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lenwil Member since 2007/01/07

Software developer // Jazz player // Anime lover // figurine photographer // Japan dreamer

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Bayonne, France · Software Developer ·

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  • commented on 2010/09/19 02:49

    HA HA! made my day ^^

  • commented on 2010/09/09 00:15


  • commented on 2010/07/13 17:18

    Both! want them both ^^

  • commented on 2010/05/20 21:43

    Woha what a shock! Antoine de Caunes is sure famous in France =) Love what he did and is doing.

  • commented on 2010/05/08 00:01

    Sounds nice =)

  • commented on 2010/05/06 01:53

    Lovely lovely. Perfect Motoko outfit! Want this one with all she has on xD (is it the Kanu model? - so far my favorite, I wish I could find one)

  • commented on 2010/04/09 23:35

    Mavelous pictures ^^ Now I understand much better why you were so tired in the evening hehe. Was great to meet you. Thanks for everything.

  • commented on 2010/04/03 18:27

    Count me in ;)

  • commented on 2010/04/01 00:21

    rofl ^^;

  • commented on 2010/03/30 00:45

    That's some amazing eyes she has @.@ *dribbles* So, see ya next week then ^^

  • commented on 2010/03/25 05:17

    Those girls got some great style, love the arts! Looking forward moar of Chinka (cant wait for figures huhuhu) ^^ Congratz about this amazing project.

  • commented on 2010/03/16 17:28

    yummy =3

  • commented on 2010/03/11 18:09

    Hey thanks a lot =)

  • commented on 2010/03/11 16:56

    Need "both" option for last poll ^^;;;;;;;

  • commented on 2010/03/10 22:05

    Ahaha yeah. あやしい! ^^;

  • commented on 2010/03/10 19:52

    Speaking regularly is sure the best way to learn and assimilates a new language. Managed to find a Japanese native in my neck of the woods, and have weekly exchange sessions. Really enjoyable and profitable, for both of us =)

  • commented on 2010/03/10 19:41

    Haha gorgeous rollerblades ^^ That's why you always look taller =p

  • commented on 2010/03/09 23:41

    Weird weather indeed... south of France is facing real snow trouble atm too

  • commented on 2010/03/08 07:30

    Just in case, about Tokyo.JapanTimes rss feed, I've set it up on my burogu. Spend little time to redesign the featured feed stuff, as it completely disappeard when I changed the template ^^; Visible on post pages, like the latest one (hu hu)

  • commented on 2010/03/06 21:56

    mmhh anime production, looks awesome =) looking forward to more of this! Got some experience with MySQL but not in the same configuration : working with real time JAVA softwares on HP G5 servers. Even with 8Go memory available, query_cache_size is set to 512M. Higher was troublesome, since there were too much queries in cache and tooks too much time to invalidate them, and it had to go fast. Not the same problem for website, but as you have a load of traffic, beware of too high value. To me it sounds like a bit too much, 1GB. It will require some tests; checking how many queries you have in Qcache_queries_in_cache (hundreds of thousands may slow down) or checking how long FLUSH QUERY CACHE takes. But I am sure you already know about that ^^;

  • commented on 2010/03/06 21:27

    mmh looks suspicious. Full birth-outfits Mirai dakimakura??

  • commented on 2010/03/04 17:16

    gyaaa do want! *yummy* I think I am in love ^^ *dribbles*

  • commented on 2010/03/03 18:40

    Going through twitter uh? interresting ^^ RT done too. Let's cross fingers, pray figure goddess, burn incense etc. etc.

  • commented on 2010/03/03 00:59

    Too busy to look after her so that she does not even have pants?? oh my, poor cutie.

  • commented on 2010/02/23 23:47

    That's some super cool gadget!