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asch Miembro desde 2008/01/01

An Anime lover, now with my own blog, I am beginning to become a proper Otaku now I can see figures in my possesion in the near future.

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  • commented on 2008/09/16 18:52

    Wow made it onto CNN, i'm impressed and I think my mum has a pair of your dads shoes, never realised you were related to Jimmy Choo (bad asch). Though I think they used the work 'Geek' a bit too much. Well now i get to look forward to the Tokyo Storm Trooper broadcast

  • commented on 2008/09/09 19:53

    these people should take my approach to life at least once a week. Sleep while at work, for small bursts of about 20 minutes. That way you get payed to sleep :)

  • commented on 2008/04/24 22:54

    Ok now that I have finished my geography, I'm going to Finish my argument. What I noticed with these people who 'hate' anime is that they actually can't accept that a cartoon is actually popular. Now what i think these people actually hate are the as dubbed by youtube 'narutards' Who in my opinion are one of two groups of anime watchers. Narutards are the younger watchers who are still a bit naive and insecure and looking for a place where they can relate to an anime hero. usually ends up in them becoming obsessed. Then there is the other group which start watching anime for maybe a year and then decide that they are interested in Japan and the language and therefore start learning and continue to watch anime as it provides good practice and is still entertaining. I admit I hate people who are like 18+ who still think pokemon is a good show. I can sympathize with what the people in the vidos are saying when it is a similar situation. My other argument would be this. Now before I start i have to say I have nothing against americans but this is aimed from what I often get from Americans while on xbox live. I am British by the way. The Majority of people from the US, seem to be scared when something that isn't from the USA comes around that they can't understand and anime is one of those things. Its almost like they cant accept something that isn't from a similar culture. Not that Britain is any better, and this simply comes down to culture, in western culture cartoons are for children and after that you move on to crappy soaps and dramas. where as in Eastern culture it is completely up to the watcher and so you get anime that spans all age groups. But due to American influence in the western world there is no exceptions form the cartoons are for kids sterotypes.

  • commented on 2008/04/24 22:15

    I like these guys who just go off on rants with now real facts or fully formed opinions. Take the first guy, he thinks that Chinese people live in Japan. Also most of them seem to hate it as the story lines are too complex for their small uneducated brains to follow. I doubt that they ever thought something not making sense could be a plot or plot driver. And it seems the last guy is paranoid that the world is out to get America and has again mistaken Japan for China. Maybe these guys should go pass Geography, then English, then form a DECENT argument and them I will give a crap about their opinions. I bet these are the people who just watch porn all day anyway.

  • commented on 2008/03/13 23:45

    All the best to Mirai Inc you seem to be prospering quite well. I only hope that you are still around by the time I get to my sandwich year at Uni.

  • commented on 2008/03/05 21:06

    hmm. I must have lost about £15 of over the course of life and I always loose clothes or towels when on holiday.

  • commented on 2008/02/19 01:14

    I thought it was called the Devil Bringer in DMC4. McDonalds for breakfast tsk tsk. That's got to be worse for you than drinking too many of those stamina drinks.

  • commented on 2008/02/11 02:14

    Lucky, I wish it would snow here, DAMN YOU GOD GIVING JAPAN ALL THE GOOD THINGS.

  • commented on 2008/02/10 02:00

    Wow what a lifestyle you lead, seems quite nice, though filming until 4AM, that is some dedication. Apart from very late nights and early mornings you seem to be living the perfect lifestyle, not a boring office job.

  • commented on 2008/01/31 11:35

    I have a 360 and Wii myself, I only really use the 360 for the internet, but then i use all of what it can offer. In my opinion I don't like the Wii's online facilities, mainly as there arne't many online games which I like, anyway i'm most likely selling th Wii anyway prices are good for them at the moment.

  • commented on 2008/01/02 08:24

    If I had the money and if I had been there I would have bought most of those. I envy you dannychoo.