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Ninja Mari

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  • commented on 2008/10/29 19:31

    Really sorry I missed this event... (ToT)...

  • commented on 2008/09/16 19:57

    I have been a reader for over a year, but I guess I fall under the category "Taking a Break" Congratulations on the CNN feature Danny! You inspire a lot of us!

  • commented on 2008/07/18 18:52

    Great photos, Danny! Gotta get myself one of those cool cams...

  • commented on 2008/07/18 18:47

    What a great Rick Roll! Your videos get better all the time, Danny!

  • commented on 2008/07/09 20:58

    I find it a little crazy how moms make their kids keep these super busy schedules: 5:30 English, run to piano class at 7:00, then after that cram school for high school entrance exams that won't take place for another 7 years, etc etc etc... I did ballet and piano when I was a kid, but only one at a time, and only on Saturdays. I self-taught myself how to play the guitar when I was in high school, too. I can't do anything really well, though.

  • commented on 2008/04/11 20:38

    I like Oedo Onsen Monogatari in Odaiba. Been there a few times. It's an Edo Period-style bathhouse with probably the same amenities as Manyo...

  • commented on 2008/04/01 15:04

    Thanks for the link, Danny! Just a few more days... I wish the Sakura season was longer...

  • commented on 2008/03/31 16:43

    Great pictures, Danny! I also went on the weekend. Got a few more places I want to visit to take pictures of, too!

  • commented on 2008/03/20 06:52

    Looks really scary...

  • commented on 2008/03/18 16:25

    I heard from some people that some Japanese ISPs have been warning users who get caught downloading copyrighted material. Do you think they will in the future?

  • commented on 2008/02/22 07:35

    Maybe for fun I'd go, but with most of these fortunes, horoscopes and stuff, I just think: if it's good, I'll believe it, and if it isn't then the fortune teller was a fake or something... hehehehehe...

  • commented on 2008/02/16 08:34

    Was thinking that the MacBook Air should be my next purchase... But then after a couple of months, something even better might come along... Should I wait? Decisions... decisions...

  • commented on 2008/02/09 09:49

    I thought there were more of us women readers/bloggers... Great stats, though, Danny!

  • commented on 2008/01/28 08:53

    Osaka saw a lot of live action, I see. Too bad I haven't witnessed anything as exciting as thousands of police officers chasing after a single lone man, who I presume wasn't armed...

  • commented on 2008/01/22 10:09

    Astounding Photos of Miko... I'd never gotten the chance of taking a photo of one.

  • commented on 2008/01/15 08:29

    Looks like a pro video, Danny! Nice work! Your dancing stuff keeps getting better. Though I have to admit I enjoyed the music and the dancing of the first two videos more.

  • commented on 2008/01/15 08:25

    I was using YahooBB for the longest time, then I switched to a small unheard of company because they offered internet + cable TV. Connection wasn't great so I went back to YahooBB. Great downloading speeds with YahooBB.

  • commented on 2007/12/18 20:47

    I think it's a good idea to sort of limit how much pocket money you give your kids. It makes them value things like earning their own, saving money, etc. Especially here in Japan where there are so many places and so many things to spend money on.

  • commented on 2007/12/12 04:52

    可愛いぃぃぃぃぃぃー o(^0^)o

  • commented on 2007/12/11 22:27

    It'll be like a car alarm: when you want to piss off your neighbor, just kick his car's tire. This time, when you want to pull pranks on your neighbors, do a hide and seek with their cellphones.

  • commented on 2007/12/07 20:15

    Haven't been to Okinawa yet. I'd really want to go someday... I think goya is called bitter gourd. I'm not a big fan of it, but it has cancer fighting properties. One of those wonder vegetables.

  • commented on 2007/12/06 09:45

    Sorry to hear about that Danny. I myself had a very good childhood, but I still don't want to outgrow it. I often still play with little kids, play in the playground (especially the swing), watch cartoons (anime, too, of course), play pranks on "adults", and buy character stuff (I love Hello Kitty!). While I'd never been bullied, I always stood up for kids who were. I always got back at those bullies, a lot of them are really dumb.

  • commented on 2007/12/04 19:23

    Nothing beats Anime Soundtracks, so even if I'd read the Manga, the Anime is still exciting!

  • commented on 2007/12/04 08:31

    Been in Japan 5 years but have never tried Fugu... I like the raw beef + egg! Have it every chance I get.

  • commented on 2007/12/01 09:30

    Tokyo Hands... I could spend hours just going around and around and around it. So much stuff to see, buy and want. I've been to some branches out of Tokyo, too. It's where you go for anything.