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    2009/12/06 18:00

    i haven't studied or kept up with my japanese since i took a break from my blog so it'd been awhile now and i'm sure now it's a...

    on JLPT

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    2009/12/05 19:04

    lol at the cat's face when we see it for the first time. I want to own a cat someday. Oh how I love them so. Dogs are also a...

    on Japanese Cats

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    2009/12/05 19:01

    wow 12 years! that's indeed love of drawing. It's been probably about 12 years or a little longer since I first started drawi...

    on How to Draw Anime

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    2009/10/11 03:58

    I like the geass bunny pic :P Fantastic work! I need to start practicing drawing again....I never did get very far with it...

    on Illustrator KL

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    2009/10/08 12:31

    theys look cute!

    on Mirai no Mirai Anime

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    2009/10/07 10:59

    despite being cloudy, i still find the scenery to be quite beautiful! Would love to go visit there someday... I work in an ann...

    on Hokkaido Guide

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    2009/10/04 11:49

    holeee cow I'd love to play Uncharted 2 on that baby after class haha

    on Figure Low Angler

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    2009/09/12 01:38

    whoooa that's gonna look freakin badass lol can't wait to check it out!

    on Iron Man Costume Progress

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    2009/08/28 11:57

    Looks like a beautiful place! Would love to visit there someday. A couple of my friends have been to Hokkaido and had a great...

    on Sapporo

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    2009/08/01 18:29

    :D <- SAFS go here

    on Google x Danny Choo

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    2009/07/26 16:33

    very cool beans

    on Miku VN02

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    2009/07/26 05:46

    for those that are confused by what mr. seija is talking about, "Hayashibara Megumi's favorite american anime is 'Peanuts'."  A...

    on Iron Man Anime

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    2009/07/25 19:14

    that reimagining of Wolverine looks kinda weird lol. The wolverine I know is a gruff, gritty canadian, not tall, cool, and han...

    on Iron Man Anime

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    2009/07/19 19:54

    I think they should make a figure of Mio from the end credits where she's embracing her guitar

    on K-ON Figure and Nendoroid

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    2009/07/19 19:53

    Never seen a total solar, but did spot a lunar eclipse a little while back I think. Tried to take some pictures of it but I di...

    on Japan Eclipse

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    2009/07/13 08:50

    looks great...it's like a really cool penthouse

    on Good Smile Company X Danny Choo

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    2009/07/04 16:08

    i remember the very first time i went to japan with my family when I was a little kid we also got a couple of these lol. Then ...

    on Transparent Umbrellas

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    2009/06/30 18:05

    Two things I like about the figure: 1) boob squish 2) the view from behind...she's got some nice legs and a cute little too...

    on Shishido Akiha

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    2009/06/29 17:29

    I didn't have G4 back when this aired, but now I do, so maybe I'll be able to catch bits of this segment when Attack of the Sho...

    on Danny on G4's Attack of the Show

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    2009/06/12 05:12

    oh my lordy $3000 lol was the seat at least super comfy like i thought it looked? grats to the winnar!

    on 20090602 Giveaway - Winner

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    2009/06/11 18:03

    haha awwww

    on Nendoroid Saber Lily

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    2009/06/10 18:03

    could this possibly be kimchi fermented in.....something other than chili paste?

    on High School Girl Kimchi

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    2009/06/10 13:34

    hmm...lol at least the girl is cute, so that warrants a try at least? lol

    on High School Girl Kimchi

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    2009/06/07 09:21

    http://www.dannychoo.com/detail/mac/eng/image/19866/20090602+Giveaway+-+Round+Two.html#comment634642 hmmmm....i hope dollfie...

    on 20090602 Giveaway - Final Round

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    2009/06/05 08:07

    http://img.dannychoo.com/blogimg/signum.html#comment632657 yay i can load up the redirected page lol hmm...i still have no ...

    on 20090602 Giveaway - Round Two

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