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    2008/12/01 08:46

    I used to use two oppai mousepads at work, one for each hand. Oh, and that smudging is dirt. You can wash it off, but I'm yet t...

    on Oppai Mouse Pad

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    2008/11/07 10:44

    The only proper way to review a dakimakura is to take it out to dinner.

    on Office Delivery

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    2008/10/20 08:27

    I don't really keep bookmarks at all. If I like a site, I stick it into Google Reader. If it doesn't have RSS, I copy the URL t...

    on Your Bookmarks

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    2008/10/13 07:57

    Well, it's not that I wouldn't mind, it's that I'd be checking out the girls while I changed. Ignoring possibly embarassing pre...

    on Girls Change in Classroom

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    2008/10/06 18:20

    That's f*'n gold. Haha.

    on Creative Itasha

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    2008/09/27 10:03

    I used to use two oppai mouse pads in my office at work, before I moved to Tokyo.

    on Nogizaka Haruka

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    2008/09/23 20:08

    Anyone else notice you can move all the bits and pieces about while they fall? that's freakin' lol, seriously.

    on Wario Land You Tube

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    2008/09/23 20:04

    I watch MKVs with the subtitles off. Once or twice an episode I'll have to rewind and turn the subtitles back on for a sentence...

    on Anime Fansub

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    2008/09/22 08:52

    Ahh airbrushing, where would models be without it?

    on Panchira Shots: Week 18

  • commented
    2008/09/22 08:44

    I WOULDN'T TAKE ANY BECAUSE STEALING FROM YOUR FRIENDS IS BAD. Phew, nearly fell for that trick question!

    on Anime Pillows

  • commented
    2008/09/22 08:30

    Oh pfft, everyone knows よろしくおねがいします! means "One please!" =3

    on Japanese Neighbors

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    2008/09/18 12:52

    That's a surprisingly good shot. Did they just follow the schoolgirls around all day or something?

    on Pantsu shots in the news

  • commented
    2008/09/18 12:48

    I'm quite content with my flip-hole, than you very much. Although I wouldn't pass up a free try.

    on Bukkake

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    2008/09/15 10:49

    Actually, when I walked from my apartment to the station here in Tokyo last night, just about every store I passed had アルバイト募集中...

    on Unemployment in Japan

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    2008/09/12 15:54

    I ordered some stuff from Amazon, one of the postal workers delivered it to me at about 7pm Saturday! Like what the hell!

    on Great Postal Service

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    2008/09/11 11:32

    I had a Dakimakura when I lived in Sydney, but only one cover (the Kasumi-chan one you got with the Blue Xbox 1). I left it in ...

    on Fate T. Harlaown

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    2008/09/09 11:40

    Ahh airbrushing, idols wouldn't be the same without you.

    on Weekly Young Jump - Saint Girls

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    2008/09/09 11:32

    Figma Youko comes out next month! I'll be getting it as soon as it comes out.

    on Nendoroid Yoko

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    2008/09/09 11:28

    Danny, do you always eat at the same places? Do you get wierd looks always taking photos of food?

    on A Week in Tokyo 24

  • commented
    2008/09/06 19:44

    First episode seemed okay, but as soon as I see bad CG mixed in with my anime the show is dropped.

    on Sieglinde Baumgard

  • commented
    2008/09/06 11:45

    The two office christmas parties I went to I won the door prize for both, an iPod nano (which I sold to buy an XDAii mini) and ...

    on Penguin Musume

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    2008/09/05 03:41

    When I was at Wonfes, we saw Comic Water at all the vending machines - all sold out. At Comiket, we managed to find a machin...

    on Circus Water

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    2008/09/02 14:34

    I'm suddenly reminded of that disfigured Sabre meme that was a made in China figure.

    on Saber Supermarket

  • commented
    2008/09/02 14:31

    Before I got into anime, I was a huge Britney Spears fan. Sure, I hated her music, but I had posters of her all over my room. I...

    on Idol Lurve

  • commented
    2008/08/31 14:01

    Yeah, I'm in the same boat, I wasn't a fan of the art style, but I realised I might just dislike it only becuase it wasn't the ...

    on Minami-ke 3rd Season

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