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An real time anime fan since teenage but first started out as a gundam fan. Then after collecting gundam models for some time, I change my focus to collecting figures and moe stuff.

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    2009/09/21 20:05

    Hmm, I will love to get one of this stickers and will paste it when I get my macbook. Cospa coming out with T-shirt will be gr...

    on K-ON! PC Decoration Stickers

  • commented
    2009/09/21 20:02

    Kawaii^^ Looks like the wind has just blow through her apron!

    on Mirai Apron

  • commented
    2009/09/19 13:11

    Nice work! How I wish I can also have the skill like him!

    on Touhou

  • commented
    2009/09/19 13:07

    I will always have my breakfast every morning unless there is really nothing for me to eat. However, my breakfast is mostly br...

    on Breakfast in Japan

  • commented
    2008/05/19 17:04

    WOW...the amount of anime stuff inside is really a lot. I wonder how long can it last before she needs a bigger room. Anyway...

    on Girls Bedroom

  • commented
    2008/05/18 11:47

    Hmm....I don't remember haruhi's uniform being orange in colour. It doesn't really look like the actual Haruhi that we all know.

    on Russian Haruhi

  • commented
    2008/05/18 11:42

    I didn't pre-order it. I think it is because it comes out at the same time as some other figures that I choose them over her^^ ...

    on Pec Champo

  • commented
    2008/05/18 11:30

    Erm....don't really like her pose. Would prefer her to be in a bunny suit...will consider^^ As for the anime, I really love ...

    on Code Geass Kallen

  • commented
    2008/05/18 11:14

    Just gotten her few hours ago....haha.....waited for quite sometime^^ Really cute and love her.

    on Reinforce Zwei

  • commented
    2008/03/18 15:58

    Wow, thanks for the tour Danny! Looking forward to episode 2 of the tour and also your future videos How I wish there will b...

    on Japanese Office Tour : GSC

  • commented
    2008/03/15 18:34

    Thanks for the tour. Danny. Would like to have the Lala figure. Too sad it is not cast off enabled. But will get it when it ...

    on GSC Office Tour

  • commented
    2008/03/15 18:30

    Wish you all the best and create inifinite possibilities that no one can think of. As for me now, I will continue to work ha...

    on Startups in Japan

  • commented
    2008/03/15 18:21

    Until now, I can say that I have seen about 90% of figures that I want to have but can't afford it^^ Would love to work in t...

    on Max Factory Office Tour

  • commented
    2008/03/15 18:15

    Actually, I would love to have both anime and eroge girls as they are all too cute. First thing I normally look at will be whet...

    on Honami Fujieda

  • commented
    2008/02/26 05:16

    Wow, I see a lot of figures that I really want. They are all really cute! I think I am really got to try my best to study an...

    on Kotobukiya

  • commented
    2008/02/22 04:57

    What I think is that if we happen to ask ten different fortune tellers the same thing, it will be most likely that 80% of them ...

    on Fortune Telling in Japan

  • commented
    2008/01/13 06:04

    I will not put that on my car of course...if I ever have a car that is^^

    on Japanese Car Accessories

  • commented
    2008/01/11 17:54

    I like the picture where vending machine attacking trooper...looks like there are also fightings in other planet. I am still...

    on YouTube Neta Battle

  • commented
    2008/01/09 04:25

    If I can request figures, it will be: - Akashiya Moka Cute Version (From Rosario + Vampire) - Haruka (From Minamike) - Haya...

    on Figure Request

  • commented
    2008/01/06 20:41

    I have never come across this kind of bag before...lol, the things contain in it are power cables...I don't think I will be try...

    on Fukubukuro

  • commented
    2008/01/05 06:06

    I want Haruka...most likely will get that...the post is so cool^^

    on C73 Figures

  • commented
    2008/01/01 22:36

    I will not buy any right now as they are so expensive and will take a big sum out. I will prefer figures right now. ^^ May g...

    on C73 Dakimakura

  • commented
    2008/01/01 08:23

    Happy New Year to everybody and especially to Danny!!! ^^ Ever since I join in in August, I have been looking out for new po...

    on dannychoo.com in 2007

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