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    2009/09/13 01:21

    hahaha, the mask for that mascot can definitely scare someone if they've never seen something like that before.

    on AmiAmi Offices

  • commented
    2009/08/18 04:44

    Because I have an aversion to insects, I can't really look at the creativity and talent that went behind that piece. Well, I re...

    on Insect Buddha

  • commented
    2009/08/08 06:27

    haha, an inhabited island of figure samples. I may have to go sailing once in a blue moon.

    on Figure Releases

  • commented
    2009/08/08 04:21

    Whoa. For such a sweet and young looking face, she is quite the busty gal.

    on Fii-tan

  • commented
    2009/08/07 07:51

    Whoa - that's a lot of dakimakuras.

    on Anime Pillow

  • commented
    2009/08/07 07:45

    For the longest time, I actually wondered when and who would do figures of the K-On! girls. To my pleasant surprise, it is my f...

    on Hirasawa Yui

  • commented
    2009/08/07 07:39

    I thought her name was "Colete", but no biggie. I am a big fan of Tony Taka's artwork and naturally gravitate towards any figur...

    on Ecchi Figures

  • commented
    2009/08/07 07:36

    While I'll probably get both, I definitely prefer the cannon version. I think this new sword version is very nice albeit not al...

    on GSC BRS

  • commented
    2009/08/07 07:33

    I have never wanted a Miku figure than now. I already own nendoroids, a WF figma preordered and will have both versions of GSC'...

    on Miku VN02

  • commented
    2009/08/07 07:31

    Very cute keychain. Don't have an I-phone yet, so I am completely oblivious to having apps.

    on Android Japan

  • commented
    2009/08/06 06:26

    I'm new to all of this as well, so I hope that I got it down.

    on Otaku.fm Feed Share Request

  • commented
    2009/08/06 04:50

    This figure is reaaaaaaally cute. I don't know if I'll end up getting her (immediately anyways). I'm so weak to ruffles.

    on Yosuganosora

  • commented
    2009/08/06 04:49

    LMAO!?!!?!?!?!? The expression in your face is just priceless. You look like someone had just said something ridiculously stupi...

    on Google x Danny Choo

  • commented
    2009/08/06 04:48

    My husband used to be really big into MegaTokyo. Like Reltair, he hasn't read it in awhile. Makes you wonder O.o

    on MegaTokyo Japan

  • commented
    2009/08/06 04:38

    This totally sucks - I submitted a comment and *poof* /end rant I wholeheartedly agree with that mech being really gorgeousl...

    on Hong Kong Anime Convention

  • commented
    2009/08/05 09:03

    If I lived in Japan, I think I'd seriously be spending a lot of money on food, goods and entertainment.

    on Shopping in Tokyo

  • commented
    2009/08/05 09:00

    mmmmmmmm. All that food looks delicious.

    on A Week in Tokyo 41

  • commented
    2009/04/20 09:04

    Did you play around with her bangs so it could be styled like that? Out of all the dolfies out there, Saber is the one I want t...

    on Gothloli Saber

  • commented
    2008/07/24 09:04

    I've been seriously collecting for a good 3.5 mos on it's way to 4. I have at least 132 figures. I have 12 fully paid preordere...

    on Figure Spending

  • commented
    2008/06/02 08:20

    She is a definite cutie, but I prefer her older sister. She reminds me of Max Factory's Kureha, but only happier.

    on Haruka Suenaga

  • commented
    2008/06/02 08:06

    Very sexy, indeed. So, the pictures don't lie. I'm glad to know that the prototype of her is pretty much identical to the actua...

    on Nida Schuetlich

  • commented
    2008/06/02 08:04

    It's very hard to find a spacious apartment without paying an arm and a leg for it. I live in a 1-bedroom apartment and it suck...

    on A Week in Los Angeles

  • commented
    2008/06/02 07:56

    Krispy Kreme used to be popular in California. I remember when they first came back and everyone wanted to eat them. They were ...

    on Krispy Kreme Tokyo

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