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Anime watcher, JRPG player. Writer and CEO at http://deculture.se. Soccer player. Design lover and so much more.

There aren´t enough titles for me.

Sweden · Student at Borås Högskola, CEO at deculture.se, Gamer and Anime watcher · http://otoboku.se

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    2011/12/22 16:47

    Do Love Me Seriously! ~ Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai! http://www.jlist.com/product/PCG2361 I want a own Momoyo-sempai for...

    on 2011 Christmas Giveaway

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    2011/10/30 23:14

    I have the 27" i5 Mac. It is indeed a beast :) But only with the 4GB. Otherwise I have the 2TB and 256GB SSD as well. It´s a...

    on iMac 27" i7

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    2011/01/29 05:47

    I just wish that Sega had done what they hinted at: releasing the third game for PS3. I´ll get this game when it is released o...

    on Valkyria Chronicles 3

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    2010/09/09 03:33


    on Xecty

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    2010/08/09 21:30

    I don´t rememeber how I got a hold of the book. But it was about Japan, about Ninjas and Samurais. That got me hooked on these...

    on How did you become interested in Japan?

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    2010/04/04 06:09

    Try to get time/money to have one of these meetings in Sweden and I will try to be there. As it stands now I have no money to ...

    on University of London SOAS Talk & Meetup

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    2010/03/13 22:47

    Great to hear it. Finally I can get to see Mirai move on her own on the screen :) And I do wonder, where do you get the energy...

    on Agenda 2010/03/06

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    2010/02/05 10:23

    Looks good. A new show to look forward to is always great :)

    on Angel Beats!

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    2009/12/31 07:50

    Nice. As for my gaming history NES Gameboy SNES Gameboy Advance N64 PS PS2 Gamecube Xbox NDS PS3 NDS Lite Xbo...

    on Gaming Room

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    2009/12/30 03:54

    Nice images. Nice imacs. A lot of nice looking food that I would love to sink my teeth into. A great series of posts. Tha...

    on A Week in Tokyo 49

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    2009/12/28 06:46

    It was better than I expected. But not something new. It feelt like I had seen it before. And when thinking logically, yes I...

    on Avatar Japan

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    2009/12/22 03:20

    Part of the reason I love some of the jpegs I have is that the breasts don´t bounce around. They look fine the way they are....

    on Oppai

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    2009/12/10 00:37

    Hm, those wind breakers with K-on motives are godly. I want em :) They look so nice to wear. Would create some nice looks if...

    on Anime Merchandise

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    2009/12/03 08:55

    Hm. What can I say? It is thanks to the cat that it is possible to do such a thing. Maybe he went there on a good time where...

    on Japanese Cats

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    2009/12/03 07:41

    Can´t agree with you more Danny. Lovely :) Nice art Kurot!! Good jobb Danny to encourage Kurot all the time as I do think...

    on How to Draw Anime

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    2009/11/26 09:01

    Funny you should ask about anisongs :) After Macross 7 most of those songs are my favorite. I tend to find good songs whenev...

    on Anisong

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    2009/11/18 19:57

    Favorite production studio? Shaft when they have a budget so it isn´t one colored screens half the time but they really do a...

    on Anime Frames

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    2009/11/18 19:10

    Make plans to come to Sweden sometime :p So I can see you live :) I´d think and hope that I would find the money to go to th...

    on Tokyo Singapore

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    2009/11/15 00:37

    Looks good. Now all that is left is the coloring. And I can´t wait to see what it will look like :)

    on Anime Artists

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    2009/11/15 00:36

    Wow, simply wow. I want to watch this.

    on Anime PV

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    2009/11/12 03:52

    Mirai #3 has such nice eyes and her expression there is just the one I find the very best.

    on Anime Illustrators

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    2009/10/30 19:56

    Already own a DS and a DS lite. I don´t see any meaning in getting yet another DS. That has worse batterytime to boot. I´d r...

    on DSi LL

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    2009/10/24 21:03

    Do tell me if I missheard but it seemed as if they made some kind of joke with the TV-station being particular about disliking ...

    on Microsoft Japan

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    2009/10/24 05:02

    yes, I´ve got ikea stuff that brakes after a couple of years. Mainly lamps and lampholders. But with the usage hours on them...

    on A Week in Tokyo 46

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    2009/10/23 02:18

    Had I known that you would receive such extras for getting a Japanese version of Win7 I would probably have gotten a copy. But ...

    on Windows 7 Japan Launch

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