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    2013/07/10 09:12

    Great to see you again! Was able to get a segment of your press conference on film: http://t-ono.net/convention-news/Danny-Choo...

    on AX2013 Culture Japan Booth

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    2013/05/06 23:38

    Looks great Danny! Looking forward in seeing her at Anime Expo. I am very interested in seeing how it all works out in the end ...

    on Mirai Suenaga Doll

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    2013/02/01 13:44


    on Enako

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    2012/11/13 09:10

    Red carpet interview video for this can be found here: http://www.t-ono.net/Anime-Expo-2012/Anime-Expo-2012-Red-Carpet-Video-In...

    on Anime Expo 2012

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    2011/06/22 16:39

    ooo L bust? Or will Peach Pai fit too? Feito might be able to take a day off.

    on Fakku x Culture Japan Meetup

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    2011/06/10 17:32

    Yo Akimoto, I'm really happy for you, I'm going to let you finish, but Black Rock Shooter has the best music video of all time....

    on How Discovering Japan Changed My Life

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    2010/08/14 16:33

    Must have been a lot of work for those cosplayers. Awesome goodie bags, though they look a bit clumsy to walk with!

    on Black Rock Shooter

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    2010/08/14 16:27

    Interesting, can't wait to hear about what this is all about.

    on Good Smile Cafe

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    2010/07/14 09:45

    But she's mine!

    on Anime Expo Videos

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    2010/07/10 02:51

    Ah I was fixing Feito hair, what a mess!

    on Anime Expo Videos

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    2010/07/07 02:09

    Looks like someone is hard at work! :p

    on Anime Expo 2010 Day Zero

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    2010/06/06 11:40

    Wow! Is Anime Expo holding 3 press junkets? That's unusual, in the past it's typically the day before the con. Definitely going...

    on DC LA Meetup Final Details

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    2010/02/07 20:44

    Can't wait to see the finished painted product. Definitely want to buy!

    on Bakemonogatari

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    2009/11/22 18:29

    O.o Is that Akiyama I see handling the Goodsmile goodies?

    on AFA Day 1

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    2009/11/20 22:44

    May'n and her manager are pretty nice people. Got to meet them at Animelo Summer Live 2009 while backstage for a photoshoot. De...

    on May'n

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    2009/08/28 16:17

    Yep I was there, was really confused when then they started playing the video at the end. It was pretty funny actually, the oth...

    on Animelo

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    2009/08/26 17:07

    Aw... I just left Japan too after Animelo!

    on Akihabara Meetup

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    2009/07/13 09:09

    Nooo, why?! I won't be in Tokyo till the 11th. >.<

    on Good Smile Company X Danny Choo

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    2009/05/07 08:31

    Arg Danny! Definitely I am picking her up, hopefully Volks will be at Comiket.

    on Dollfie Fate T Harlaown

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    2009/04/14 08:21

    Love the Fate, but disappointed they don't have her sonic form outfit, would definitely by otherwise. I'll wait for the Yoko an...

    on Dollfie Fate

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    2009/03/07 13:30

    Some great pictures you got there. Good to hear about job openings with the economic slump hitting hardest in America and affec...

    on A Week in Tokyo 35

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    2008/07/30 03:41

    Definitely I want that figure, though the pictured looks like a kit. The original prepainted figure by Volks came on a black ba...

    on Oh My Goddess

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    2008/07/25 13:44

    Definitely picking her up to go with my Dark Elf. I really hope they do an Elf in Majestic Robes. /drool The previous Dark El...

    on Human Mage

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    2008/06/30 10:01

    Definitely pass on this, though what kind of show was this featured on, a kids show? Kind of scary... That drink from the begin...

    on Tsundere Cafe

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    2008/06/30 09:55

    On an average, Wikipedia is pretty accurate on most topics especially in recent years, though again it's not 100%. Another reas...

    on Japanese Whales

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