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caroukuro Member since 2010/07/09

fish on fire from malaysia/singapore

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  • commented on 2011/10/03 17:38

    can i use this as a wallpaper XD?

  • commented on 2011/08/12 18:26

    Peninsula Tokyo

  • commented on 2011/04/25 21:47

    Serial Experiments Lain

  • commented on 2011/04/07 18:02

    Amagami SS Tachibana Miya Bonus Episode

  • commented on 2011/02/03 19:26 (twitter) fingers crossed amazingly hard

  • commented on 2010/07/12 15:14

    exactly :P though i'll give them credit, they are *SLOWLY* improving but they are improving anyway :D

  • commented on 2010/07/12 12:04

    i have to do my homework, ive been away from malaysia for awhile now ^^; thanks!! nice to know though :D but you know as always, with tm's internet service.. i wouldn't be surprised if the 20mbps feels like dialup, my current streamyx connection can barely stream youtube at peak hours on wireless><

  • commented on 2010/07/09 18:10

    im jealous .__. the best internet speed i can find in malaysia.. is 4 MB O.O which costs.. PER MONTH.. 268 RM/ 7 428 yen X.X