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Love Japanese anime and of coz Gundam, have some little collection of GunPla.

Love women and red wine...

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    2011/05/12 18:32

    Agree with your points.... hope DC can suggest the same to the Japan Anime Industry - and hopefully they will at least open the...

    on Anime Industry - How to Recuperate Costs?

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    2011/05/10 18:48

    Make good anime (like Lucky Star/K-On/Sengoku Basara/Honey & Clover to name a few) and provide the DVD at a reasonable price in...

    on Anime Industry - How to Recuperate Costs?

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    2011/04/07 16:04

    Danny, tell those Japanese producers, the quality level of anime nowadays seems to be sucks and not like what it used to be... ...

    on 2011 Spring Anime

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    2011/02/18 16:55


    on Kamen Rider

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    2011/02/16 16:12

    Yuma Asami

    on Japan Valentine's

  • commented
    2010/12/13 16:24

    Danny, I like the additional video screen shot u provide here... brilliant idea...

    on How Anime is Made

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    2010/12/13 15:53

    The Tudors and The Windsors.... LOL

    on What should this pose be called?

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    2010/12/06 16:23

    Asakusa T-shirt ~ Blue Dragon = $38.00 http://www.jlist.com/product/NAKA126 I love T-Shirts, and this one with a Japanese Drago...

    on 300 USD Giveaway

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    2010/11/04 16:43

    Panasonic ROCK!!!!!!! - owner of Panasonic LX3 and Fujifilm HS10....

    on Lumix GH2 Review

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    2010/10/01 16:36

    It's normal and acceptable to lie to your spouse about your adultery with others... but lie to yourself is not good and will ma...

    on The Dangers of Lying to Oneself

  • commented
    2010/09/29 11:51

    Cool - and she is using Panasonic camera.... LOL.. awesome advertisement stuff

    on Japan's Largest Woman

  • commented
    2010/09/21 23:40

    Danny Choo, being a reader of DC for several years now, I can understand a little bit about your history and your dad, from Mal...

    on Japanese Publication

  • commented
    2010/09/14 15:10

    Yup, interesting point of view..... Panasonic collaborate with Leica and seems to be doing well nowadays with many of their c...

    on NEX-5

  • commented
    2010/09/13 10:27

    Its a Sony.... if it's home entertainment system, I would like it... if it's camera, I don't really fancy Sony but from what I ...

    on NEX-5

  • commented
    2010/09/09 12:48

    Event if I want to joint this giveaway - and in case if I win - I wont be able to receive this item... the problem is the Custo...

    on Xecty

  • commented
    2010/09/08 15:35

    By the way I don't do any of this martial arts thingy... I have low stamina due to watching too much Japanese Adult Videos.... ...

    on Karate Girl

  • commented
    2010/09/08 15:33

    I think she can be pretty good and strong on bed as well.... hehehehehehe... (hentai mode)...

    on Karate Girl

  • commented
    2010/09/08 15:28

    I bought primarily from HLJ and AmiAmi and sometimes Hobby Search. HLJ sales at FULL PRICE but their packaging/boxing is extre...

    on AmiAmi Offices

  • commented
    2010/08/23 10:54

    Danny, since you said Figma Seto Sun is the closest to Figma Mirai, I would suggest that the seiyu for the Mirai-chans first ga...

    on Desk Diary 2010/08/22

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    2010/08/09 12:13

    When I first watch a Japanese porn movie at the age of 7 I think - yes, 7 years old... my interest towards Japanese gals ignite...

    on How did you become interested in Japan?

  • commented
    2010/08/02 14:18

    The only "classic toys" I still have is the Star Wars figures from 1997 by Kenners - still in packaging in mint condition.....

    on Retro Japan

  • commented
    2010/07/19 15:37

    Nice article..... I would love to visit this place if I have the chance to visit Japan next time... I now use superzoom digicam...

    on Kamakura

  • commented
    2010/06/02 13:07

    As Christian, I always thankful when ever I have the chance to still wake up in the morning - what ever day it is, it's good to...

    on Pursue Your Passion - A Summary

  • commented
    2010/05/25 18:28

    He got Dendrobium among other things... he is rich...

    on Room O Girls

  • commented
    2010/05/25 18:27

    Yum yum.... mini skirts and legs... love to see them... kind of "TURN ON" my system... hehehehe

    on Keion

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