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    2011/12/25 10:06

    PlayStation Vita Wi-Fi Model ~ Crystal Black http://www.jlist.com/product/PSVITA01 I want it because I have no consoles and...

    on 2011 Christmas Giveaway

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    2010/04/05 17:37


    on Mugi Kotobuki Giveaway

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    2010/04/02 01:15

    Participating. Also, using the occasion I want to point to Paper Dream, there the author picks a beautiful artwork from Pixiv ...

    on Girls Collection Giveaway

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    2010/03/03 20:46

    Hope luck will find me this time. http://twitter.com/Gargron

    on Figma Mio & Yui Giveaway

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    2009/11/12 00:01

    Hmm. [2120] is my first try.

    on AmiAmi Giveaway - Aegis

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    2009/10/26 01:46

    AAArgh. I'm 16, how am I supposed to have a degree?? Fail. Don't have a PayPal account, Flash, and Kanji knowledges too. Failfa...

    on Mirai Inc UI Designer Wanted

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    2009/10/08 06:10

    Own anime huh. Bourgeoisie^^

    on Mirai no Mirai Anime

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    2009/09/26 21:19

    Hmmm... [10:23:05] or [10:03:18]. Good luck everyone!

    on Google Android Giveaway

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    2009/09/02 03:10

    Oh..! Maids! *dies of joy* Cutest I've seen. But wait, no actual Moé Moé Kyon photo? Too pity I'm living so far that I can't...

    on AFA 09

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    2009/06/20 19:41

    Most of the above comments speak about world domination and robots attack, but really, only thing to do is to not plant AI in t...

    on Japanese Robots

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    2009/06/19 15:43

    Oh is it adorable! The era of real robots sci-fi authors dreamed about is approaching, as it seems.

    on Hina Robot

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    2009/06/18 23:43

    From what I see at DC.com I think Mirai Gaia is one of the best blogging/social plattforms around.

    on Mirai Gaia

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    2009/06/17 20:39

    Actually, waking up earlier helps too.

    on How To Get A Kid Ready In 5 Minutes

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    2009/06/17 20:37

    If you'll take your time staring at the cute girls while you're taking a shower, the water bill won't be nice to you. So not a ...

    on K-ON Shower Poster

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    2009/06/03 17:36

    The same here ^__^

    on Azusa Nakano

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    2009/06/02 16:21

    D6+D7 ^__^" ?

    on 20090602 Giveaway - Alter Signum

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    2009/05/16 15:42

    nom nom nom, it looks so tasty...

    on Japan's Economic Stimulus

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    2009/05/14 23:09

    Tokyo Magnitude looks pretty. But what did I expect? It's Bones, they're masters. Despite that, I don't know what I'll watch yet.

    on Summer 2009 Anime

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    2009/05/14 23:05

    Ohh, I don't know how yet, but I'll get her! Mio is the most moé character I've seen.

    on Nendoroid Mio

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    2009/05/13 19:09

    When I got my first nendoroid it wasn't half so stable like the ones in the video, since the box was covered by dust I suppose ...

    on K-ON Nendoroid

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    2009/05/08 19:00

    Great, simply great. Hehe, still laughing from the latest quotes... :)

    on Nikon

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    2009/05/08 18:39

    I share this view too. Plus the price of 20€ for two 20 minutes episodes is too much. There should be at least 7 of them.

    on Anime Decline

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    2009/05/08 18:19

    Omg yet another plagiarization... In the original article is told that Kagami was renamed as "Svetochka", and I have doubts the...

    on Russian Kagami

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    2009/03/25 13:24

    Not my taste. To be honestly I dislike 3D animation.

    on Cat Shit One

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    2009/03/25 13:23

    I prefer anime watching to games playing. Although I'm pretty plenty of PC games. ^__^'

    on Japanese Gaming Population

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