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I love to eat and I carry a camera around all the time.


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  • commented on 2016/10/13 12:48

    I still always amazed that SD's clothing are JUST LIKE human clothes!!

  • commented on 2016/03/13 09:34

    Rakuten online closed in SG!!! Recently in February.

  • commented on 2016/02/10 21:32

    LOL!! Is that employee who complained a Singaporean? Yes, Danny married = Must give red packets. Many many. Maybe print Mirai red packet series next year!! <3

  • commented on 2016/01/10 22:49

    I think it is hard to make customer feel + believe that quality is kept to when an originally made in Japan product is made/assembled elsewhere later on. 1. Either the promise is not kept to (I got many great Japan-made Brand A cameras, but the latest made in Country B one just doesn't match up. It is not a psychological thing either, it took me a while to realise it was different from the rest and made in Country B instead), 2. Or because of the examples like the above people hardly trust that quality are kept to once production/assembly is moved to elsewhere. 3. Moving of production/assembly are often associated with cost cutting, thus giving the impression of lowered quality. >__< 4. BUT!!! Since you already have an ongoing doll owner base and you personally blog about your products, it wouldn't be difficult to convince future buyers that you really keep to the original quality. Best of luck!!! =D 3.

  • commented on 2016/01/10 22:24

    Cute guy. :3

  • commented on 2015/09/23 21:33

    I LOVE MUTSU!!! I don't even play the game or watch the anime but I totally bought her figma when it was first out. She is just so lovely!!!!!!!!!!!

  • commented on 2015/09/23 21:30

    Eh!! Danny!! I started reading this book coz I saw you reading it. Not sure if that was why, but I did remember your stories when I was reading the book. :3 It would be cool to see you go "Starbucks" too.

  • commented on 2015/09/23 21:25

    Eiji kun!!!!

  • commented on 2015/09/23 21:22

    How is this product going on?? =D

  • commented on 2015/08/10 22:23


  • commented on 2015/08/01 00:31

    doki doki~~ Mutsu is my fav Kancolle girl. :3

  • commented on 2015/07/30 00:07


  • commented on 2015/07/30 00:03

    LOVE THIS!!! <3

  • commented on 2015/07/02 21:27

    HOMG!!! These boots are made real!! Mega loves!! <3

  • commented on 2015/06/28 00:14

    This is so gorgeous!!!!!!!! >__<

  • commented on 2015/06/17 21:49

    Ehhh!! Don't mind me!! What if, just what if the Smart Doll Plus is really an April's Fool joke? xDDD Personally I think this is some thing beautiful about following Danny's update on his life and company and everything. We get to see how some times external factors comes in and how the company solves or work around things. I don't see it as having "it's fingers into to too many pies" and causing a lack of focus though!

  • commented on 2015/06/10 14:41

    Totally loving the hair of the Ebony version!!! <3 LIKE LIKE LIKE~!!!

  • commented on 2015/05/22 16:26

    I always find it really amazing that while the younger generation is so modern and everything, they also keep their tradition and whatnot.

  • commented on 2015/04/26 20:45

    Haji Lane!!!!

  • commented on 2015/04/22 11:59

    LOL!!! Can put their back against the bag mah!! This way their faces won't rub against the bag too. xD

  • commented on 2015/04/01 18:05

    This part of the neck bone is too sharp! >__O Looks unreal. Erm... I really want nipples on him though. But like you mentioned, they will poke out of his shirt. =(

  • commented on 2015/03/18 19:11

    Cute Guy Day!! :3

  • commented on 2015/03/01 23:43


  • commented on 2015/03/01 20:27

    I know Loki is not a Hero-hero, but yeap Loki please. :3

  • commented on 2015/02/28 15:23

    >__O Hmmm I noticed there isn't much ladies here. Now, I am not rooting for that equality thing. Just that, women are often the buyer/decision makers of many situations, (yup! really, learnt this from Marketing class!), for example, the Mum of a family would usually decide which airline to take with her family in mind and etc. So I guess, some girls who give more insights?