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  • commented on 2010/11/08 03:39

    This is a good point. I get the impression that after school activities are a lot more participatory, and cover a far greater range of things to do in Japan than North America. On this side of the Pacific, it's mostly sports, and even then there are tryouts, so only a limited number of people are going to make it onto the team anyway.

  • commented on 2010/11/08 02:43

    Customer: Yeah, my signal has been dropping a lot lately. Vader: I find your lack of faith in our product most disturbing. Customer: *choke*

  • commented on 2010/11/07 15:46

    I've always wanted to try out Kyudo, but never gotten around to it. Although, if it's gonna cost me close to a grand, I may be putting it off a bit longer. My schools always had lots of sports growing up. Despite being a huge nerd, I still played a ton of basketball. Everyone else didn't mind since I'm pretty tall, so it worked out alright. Kudos, btw, on playing Sidearms growing up, Danny. They had that game at one of my favorite arcades as a kid, and I was absolutely in love with it. Good times!

  • commented on 2010/11/04 01:12

    Snazzy bikes. I like the little green scooter the best. Then again I like scooters better in general, unless it's a vintage motorcycle with a sidecar. =D

  • commented on 2010/11/04 01:08

    Wow, that video footage footage is quite nice. The price for this camera ain't bad either. =)

  • commented on 2010/11/03 18:30

    I reckon the folks at whoever made your card have some 'splainin' to do!

  • commented on 2010/11/01 13:42

    Most of the shops close up by around 9PM, and by that time it seems most people are shuffling off for home. I went there once in the evening after dinner, and was kinda disappointed by how much it quieted down in Akiba by 8:30PM or so. I personally find it the most fun to go there in the afternoon, after lunch, or just after dinner (a relatively early dinner!). Things are a lot more exciting / busy then.

  • commented on 2010/11/01 12:49

    Nice. One thing I've notice about the various pics of your car is that it looks good regardless of whether condition. ^_^

  • commented on 2010/10/31 16:42

    *sigh* McDonalds Japan gets so many awesome foods that we'll never see elsewhere. T_T

  • commented on 2010/10/31 16:30

    Crumby deal, but at least you found out about the problem via a letter from Nissan, and not from the car giving you trouble on the road. Hopefully it won't take long for them to fix it and get the car back to you.

  • commented on 2010/10/31 14:36

    My first anime was Star Blazers. I'm happy that my first exposure to the medium was via a Leiji Matsumoto series. ^_^

  • commented on 2010/10/31 13:58

    Congrats on being invited to speak at the Tokyo conference. So what sort of scope is METI even going for with this Cool Japan project they've been working on? I've read a bit of it in the news from time to time, but am curious what sort of level of promotion they are going for at this point. Are they mostly focused more locally, trying to win over other countries in East Asia like S. Korea, China, Taiwan, and Singapore? Or are they also going after the West (Europe / North America / the Aussies) as well at this stage with Cool Japan? Busines-wise, the project has quite a bit of potential with its focus on various elements of Japan's pop culture, since it will most likely win over younger people first, who tend to not be married or have children, but do often times have quite a bit of disposable income that I'm sure many companies would like a piece of. It's great to see that you get to be a part of this, Danny. Hopefully this will lead to many more interesting opportunities for yourself, as well as Good Smile. ^_^

  • commented on 2010/10/31 07:14

    I always love seeing the various anime posters when visiting Japan. It's especially fun to check out the billboard sized ones that are up when wandering around Akihabara. Very nice.

  • commented on 2010/10/31 07:12

    My favorite part of those ads was the old fellow in the Mitsubishi commercial with the AMAZING moustache at the 0:06 mark. Seriously, Mario and Luigi have nothing (NOTHING!) on that guy. =O

  • commented on 2010/10/31 07:08

    Thanks for the great photos as always. I also find myself regularly looking at how to make the most of my time. Being efficient is very important to me, and I always feel like there isn't enough time in the day no matter how well I make use of my time. Sometimes I wish I could be like Dr. Manhattan, and exist simultaneously in multiple places just to get more work done. :p Any little bits that help with multi-tasking are always welcome for me short of combining it with going to the bathroom. :p

  • commented on 2010/10/31 07:01

    Nice, my dad's side of the family is British, so I've had some exposure to the food from over there. Nothing like a good ol' fashion Anglo-Saxon breakfast to start the day, and gum-up the intestines! :p I'm more a fan of the roast beef with mashed potatoes, and Yorkshire pudding. /drool!

  • commented on 2010/10/31 06:57

    Nice pumpkin, and happy Halloween to everyone. =) I wonder how quiet this year's Halloween will be with it falling on a Sunday. I'm thinking outside of some firecrackers going off, it'll be pretty subdued in my neck of the woods. Can't wait for half price candy come Monday, as stores unload their unsold trick or treat goodies, though! ^_^y

  • commented on 2008/10/06 03:38

    Great pics as always. Thanks for the link to Terragen. It looks like I've got a new app to fiddle with over the next while. =D

  • commented on 2008/07/29 05:42

    It's getting creepy how many knifings have gone done in Japan as of late. At this point, I get the sense that a lot of these incidents are copycats what with the media play earlier ones had. I hope this kick starts authorities to look into mental health issues in the country. I know it's been a taboo subject in the past, but something really needs to be done.

  • commented on 2008/07/26 08:18

    I'll take a wait and see mind set about this. I liked the anime, so.... the casting will probably be a big factor in whether or not I actually want to see this.

  • commented on 2008/07/26 08:14

    Something's missing? How about a fire extinguisher for when an electrical fire erupts from all of those cable. =O Seriously, though, that's a lot of cable, dude.

  • commented on 2008/07/23 10:09

    Nice pics. A lot of houses may have a fairly minimalist look to their exteriors, but I find the architecture of large public, and private buildings more than makes up for it. Maybe the simple house designs are way of balancing things out...btw, that bike park looks like an absolute nightmare to deal with. >_<

  • commented on 2008/03/13 07:15

    What's up with finding all those wi-fi connections? Are there a lot of free hot spots, or just lots of places that forget to stop broadcasting their SSID?

  • commented on 2008/01/19 03:24

    That bamboo scaffolding always looks pretty scary. I'd hate to be working up on that stuff. >_< Or any other high place for that matter...

  • commented on 2008/01/19 03:16

    I already have a MacBook, so I'm in no rush to get one of these. The thinness is neat, but I'm more zazzed about it running 802.11n. Those tiny ASUS laptops running Linux are another thing I've been eyeing. Are we entering the year of the cute, tiny laptop?