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An Anime lover, now with my own blog, I am beginning to become a proper Otaku now I can see figures in my possesion in the near future.

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    2008/09/16 18:52

    Wow made it onto CNN, i'm impressed and I think my mum has a pair of your dads shoes, never realised you were related to Jimmy ...

    on dannychoo.com on CNN

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    2008/09/09 19:53

    these people should take my approach to life at least once a week. Sleep while at work, for small bursts of about 20 minutes. T...

    on Japan Public Sleeping

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    2008/04/24 22:54

    Ok now that I have finished my geography, I'm going to Finish my argument. What I noticed with these people who 'hate' anime...

    on Anime Haters

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    2008/04/24 22:15

    I like these guys who just go off on rants with now real facts or fully formed opinions. Take the first guy, he thinks that ...

    on Anime Haters

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    2008/03/13 23:45

    All the best to Mirai Inc you seem to be prospering quite well. I only hope that you are still around by the time I get to my s...

    on Startups in Japan

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    2008/03/05 21:06

    hmm. I must have lost about £15 of over the course of life and I always loose clothes or towels when on holiday.

    on Lost and Found in Japan

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    2008/02/19 01:14

    I thought it was called the Devil Bringer in DMC4. McDonalds for breakfast tsk tsk. That's got to be worse for you than drin...

    on A week in Tokyo 7

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    2008/02/11 02:14

    Lucky, I wish it would snow here, DAMN YOU GOD GIVING JAPAN ALL THE GOOD THINGS.

    on Tokyo Snow

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    2008/02/10 02:00

    Wow what a lifestyle you lead, seems quite nice, though filming until 4AM, that is some dedication. Apart from very late nig...

    on A Day in Tokyo

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    2008/01/31 11:35

    I have a 360 and Wii myself, I only really use the 360 for the internet, but then i use all of what it can offer. In my opin...

    on Japan Online Gaming

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    2008/01/02 08:24

    If I had the money and if I had been there I would have bought most of those. I envy you dannychoo.

    on C73 Dakimakura

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