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  • commented on 2008/11/05 20:23

    I personally prefer traveling free and easy since I can get around fine in Tokyo but if you were to do like short 1-2 day tours I'd be interested in making that part of my itinerary.

  • commented on 2008/11/03 18:48

    That building is actually the new parliament house, the old 1 isn't far from it thou

  • commented on 2008/11/02 11:45

    I've got a DS, DSlite and will be getting a DSi when I see 1 with a nice color/design. btw the power button's location seems to be in a dangerous position?

  • commented on 2008/09/11 18:24

    I have 3 Dakimakuras now and am waiting for the 4th to come in ^^;

  • commented on 2008/09/01 18:43

    LOL Seconded

  • commented on 2008/08/23 07:26

    Not including SD gundams, my first was HG Deathscythe Hell Custom

  • commented on 2008/08/22 07:51

    Ayanami Rei and Kanu Unchou

  • commented on 2008/08/20 07:45

    I went into quite a few of such shops when I was in Japan ^^ people were real cool about it and minded their own business

  • commented on 2008/08/19 02:36

    My fav strike witches are Francesca and Sanya. We need strike witches figures!!!!

  • commented on 2008/08/18 01:12

    There's also Latendo which has moved to Kallang Leisure Park

  • commented on 2008/08/18 01:11

    There is a store in Chinatown point that sells cosplay costumes but then the best bet is still to have them tailor made

  • commented on 2008/08/18 01:09

    I've been to a store in Midvalley that sells figs, the store isn't really big but it sells legit stuff

  • commented on 2008/08/12 07:25

    I wear the same kind of lenses ^^; red on my left eye and grey on my right eye.

  • commented on 2008/08/12 07:23

    I've gotton custom lenses from them before and they are less comfortable as compared to the usual disposable lenses. lenses from 9mm SFX are thicker as they're meant to last a year. Since you have never worn lenses before, I'll suggest you go to an optician to get a trial pair to see if you're ok with lenses

  • commented on 2008/08/08 07:27

    I've met quite a few people I've got to know here ^^ being in a small country makes it easy for us to hang out IRL

  • commented on 2008/08/04 23:51

    I prefer to keep my Gunpla building skills... I bet it's Gunpla is much cheaper than resin kits ^^;

  • commented on 2008/07/31 22:15

    I have naturally black hair and I dye my hair all the time ^^; I've had hair in Blue, Pink, purple, Ash and it's currently bleached blonde. Never had problems with mosquitoes as I never seem to get bitten.

  • commented on 2008/07/23 08:19

    Danny, I always wondered how would someone without a Japanese name get their Hanko done? Katakana? I've seen those being sold for like 100 yen but they only come with Japanese surnames. Also isn't there a higher chance of forgery? since all you need is to buy a 100 yen seal.

  • commented on 2008/06/20 08:50

    looks cute but hopefully it won't grow as big as farmed pigs XD

  • commented on 2008/06/20 08:45

    I've got myself a macbook earlier this year and I quite like it ^^ I still use a windows PC and bascially I've got no preference between Mac and Windows. Like Danny said, you can probably do anything on the mac that you can do with windows.

  • commented on 2008/06/17 22:31

    I get weird looks n stares pretty often... cos I dress real weird lol, so I now juz do nothing... As for portable music devices I carry around a Zen Vision:W 60GB and a Zen V Plus 4GB. The Vision: W is mostly for videos.

  • commented on 2008/06/17 20:49

    I'd better grab my Pixel Maritan books fast XD

  • commented on 2008/06/17 00:26

    I'm born in Singapore and have lived here all my life. Danny, the remark about long hair increasing balding rate is scaring me XD

  • commented on 2008/06/13 08:13

    I've got 2 scale figures, 3 pinky st figures and a gundam on my desk at work ^^;

  • commented on 2008/05/24 09:00

    I got my copy last week and yeah the towel's material feels weird. it will definitely be destroyed if you use it.