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    2008/10/29 19:31

    Really sorry I missed this event... (ToT)...

    on Japan Blogger Dinner

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    2008/09/16 19:57

    I have been a reader for over a year, but I guess I fall under the category "Taking a Break" Congratulations on the CNN feat...

    on dannychoo.com on CNN

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    2008/07/18 18:52

    Great photos, Danny! Gotta get myself one of those cool cams...

    on Kamakura

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    2008/07/18 18:47

    What a great Rick Roll! Your videos get better all the time, Danny!

    on Rick Trooper

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    2008/07/09 20:58

    I find it a little crazy how moms make their kids keep these super busy schedules: 5:30 English, run to piano class at 7:00, th...

    on Japanese Lessons

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    2008/04/11 20:38

    I like Oedo Onsen Monogatari in Odaiba. Been there a few times. It's an Edo Period-style bathhouse with probably the same ameni...

    on Manyo Club

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    2008/04/01 15:04

    Thanks for the link, Danny! Just a few more days... I wish the Sakura season was longer...

    on Mitsuike Park

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    2008/03/31 16:43

    Great pictures, Danny! I also went on the weekend. Got a few more places I want to visit to take pictures of, too!

    on Mitsuike Park

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    2008/03/20 06:52

    Looks really scary...

    on Tokyo Train Accident

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    2008/03/18 16:25

    I heard from some people that some Japanese ISPs have been warning users who get caught downloading copyrighted material. Do yo...

    on File sharing in Japan

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    2008/02/22 07:35

    Maybe for fun I'd go, but with most of these fortunes, horoscopes and stuff, I just think: if it's good, I'll believe it, and i...

    on Fortune Telling in Japan

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    2008/02/16 08:34

    Was thinking that the MacBook Air should be my next purchase... But then after a couple of months, something even better mig...

    on MacBook Air Review

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    2008/02/09 09:49

    I thought there were more of us women readers/bloggers... Great stats, though, Danny!

    on January 2008 Stats

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    2008/01/28 08:53

    Osaka saw a lot of live action, I see. Too bad I haven't witnessed anything as exciting as thousands of police officers chasing...

    on Japan Police Chase

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    2008/01/22 10:09

    Astounding Photos of Miko... I'd never gotten the chance of taking a photo of one.

    on Miko

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    2008/01/15 08:29

    Looks like a pro video, Danny! Nice work! Your dancing stuff keeps getting better. Though I have to admit I enjoyed the musi...

    on Tokyo Dance Trooper with NIKK

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    2008/01/15 08:25

    I was using YahooBB for the longest time, then I switched to a small unheard of company because they offered internet + cable T...

    on Broadband in Japan

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    2007/12/18 20:47

    I think it's a good idea to sort of limit how much pocket money you give your kids. It makes them value things like earning the...

    on Pocket Money in Japan

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    2007/12/12 04:52

    可愛いぃぃぃぃぃぃー o(^0^)o

    on Ichigo Train

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    2007/12/11 22:27

    It'll be like a car alarm: when you want to piss off your neighbor, just kick his car's tire. This time, when you want to pull ...

    on Child Safety in Japan

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    2007/12/07 20:15

    Haven't been to Okinawa yet. I'd really want to go someday... I think goya is called bitter gourd. I'm not a big fan of it, ...

    on Ishigaki Island

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    2007/12/06 09:45

    Sorry to hear about that Danny. I myself had a very good childhood, but I still don't want to outgrow it. I often still play...

    on Bullying in Japan

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    2007/12/04 19:23

    Nothing beats Anime Soundtracks, so even if I'd read the Manga, the Anime is still exciting!

    on Manga Spoils Anime

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    2007/12/04 08:31

    Been in Japan 5 years but have never tried Fugu... I like the raw beef + egg! Have it every chance I get.

    on A week in Tokyo 2

  • commented
    2007/12/01 09:30

    Tokyo Hands... I could spend hours just going around and around and around it. So much stuff to see, buy and want. I've been t...

    on Tokyu Hands

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