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  • commented on 2011/07/16 18:03


  • commented on 2011/07/16 18:00

    I've actually noticed Japan's buses are quite old fashioned. Hardly any low floor buses (buses without stairs that can raise up and down using some sort of hydraulics) and they're mostly small and cramped. I suppose with such an advanced train network however, buses are barely necessary.

  • commented on 2011/07/12 12:05

    Thats too bad. I have a couple friends who blew over 5000 yen here trying to get a certain figure in those "surprise" boxes.

  • commented on 2011/06/23 05:01

    It always astounds me how expensive fruit is in Japan.

  • commented on 2011/06/23 05:00

    Only a small little section on the top floor for guys, every other floor is women's.

  • commented on 2011/06/17 11:29

    I'm so impressed by the Japanese people's resolve and conviction. Despite such a terrible incident they stay composed and have managed to rebuild incredibly fast. I live in Canada and it seems like some people here are the complete opposite. Just yesterday the people of downtown Vancouver rioted over the Canucks losing the Stanley Cup finals. Blocks of retail districts broken into, cars flipped over and burnt, garbage and glass thrown everywhere, mass looting. All over a hockey game. I pray Vancouver doesn't get hit with an Earthquake(which it can and likely will someday) or the entire city may fall into anarchy. I wish people everywhere could be as calm and collected as the Japanese.

  • commented on 2011/06/11 10:25

    I actually like Narita more than Haneda, not sure why, maybe just nostalgia given how all my flights into and out of Japan go through Narita. Haneda is definitely so much more convenient tho; whenever I fly to Hokkaido my flights always go out of Haneda and its a lot quicker to get to.

  • commented on 2011/06/11 10:20

    Exactly how it is where I am. People even push and shove as soon as the doors open; its the same thing with the bus. When I was in Japan one of the first things I saw on my drive into Tokyo was people queuing for the bus at a bus stop. I loved it, where I'm from no one waits at the bus stop and as soon as the bus arrives everyone pushes and shoves their way to the door.

  • commented on 2011/06/03 11:23

    Awesome stuff, I haven't been to Toronto in over 5 years but I've been meaning to go for a visit!

  • commented on 2011/03/01 07:37

    Loved this place... bit overpriced tho

  • commented on 2011/02/25 16:28

    :O BlackBerry!

  • commented on 2010/11/27 15:45

    What anime is this?