 07:17

    I am surprised you got racist comments in SoCal...x_X

    on No Foreigners Or Pets

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    2009/02/09 00:18

    I'm pretty sure that one is Tama-nee. She came out in DD form a few years ago..

    on Dollfie Blog

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    2009/02/06 23:46

    Well I hope it does well because my husband works for Namco's Cell Phone division lol. Go time crisis!

    on Time Crisis

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    2009/02/05 09:29

    Yeah here the hospital will take you, but you will be in debt for the rest of your life if you don't have insurance ^^;.

    on Japanese Hospitals

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    2009/01/15 09:11

    I also have a Corolla, 2009 Corolla S to be exact ;)

    on Toyota Japan

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    2009/01/13 23:00

    One would think the jingle would be even more embarrassing alerting people you are peeing.

    on Tokyo Hairdressers

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    2009/01/12 23:12

    My husband and I want one, an ero one xD. Don't have any yet though.

    on Ton O Dakimakura

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    2009/01/08 08:52

    My husband doesn't make a huge amount and went to community college and it couldn't matter less to me.

    on Japanese Women Compromise

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    2009/01/06 07:37

    (it's a joke)

    on MacBook Wheel

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    2009/01/06 07:36


    on MacBook Wheel

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    2008/12/28 12:21

    What I mean is, if your mom signs for the package and doesn't open it she will see the Oppai Ippai Set hiragana but not the act...

    on Lots of Oppai

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    2008/12/28 12:19

    Tony Taka one w/ Bananna, it's really sexy! If it's not too expensive I will preorder x_X

    on Comiket 75 Figures

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    2008/12/28 10:18

    The problem is the shipping box says.

    on Lots of Oppai

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    2008/12/27 22:26

    This reminds me of just about the stupidest thing I've heard. Ok now bear with me, because this is related but not to statu...

    on Naked in Public

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    2008/12/23 10:55

    My husband mostly thinks it's funny I think, and he likes the sexy figures etc. that I like :).

    on Partner of an Otaku

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