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  • commented on 2009/12/06 18:00

    i haven't studied or kept up with my japanese since i took a break from my blog so it'd been awhile now and i'm sure now it's all gone down the toilet :( need to pick it back up though so i can eventually take this someday.

  • commented on 2009/12/05 19:04

    lol at the cat's face when we see it for the first time. I want to own a cat someday. Oh how I love them so. Dogs are also adorable though.

  • commented on 2009/12/05 19:01

    wow 12 years! that's indeed love of drawing. It's been probably about 12 years or a little longer since I first started drawing myself, but I've been on and off for such huge periods of time that I probably only have about a year or little over a year of drawing experience under my belt. That is to say, my drawing still sucks lol. Her level of skill is really something to aspire for though, especially after seeing her improve and improve so much to what she can do today. I love her current style! punipuni de kawaii!

  • commented on 2009/10/11 03:58

    I like the geass bunny pic :P Fantastic work! I need to start practicing drawing again....I never did get very far with it but at least before I could draw some semblance of a face about 4 out of 10 it's about 1 out of 10 -_-

  • commented on 2009/10/08 12:31

    theys look cute!

  • commented on 2009/10/07 10:59

    despite being cloudy, i still find the scenery to be quite beautiful! Would love to go visit there someday... I work in an annoyingly noisy environment and tend to find myself preferring quiet solitude most of the time, and this seems like the perfect place to get away... Too bad this place is halfway across the world from me :(

  • commented on 2009/10/04 11:49

    holeee cow I'd love to play Uncharted 2 on that baby after class haha

  • commented on 2009/09/12 01:38

    whoooa that's gonna look freakin badass lol can't wait to check it out!

  • commented on 2009/08/28 11:57

    Looks like a beautiful place! Would love to visit there someday. A couple of my friends have been to Hokkaido and had a great time. Raaaaamennn!!!

  • commented on 2009/08/01 18:29

    :D <- SAFS go here

  • commented on 2009/07/26 16:33

    very cool beans

  • commented on 2009/07/26 05:46

    for those that are confused by what mr. seija is talking about, "Hayashibara Megumi's favorite american anime is 'Peanuts'."  And for further clarification (as if it really needs one), Hayashibara Megumi is a well celebrated voice actress for japanese anime and she has many fans, including me. anime is the shortened version of animation in japanese pronunciation after all, but i think with such a difference in style and substance, people tend to differentiate "anime" from "cartoons" (I do a little bit too, to be honest). To me this is still considered anime, since not only is it being created by japanese studios, it definitely has a distict "japanese anime" type of style and substance -- something that american cartoon versions of these characters don't quite have.

  • commented on 2009/07/25 19:14

    that reimagining of Wolverine looks kinda weird lol. The wolverine I know is a gruff, gritty canadian, not tall, cool, and handsome with host like hair. I guess this is the very definition of reimagining haha

  • commented on 2009/07/19 19:54

    I think they should make a figure of Mio from the end credits where she's embracing her guitar

  • commented on 2009/07/19 19:53

    Never seen a total solar, but did spot a lunar eclipse a little while back I think. Tried to take some pictures of it but I didn't know how to set my camera right that time so they all come out as blotches of light lol

  • commented on 2009/07/13 08:50

    looks's like a really cool penthouse

  • commented on 2009/07/04 16:08

    i remember the very first time i went to japan with my family when I was a little kid we also got a couple of these lol. Then back in the states, I took it to school one rainy day and just stared up at the sky watching the rain droplets hit the cover... it was kinda mesmerizing lol. Also a little weird cuz I kept flinching like I was afraid the drops were gonna pass right through the umbrella and hit my eye.

  • commented on 2009/06/30 18:05

    Two things I like about the figure: 1) boob squish 2) the view from behind...she's got some nice legs and a cute little toosh :O especially on that limited one lol butt crack!

  • commented on 2009/06/29 17:29

    I didn't have G4 back when this aired, but now I do, so maybe I'll be able to catch bits of this segment when Attack of the Show has their 1000th episode special coming up July 9 :P

  • commented on 2009/06/12 05:12

    oh my lordy $3000 lol was the seat at least super comfy like i thought it looked? grats to the winnar!

  • commented on 2009/06/11 18:03

    haha awwww

  • commented on 2009/06/10 18:03

    could this possibly be kimchi fermented in.....something other than chili paste?

  • commented on 2009/06/10 13:34 at least the girl is cute, so that warrants a try at least? lol

  • commented on 2009/06/07 09:21 hmmmm....i hope dollfie torsos count :P I think I know what store this is from, but it's hard to gauge the price... I think I'm probably underestimating by a lot, but how about 51000 yen in any case...dude those chairs look super comfy...where can i get one of those in the states? My best guess would probably be Ikea lol

  • commented on 2009/06/05 08:07 yay i can load up the redirected page lol hmm...i still have no idea what it is, but I'm gonna guess some dollfie parts too. My first thought when I saw the big curl at the end of the package was some hair, but I didn't think just hair would come in such a big box -_- Then I was thinking maybe it was some figma or nendoroid since the box looks about the right size, but I can't shake that curly thing. I'll go with a new dollfie torso too lol.