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Everything otaku! Anime and figures especially. Just loves to listen to Hikara, loads up figure news and read anime reviews.

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    2009/07/15 20:23

    Good luck to all participants! And good luck to Danny-kun! Hope to see the new and improved DannyChoo.com soon! ^^

    on 20090715 Giveaway - 1075 USD

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    2009/07/13 10:36

    I'm guessing this is the day that the figma Mirai will be released, Danny-kun? ^^ Anyways, can't go to Japan to attend the e...

    on Good Smile Company X Danny Choo

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    2009/06/23 15:22

    I've read rave reviews of the D5000 and I'm impressed by the shots that you've taken, Danny! Maybe pumping up the ISO too high ...

    on D5000

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    2009/02/19 10:27

    Kagamin is like an absolute must for both Miku and Kagami fans. Look at that O.O face...priceless. Now here's the thing: is ...

    on Figma

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    2009/02/17 05:46

    Nice... really looks good. Understandably she'll be more expensive due to the crafty design! Love it! Thanks for the info on...

    on Yoko Littner

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    2009/02/11 04:45

    What better way to intro yourself than doing the trademark Stormtropper Tokyo Dance! Love it! By the way, is the word "lisin...

    on Boing Boing Guest Blogger

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    2009/02/07 06:27

    Nice... Veteran Otaku here! ^w^

    on Check your DCIQ

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    2009/02/06 08:36

    I just don't understand why do parents treat their children this way. I mean, can't they work for themselves instead of doing s...

    on Prostitution in Japan

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    2009/02/06 05:44

    Our friendly neigbourhood tenrou has provided a how-to on making an account on Nico-Nico. *digs through tenrou's News item* ...

    on Nico Nico Douga

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    2009/02/06 03:58

    I bet tenrou would be really happy about this new implementation. He will jump for joy with the amount of Miku vids he provides...

    on Nico Nico Douga

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    2009/02/05 11:39

    It's more like, Danny will appear as her father! ^^

    on Mirai Dollfie

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    2009/02/05 11:18

    Well, I've already commented on Twitter, but I guess I'll say it again here. Now with more space to write! ^^ Full feeds is ...

    on Partial or Full RSS Feeds

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    2009/02/04 09:29

    This has got to be one of the worst bootleg ever!

    on Worst Yoko Figure Ever

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    2009/02/01 10:22

    The public buses that goes to the main city of Kuala Lumpur always gets packed in the afternoon. Less breathing space... The...

    on Tokyo Commute

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    2009/02/01 10:19

    There are cases where it does get that crowded. I remember getting packed during after working hours (5-6pm) in KL Sentral, and...

    on Tokyo Commute

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    2009/01/23 06:04

    Get well soon, Danny! A Malaysian nurse will arrive ther at precisely 6pm Malaysian time! >.< So, gambatte-masu!

    on Yearly Sickness

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    2009/01/11 06:02

    Nice pics as usual, Danny! Great shoot. Meaning to ask you, do you use a macro lens for the shoots, or the standard lens (18-55...

    on Unity Yuno

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    2008/10/08 03:47

    you should see reviews on Gundam 00 and CLANNAD. all of them got terrible ratings...which really make me question their reviews.

    on Linebarrels

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    2008/10/03 05:38

    not to mention Yuki, Shana and Ren's eyes too! XD

    on Ton O Haruhi

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    2008/10/03 05:24

    many eyes...many winking eyes...! No no...must...resist... *clicks* ARGH....now I'm a 2D-Girl Fan!!!! Thanks to Danny for ...

    on Ton O Haruhi

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    2008/09/30 03:50

    every morning, afternoon, evening and night!

    on How Often Do You Visit dannychoo.com

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    2008/09/29 18:09

    still like to mix around my emoticons. but now, most of my friends use the Japanese emoticons. Well, it's getting popular imo!

    on Japanese Emoticons

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    2008/09/16 07:16

    was just starting to get interested in figures, so I Googled my resources. Then I bumped into here... The rest, as they say,...

    on What brought you to Danny Choo

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    2008/09/15 10:26

    okay...so your dad is THE Jimmy Choo! Congrats, man! He made our country proud, and now you have made your name as well! You ha...

    on dannychoo.com on CNN

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    2008/09/13 21:59

    Most of the stuff I watched/watching is like, popular. Code Geass and Macross are two of those. Some others I watched based ...

    on Summer Anime 2008

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