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lightningsabre Miembro desde 2007/08/30

Anime 4 Life! The resident yuri maniac, with (hopefully) a weekly post about yuri in anime. An otaku in general and into a lot of things.

You can contact me at lightningsabre[at]hotmail[dot]com

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  • commented on 2014/06/26 13:06

    Kukuku! Perfect! *can't wait to put Mega Size Gundam Parts on Mirai Fram*

  • commented on 2014/06/26 13:04

    RG Mirai! Or would it be PG instead?

  • commented on 2014/06/26 13:02

    Oh yes, it's almost that time D: Just something I noticed is all. :) Good luck at AX!

  • commented on 2014/06/26 12:51

    O! Something I forget to mention. I wonder if there's a way to make the photos with numbers work better? I guess I'm reading at a smaller resolution. I was reading the numbered text but then I realized the numbers were corresponding with the photos above until later ^^;;; Not sure how to make it easier, but I guess something like in notations would fix it? It's a bit hard to read, and then scroll up. Or maybe a pop-up window when you scroll above the number of the text?

  • commented on 2014/06/26 12:48

    Congratulations on the release! I see many photos of Mirai out there now ^_^ Hopefully everything is well for the next line as well! And apologies for haven't been visiting and reading, only the short spurts on your FB, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. I've been robbing myself of time that I can't get back. I would like to rectify that situation soon >_< I would like to get a SM, but maybe a bit later on. Many goals in mind, and many expenses I have to deal with. One step at a time! Keep up the good work, Danny!

  • commented on 2014/06/26 11:38

    Might want to finish the first series again before this starts, but so many things to watch and do XD I'm kinda looking forward to this because a Twitter friend really likes Sinon, so I finally will be able to see her in action!

  • commented on 2014/06/26 11:34

    Ah too bad I won't be going this year. Would love to get that all-print t-shirt :D If indication of last year, I'm sure you'll do well with the merch this year as well ^_^ Good luck!

  • commented on 2014/04/01 02:49

    I LOVE IT! Especially since it's on one of my favourite cars, the Lamborghini!

  • commented on 2014/04/01 02:44

    Let's make this one real! I want a Gumako figma for sure!

  • commented on 2014/04/01 02:43

    Remember to make her chest flatter ;)

  • commented on 2014/04/01 02:42

    We need more planes like these!

  • commented on 2014/04/01 02:40

    You should talk to Canada about putting her on the loonie too :D

  • commented on 2014/04/01 02:38

    I can't wait when SmartDolls become Persocoms from Chobits!

  • commented on 2013/09/27 18:02

    It seems some unit have camera problems on the HTC One: ...I haven't had too much problems with it, but supposedly Android 4.3 will fix it..... BUT you're probably not using HTC One anymore ^^; I'm happy with my HTC One, though I'm not one to toot the HTC horn, I just can't buy a new phone, haha. I do agree with your choice of Xperia. It was my second choice for a new phone. The Z that was coming to Canada was not the true Z, but a cheaper version of it (at the time).

  • commented on 2013/09/23 02:13

    I wish I could buy her :<

  • commented on 2013/09/23 02:11

    Cute cute cutie pies!

  • commented on 2013/08/12 14:53

    This, of course, caught my attention because I also have the HTC One. I'm a little worried about messing up my phone, so I'm rather adaptable to what I have rather than customizing it. It does look interesting using the CM 10.1, but maybe once my warranty runs out for the phone ^^; It is too bad about the BlinkFeed not able to customize with the blogs that you prefer, but I use it because I don't always read the news, so it's good to know what's going on when I refresh it. I agree about that black bar at the bottom... It's quite stupid >_< But not enough for me to mess around with it. Good you finally got a case for it and using it now :) I bought a case, but I don't use it much. I've only dropped my phone twice so far and both times it landed on my feet first. Lucky! But I gotta say it's well built to withstand drops, I'm sure. Once my phone gets older and the non-replaceable battery gets weaker I'm going to get this case:

  • commented on 2013/06/06 12:59

    Wow! Awesome! Really really wished I could go ^^;

  • commented on 2013/06/06 10:44

    Curious... How hot do the electronic parts get? An extended period of time usually would get my phone really hot just having it on. So I wonder how much vinyl could stand before the heat changes them. Well that's if the electronic parts even produce that much heat. Good to see her out and about :)

  • commented on 2013/06/06 10:41

    Oh hey! I know this material! This must be from Chun ^^ Very cute :D

  • commented on 2013/05/06 12:13

    I'm actually interested in this skeleton now. It looks very flexible, but how is the movement looking like, especially since not all the body parts can bend where the skeleton bends?

  • commented on 2013/04/02 13:37

    After all the nude parts in the photos above, you had to censor this one? LOL XD

  • commented on 2013/02/25 14:22

    Let's try linking the first one again...

  • commented on 2013/02/25 14:22

    Have to share my facebook ones since the Twitter one didn't have the on it ^^; Terribly sorry for the second picture, lol. XD

  • commented on 2013/02/01 14:19

    Well wearing a costume, of course... A skimpy one, obviously.