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Sometimes I speak in English, そして時には日本語も喋る, just an ordinary アメリカ〜ンオタクダ~ヨ。アンチャン、ヒサシブリ〜。 Currently playing Weiß Schwarz and Blazblue with a passion.

Bay Area, California · NEET (no, student, AND employed min. wage)

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  • commented on 2014/07/28 04:44

    ((Hvane't been here in awhile)) I do share some of the concern Danny has in terms of mobile game. However, from 3 or so years ago there has been a revolution and a GOOD damn change in mechanics within Smart Phone/Tablet games. However, it still does not change the "gatcha" mechanics within the game to generate some sort of revenue. Not playing Kancolle, I cannot comment if a non-gatcha game can actually do good, but I know it's limitations. REGARDLESS, these "mobage" are supposed to be something that allows people to get into in masses, but only need a chosen few (1000+) to continuously drop money into it. And sadly, they are all luck of the draw based games. If you draw rather bad in the free gatcha coins they give you, it will be hard for people to just maintain any interest. Even if the game HAS good mechanics. So to say that a game is "pay-to-win" is generally true, but it is also like "well then, will you be willing to pay 2k yen for a game, then continuously drop 500 yen for continuous updates?", because let's face it, SNS games need to evolve in order for them to continuously generate revenue. A really good example of this on the console is "iDOLM@STER Shiny TV", they released the base game and updated it. The total cost of it was somewhere around 8K yen, where I believe the base of this game (Shiny Festa) was around 5-6k. Another honorable mention is "SRW OE", where I believe the total cost of that, including extra missions ranged from 8k-10k yen, where a regular SRW is around 7-8k yen. I actually don't think Metal Slug Defense is a good game. It has never made me want to drop money (in terms of mobile game), and the game can be too simplistic. I enjoyed it for awhile when I had nothing to do, but my account is sitting there without collecting daily bonus'. However, I guess I would be interested in what Danny would create as "his" vision of a mobile game. I also am not a fan of SiF, not just because I am not a fan of Love Live. The game is way too gatcha based. I am not that bad with rhythm games, but I do have my moments where I screw up. However, if I can go into a event match, and completely out rank everyone in my matches without getting a full combo, just because my teams is full of SRs and URs, we got a problem. As well, if you are in a high ranked event match, I feel that people MUST have a good SR/UR team in order to even rank in. Which in essence is no different that a card base battle game (Cinderella Girls?? Million Live???) that you have to chug HUGE amounts of money just to rank in. Some really GOOD games on mobile/tablet> - Merc Storia (RPG) > Tower Defense style action with cute graphics. It does rely on a gatcha element, which is too bad, but the UI on this game is nicely done. - Pocket Kingdom (RPG) > dot art, auto, and relatively funny game where you go into a dungeon, get money, build residency, get "people" to join your town, and then collect tax on them. It is a gatcha game, but can be done without it (I have) - Chain Chronicle (RPG) > this is a tricky one. I really DO hate that this game is a money making pit, and SEGA did a really nifty job racking in all the money from people (nice art on cards, full VO with famous Seiyuu, nice animation, continuously updating). However, it is a grinder. Also don't lose your account like I did. It's almost impossible to get back if you don't have the right information. Honorable Mention - Road to Dragon (RPG) > Some what like PaD, but easier (since it relies more on connecting like panels to get bigger attacks off, rather than comboing and chaining). Art is cute, however, it is a gatcha game - Million Chain (RPG) > Similar to Road to Dragon - Shodo-Den (RPG) > A recent find of mine, and is actually something I would LIKE to replicate in the English Language, if there was a way to do it. It's basically an educational game where you use the touch pad to write kanji words, to attack monsters that represent a knaji. It's also like pokemon, where you can seal these monsters and use them yourself, so that you can use a different kanji to attack monsters. Ever felt like becoming a Shinkenger? - 封印勇者!マイン島と空の迷宮 (RPG) Another money game from SEGA, but essentially a mine sweeper RPG game. Interesting way to add a classic game system into a new RPG. Also full VO. - 合体RPG 魔女のニーナとツチクレ戦士 (RPG) This one is weird... But basically it's a free form tower defense, where you aren't moving in a straight line, but in an area defending your tower, and attacking others. Cards that you obtain from gatcha are directly relating to a "golem" and they are the attackers. Here is the kicker, once you build up "points/tension" in the game, you can go into a Gattai of the golems on your team to create a big golem to attack the enemies. It is a money game, so it's some what harsher on newbies, but check out the system on this. Pretty funny and good. As for control wise though, it's hard...

  • commented on 2014/07/28 04:10

    I've Got a List

  • commented on 2014/07/28 04:09

    interest based

  • commented on 2013/10/25 18:09

    this title is pretty wicked....

  • commented on 2013/10/25 18:02

    woa woa wait a min? This is a novel now?? Shit, I gotta find that!

  • commented on 2013/10/13 06:33

    Does not need another browser game that sucks me dry (since Million Live has done a great job doing so). To be frank, it's nice looking, but I can't relate to none of the battleships...since I don't have knowledge of them, nor what they are famous for (other than Yamato, for obvious reasons). More in to planes, hence I liked Strike Witches a lot... Wonder if they have plans to add international fleets....

  • commented on 2013/07/14 04:41

    I want that can-badge...

  • commented on 2013/07/04 03:06

    oh good, I thought I was the only one blind enough not to see where we were supposed to send this to.

  • commented on 2013/06/24 02:59

    mmmm, interesting...

  • commented on 2013/06/02 04:35

    man, I miss that era with random mecha, like Braves and Eldoran (and Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru).

  • commented on 2013/05/25 06:42

    dude' it's a roll cake. Even if you get a cake from Nijiya (christmas roll cake) or Grain D'Or (spelling?) it will cost you $10+

  • commented on 2013/05/25 06:40

    懐かしいな....川崎のラゾーナとかJR駅なんか俺の散歩コースだぜ. 久しぶりに日本に行きたいな...つうか、マジで就職して〜

  • commented on 2013/05/21 13:27

    influenza or norovirus

  • commented on 2013/05/01 06:27

    This is actually a really good example of what I don't want companies in Japan to do. Example: Preserved Roses Youtube Channel (Official) I don't know about anyone else, but from America I cannot view it. Now, if I wanted to watch it, I need to: a) Proxy my IP using VPN b) Wait until someone posts it up, like such: ^ why are these companies doing this? Trailers should NOT be IP blocked, especially if the purpose of a trailer is to build hype. If international fans are NOT allowed to build hype, then they will take matters into their own hands -which at times might be beneficial to the company, but they cannot control how it spreads.

  • commented on 2013/04/29 02:50

    "A friend of mine set up a facebook fan page for a Japanese artist - only to have the record label make a claim to Facebook to shutdown the page and give the fan a warning - talk about stabbing fans in the back." >> That is pretty draconic, and I can't believe Facebook oked it as well. There are tons of fan made pages of any artist/stars/idols on the web. If all the record company began to pull those sites off, I be scared what would happen if we tweeted information, or used Facebook to spread information. Let these people know, that prior to SNS, these kinds of personally made fan pages (although winding down in numbers, I bet, thanks to SNS) were the predecessors, and they are still effective tools to convey informations between fans. === "The preconception that foreigners will only buy bootlegs and cheap products needs to be stopped. The need for official products overseas is very high. The market environment needs to be improved in order to sell more Japanese products overseas." "There are almost no children in Asia that don't know of Japan's anime and games, however there are no sales of these anime and games in many of these regions. Many first think it’s best to combat pirated versions, but on the other hand there are many customers who currently enjoy pirated content." >> I don't know... If people around the world are willing to buy stuff at 2.5x the cost for a magazine that sells for 500 yen, then there is definitely a market. Bootleg or not, availability is nearly nonexistent, and if we are given the choice of cheap vs. expensive, people are definitely going to go for cheap (thinking it's official, in terms of content I can hold in my hand). In terms of digital medium, I got an interesting insight from a coworker. Basically, he views streaming as a better option than owning DVDs/Bluray, or HD storage because it doesn't hog space. A lot of media, especially music and tv boradcasts/movies are leaning towards that way in America. So if Japan can actually consider an official streaming service for international market, it may work. We aren't just talking about anime, we are also talking about drama, and variety shows.| === "Many first think it’s best to combat pirated versions, but on the other hand there are many customers who currently enjoy pirated content. In order to understand these needs better, companies should create business models that incorporate small transactions through hardware such as smartphones which are used worldwide." "At Japan-related events hosted overseas, people from all sorts of different countries sing Japanese songs. These are mostly songs that are popular on YouTube. Many foreigners used to pick up pirated versions of these songs, but are now picking up more and more official versions instead. The reasons behind this is because official products actually include sound and often because they are limited editions which include special bonuses. From the view point of a Japanese person, these are worth about 20000 yen. It's likely best to target these wealthy consumers first." >> Do these two conflict with each other? How would you balance cheap products for the average consumers, and expensive products for those who can afford it? Also, it be nice if places that offer limited editions can actually sell the contents within individually, rather than us scouring the internet at third party dealers and individual sales people willing to sell it at a much expensive price. === "Just as the Japanese Embassy of Italy has Ferrari exhibitions in Japan, Japanese Embassies and consulates overseas should open up to such ventures for businesses." >> I would have to say be careful in what you exhibit like the whole Versailles exhibition in 2010. Although, it sorta pains me to see a lot of Japanese festivals sorta became anime-ish over the past couple of years... === "Step one is the dissemination of information, and not only with new content but also simultaneously through a mix of the Internet and broadcasts, real events and social networking. When it comes to social networking, people are the key to effective transmission of information. How much of a personalized, influential network you can create is important to consider." >> Don't block foreign IP. We would actually like to listen to seiyuu radio or some niconico stuff without constructing a proxy IP. === "Smartphone content and social games are a powerful industry in Japan and can easily be focused on to have an influential economic effect." >> As much as there is a huge liking towards SNS games, and it's development is getting some what better overtime, I really do believe that if gaming industries switched from console to this, it WILL end the superiority of some Japanese games. As much as there are whiny people bitching about how stale some J-games are, there is still a niche market that can be satisfied pretty well. It is also true, that the foreign conception (at least USA conception, imo) of "HD GRAPHICS NOW" or "NO PORTABLES -PORT TO PS3" needs to stop. --- There is definitely a lot we can do on our end to make business a lot easier. Danny, I think you have one of the perfect places to do it -AX. I don't know how much you can give, or how it will work out. But maybe, instead of a panel, you should create a mock summit for fans mediated by you, to get live opinions on the matter. Text opinions, such as what you see now, is definitely useful in spreading word, but if you can actually gather that many people live to talk about an issue, it may lead one step towards making a better future for content release. Also, if you can figure out, without giving sales numbers, of how Goodsmile's online store is doing, that might actually be helpful in your meetings -since they offer worldwide shipping, and are distributing themselves, rather than letting another party handle it (since even though their prices are at retail, and is quite expensive compared to places like Amiami, if they are doing well, then it is still possible that others can do it, and people ARE willing to pay).

  • commented on 2013/04/23 10:08

    I play during commute. Although if I start driving, I am going to lose that time, which I guess is ok.

  • commented on 2013/04/23 10:08

    None (How sad is it, when you play a lot, but can't see any games that shine)

  • commented on 2013/04/15 05:37

    most twisted game ever

  • commented on 2013/04/15 05:35

    wow, 1/2 off???

  • commented on 2013/04/15 05:35

    That's cheap...

  • commented on 2013/04/10 14:02

    A question to Danny, or anyone else with an opinion on the matter. It relates to the statement that Danny put up, and quite honestly, a lot of "pirates" use to "justify" their actions (when it comes to watching Japanese Animations, or Tokusatsu) If I can watch these shows for "free" in Japan, what is the difference with me downloading the show online? Does the industry have any statistics relating to DVRs? Like I would assume that's how RAWs come about on the internet, which leads to subs. But for instance, if I were to live in Japan with a DVR recording all the Anime shows, transfer it to my HD, and then lend my friend the HD filled with anime, isn't that "file sharing" in the most basic state? I mean, that's what happened to CDs and Video Tapes. Anyone in the industry particularly picky about that fact?

  • commented on 2013/04/10 13:55

    I would think they have to deal with Robotech people though... And I hear that in itself is pretty painful

  • commented on 2013/04/10 03:56

    You know what, I'll agree to the stigma these Japanese companies have; because of "piracy" they cannot make money. In a globalized market, where profit is all that matters (I am being cynical), file sharing is putting the hurt on these companies. However, I will end my agreement with that statement by proclaiming that they put no effort into actually solving the problem (or rather delaying the problem by not "attempting" to distribute oversea). It's actually strange that even Danny brings up a comment/notion that a lot of file sharers are bringing up: what is the difference with me watching anime on TV for free here in Tokyo and you downloading it and watching it for free in your region? A lot of argument has gone into this statement, and I am surprised it has not died -which also means it is STILL a big issue. Content release wise, at least in terms of digital mediums (can also be pdfs as well), I really do want these people to utilize the internet, not as a store front, but as a media library. I feel like a library can curve the problem with "keeping" media in the hands of others, by readily having it available at "no cost", as well as accessibility to everyone worldwide. OFCOURSE, if these companies IP block international users (GREE! You are GUILTY OF THIS. SAME WITH YOU MOBAGAMES, with your stupid phone confirmation), that still does not solve the problem. In terms of figures though, I have a feeling as more and more fans of the otaku-culture become aware, the more it will die down. If people happen to buy a bootleg, they will never use that store again, and to make matters worse (thanks to the internet), information will SPREAD that they sell bootlegs. In essence, if the media is available, people will want the products, and official stuff will be craved for. The community will ALWAYS help people find the safest and cheapest product. I also think the stigma of "otakuism" needs to be softened up a bit. Sure, there are radicals for all nerdy things, but when it comes to ani-ota, or just plain Japanese Ota (people who love/are fascinated with/have passion for Japanese culture), there is a stigma of; -being childish (I mean, I still get shit from my parents, and I am Japanese) -being obnoxious (This is my observation really, but I feel that the people who REALLY act out the otaku culture are some what annoying) -being cutesy (I like Gundam, I like Bacanno, I like DRRRR!!!. But I get more shit for liking Aria, Saki, Lucky Star, and iM@S -to name a few) -a bit too sex driven (although, that IS the fault of Japan) === I saw TV cameras, is there anyway you can post the video of this Danny. I would definitely like to watch this meeting, and I am pretty sure a lot of us would like it too.

  • commented on 2013/04/10 03:50

    I can say the same thing with the Playstation Portable. They released Valk 2, it did shitty, no Valk 3. What WAS the main argument people had against Valk 2? Oh right - Shitty graphics - The port to a portable (as if that is some kind of bad thing) I could probably make the same argument as to why FF Type Zero is not even here in the state -as well as the numerous Monster Hunter Japan has, but not here. People, for whatever reason in the West, want a remastered version for a PSV or PS3 (and then probably PS4). It feels like people are asking companies to go the extra mile to cater to their needs -when seriously, it is plainly acceptable to own a portable system, or play with the current graphics on a PSV (since I hear PSV can play PSP games too right, although digitally) I also DO NOT believe that their AREN'T games for the PSV. I do believe, however, that there aren't GOOD games on PSV that can be praised as "Shit, if you own a PSV, you NEED to play this game only for the PSV". I understand that we are in a Japanese Culture blog, and we all want our "anime-related" products, but to proclaim that sales of a system will go up because Japan started bringing games here, is a statement I cannot agree to. That will only serve a niche audience, and once that fad dies, it will die along with it. And if that was seriously the case, why would the PSV sale not go up initially. It is region unlocked, meaning I can just import my games here. Of course it will cost me dearly, but if people have the money to buy a PS3 and wait for a "remastered" edition, then I don't think money is an issue. But they don't, so which still begs the question -why aren't they? language? Learn it -learning a foreign language is worth it career wise, as well as further appreciating and liking this culture.

  • commented on 2013/04/10 02:59

    it shows wisdom! ...or immense stress....