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codger who grew up watching horribly dubbed Godzilla & Shaw Brothers films at an early age

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  • MPS
    commented on 2011/09/11 21:57

    +1 Horo spotting. Looking forward to novel 5 as well.

  • MPS
    commented on 2011/09/11 21:53

    i don't eat a lot of fast food, but when i was in JP, McD is a different / better experience.

  • MPS
    commented on 2011/09/11 13:47

    you will. it's better than what's in the states... at leat McD's was

  • MPS
    commented on 2011/09/11 13:46

    love the arcades

  • MPS
    commented on 2011/09/11 12:19

    unfortunately for me, these machines produce nothing good when i was there and wanted to rid myself of change

  • MPS
    commented on 2011/04/28 10:21

    Holo sighting #2. Yes, I am a fan of that story.

  • MPS
    commented on 2011/04/28 10:18

    Holo +1. yen press is taking their sweet time translating the LN's.

  • MPS
    commented on 2011/04/13 02:38

    I remember this spot vividly. Had some cool Ultraman/kaiju figs. I took some stealth pic's but got detered when i saw the "no pic" stickers. Didn't want to be "that" gaijin.

  • MPS
    commented on 2011/04/13 02:36

    Was in this store back in Jan/Feb. Wanted to buy some Spice/Wolf but couldn't find anything. Didn't help that i can't speak or read Japanese. Hopefully not my last time there.

  • MPS
    commented on 2011/04/13 02:31

    play video games

  • MPS
    commented on 2011/03/09 02:35

    I don't get the old traditional toilets either. Didn't come across to many of them (thankfully) when i was there. Was at a club in Nagoya with one and needless to say, it was vile. This coming from someone whose been to the john in the old (NY) Yankees Stadium. Do old people use those?

  • MPS
    commented on 2011/02/05 02:34

    Just got back from Japan (first trip there), woke up at 2:45am (east coast US), still lagging. Loved it there, 3 nights in Tokyo (1 in Sendai, Nagoya and Kawasaki), cleanest cities I've ever seen and food was amazing. Tokyo is nerd Valhalla. Best city I've visited yet. Can't wait to go back and check out all the other things I missed.

  • MPS
    commented on 2010/11/06 21:30

    Poor girl is being saturated in crApple Cultism and will never know the beauty of Android. That's bad parenting. Might have to tip social services. ;)

  • MPS
    commented on 2010/10/18 09:51

    Great observation! I thought I was the only nerd who may have thought that. Is it me or does Mirai torso seem.......long?

  • MPS
    commented on 2010/10/08 07:50

    where are the zombies?

  • MPS
    commented on 2010/09/19 10:34

    Any Sho Kosugi sightings?

  • MPS
    commented on 2010/09/19 10:32

    i can only image the look on my wife's face if she opened her laptop and saw that (it wouldn't be good).

  • MPS
    commented on 2010/09/18 22:02

    well done, not a cosplay person, but if you gonna do it, don't half ass it.

  • MPS
    commented on 2010/09/18 21:47

    when are you going to break out the Kendo outfit w/ storm trooper mask?

  • MPS
    commented on 2010/08/13 02:20

    Poorly dubbed Godzilla films in the 70's/80's. Density & Architecture of Japanese cities.

  • MPS
    commented on 2010/07/21 03:53

    Tipping: Always 20%! Unless gratuities are already added (i.e. fancy restaurant) Service would have to be dreadful for me not to give 20. Wait staff get paid nothing and rely on tips. Only d-bags tip 10%

  • MPS
    commented on 2010/05/14 21:22