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    2010/11/08 03:39

    This is a good point. I get the impression that after school activities are a lot more participatory, and cover a far greater ...

    on Kyudo

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    2010/11/08 02:43

    Customer: Yeah, my signal has been dropping a lot lately. Vader: I find your lack of faith in our product most disturbing. Cust...

    on Darth Vader Galaxy S

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    2010/11/07 15:46

    I've always wanted to try out Kyudo, but never gotten around to it. Although, if it's gonna cost me close to a grand, I may be...

    on Kyudo

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    2010/11/04 01:12

    Snazzy bikes. I like the little green scooter the best. Then again I like scooters better in general, unless it's a vintage m...

    on Itansha

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    2010/11/04 01:08

    Wow, that video footage footage is quite nice. The price for this camera ain't bad either. =)

    on Lumix GH2 Review

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    2010/11/03 18:30

    I reckon the folks at whoever made your card have some 'splainin' to do!

    on Recycled SD Cards

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    2010/11/01 13:42

    Most of the shops close up by around 9PM, and by that time it seems most people are shuffling off for home. I went there once ...

    on Akihabara Itasha

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    2010/11/01 12:49

    Nice. One thing I've notice about the various pics of your car is that it looks good regardless of whether condition. ^_^

    on Akihabara Itasha

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    2010/10/31 16:42

    *sigh* McDonalds Japan gets so many awesome foods that we'll never see elsewhere. T_T

    on McDonalds Japan iCon

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    2010/10/31 16:30

    Crumby deal, but at least you found out about the problem via a letter from Nissan, and not from the car giving you trouble on ...

    on Nissan Recall

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    2010/10/31 14:36

    My first anime was Star Blazers. I'm happy that my first exposure to the medium was via a Leiji Matsumoto series. ^_^

    on Your First Anime

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    2010/10/31 13:58

    Congrats on being invited to speak at the Tokyo conference. So what sort of scope is METI even going for with this Cool Japan ...

    on Cool Japan Tokyo Conference

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    2010/10/31 07:14

    I always love seeing the various anime posters when visiting Japan. It's especially fun to check out the billboard sized ones ...

    on Anime Posters

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    2010/10/31 07:12

    My favorite part of those ads was the old fellow in the Mitsubishi commercial with the AMAZING moustache at the 0:06 mark. Ser...

    on Japanese CM

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    2010/10/31 07:08

    Thanks for the great photos as always. I also find myself regularly looking at how to make the most of my time. Being efficie...

    on A Week in Tokyo 59

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    2010/10/31 07:01

    Nice, my dad's side of the family is British, so I've had some exposure to the food from over there. Nothing like a good ol' f...

    on British Food

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    2010/10/31 06:57

    Nice pumpkin, and happy Halloween to everyone. =) I wonder how quiet this year's Halloween will be with it falling on a Sunday...

    on Mirai Halloween

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    2008/10/06 03:38

    Great pics as always. Thanks for the link to Terragen. It looks like I've got a new app to fiddle with over the next while. =D

    on Tokyo 2001 - 2004

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    2008/07/29 05:42

    It's getting creepy how many knifings have gone done in Japan as of late. At this point, I get the sense that a lot of these i...

    on Another Knife Attack

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    2008/07/26 08:18

    I'll take a wait and see mind set about this. I liked the anime, so.... the casting will probably be a big factor in whether o...

    on CowBoy Bebop Live Action

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    2008/07/26 08:14

    Something's missing? How about a fire extinguisher for when an electrical fire erupts from all of those cable. =O Seriously, ...

    on Something Missing

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    2008/07/23 10:09

    Nice pics. A lot of houses may have a fairly minimalist look to their exteriors, but I find the architecture of large public, ...

    on A Week in Tokyo 20

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    2008/03/13 07:15

    What's up with finding all those wi-fi connections? Are there a lot of free hot spots, or just lots of places that forget to s...

    on A Week in Tokyo 9

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    2008/01/19 03:24

    That bamboo scaffolding always looks pretty scary. I'd hate to be working up on that stuff. >_< Or any other high place for t...

    on A week in Shanghai

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    2008/01/19 03:16

    I already have a MacBook, so I'm in no rush to get one of these. The thinness is neat, but I'm more zazzed about it running 80...

    on MacBook Air

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