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21-year-old Japanese studies student from the UK.

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    2010/09/14 23:10

    Three months before a student can shoot? That's pretty tough. I do Western archery and I was shooting arrows from my first sess...

    on Japanese Archery

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    2010/08/08 23:09

    I've been interested in languages since about the age of 8, and particularly East Asian languages. I've also been drawing from ...

    on How did you become interested in Japan?

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    2010/02/07 20:54

    They'll be available on GSC's web shop from tomorrow so they'll be purchaseable with a proxy service, but they probably aren't ...

    on K-ON! Figma

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    2010/02/07 20:01

    There were quite a few figures of Senjougahara on show, but this one was definitely the best. The cascading stationery and that...

    on Bakemonogatari

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    2010/02/06 19:17

    I'll be there tomorrow. It's my first trip to the event, so I'm quite excited.

    on Wonder Festival 2010 Preview

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    2010/01/21 22:04

    I'm in university dorms and get my internet for free (or included in the very cheap rent, to look at things from another perspe...

    on Business in Japan

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    2010/01/21 08:07

    I flew with JAL to Japan back in August, and I'll be flying back to the UK with them in July hopefully, so I've been keeping an...

    on Japan Airlines Bankruptcy

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    2010/01/12 20:48

    The only people I saw wearing them in the UK were exchange students from Asia at my university. I wore one for a day or two...

    on Japan Surgical Masks

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    2009/12/27 16:01

    It is rather linear, but I don't think it's necessarily a bad game as a result. JRPGs are usually pretty linear, and I've found...

    on A Week in Tokyo 49

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    2009/12/21 15:40

    The shoulders look a bit off and the joints are a little too visible, but I don't think it's bad for a first try. If they broug...

    on Figutto

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    2009/12/20 14:18

    It may not be as aesthetically pleasing as other dolls, but it's really impressive from a technical standpoint. Those poses loo...

    on Doll Body

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    2009/12/17 07:18

    I haven't even got around to watching the anime, but this figure of her is so cute that I kind of want it anyway. If she wasn't...

    on Toradora

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    2009/12/12 23:08

    They look really useful - I hope they eventually go on regular sale. I always get paranoid carrying Nendoroids around because i...

    on Nendoroid Pouch

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    2009/12/11 20:30

    I had a school girl falling asleep on my shoulder a few weeks ago. I ended up sat amongst a big group of school kids for lack o...

    on Japan Train Sleeping

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    2009/12/10 18:40

    She's gorgeous and I really like her face regardless of whether or not it has cute appeal, but she's too expensive for me to ac...

    on VN02 mix

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    2009/12/07 08:24

    That's DD Yoko! She's gorgeous, but rather difficult and expensive to get hold of now.

    on Dolls Party 22

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    2009/11/19 00:52

    I read DC because it neatly covers a whole group of my interests in one site - anime and manga, Apple, figures, Japan and dolls...

    on Candy Boy Giveaway

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    2009/11/15 12:12

    I'd definitely get one at $100, but then I've just spent an awful lot more than that on a Super Dollfie so even the current pri...

    on Ryomou Shimei

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    2009/11/12 00:39

    I don't think they want to stop their customers having a good time, they just don't want the women working there to be treated ...

    on Moe Moe Kyun

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    2009/11/11 23:24

    Yeah, there are people around who won't follow the rules no matter what, but there are also people with the courtesy to keep to...

    on Moe Moe Kyun

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    2009/11/11 18:18


    on AmiAmi Giveaway - Aegis

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    2009/11/04 10:47

    I live in dorms, which I guess is kind of half way between the two. I have my own room that I can do what I want with and I can...

    on Living in Japan

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    2009/10/31 09:31

    I was going to be in Akihabara today (and had planned to make a trip to the Volks store there) and would have been able to go t...

    on Kotobukiya

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    2009/10/27 17:07

    I prefer number 2. DC has a lot of content to fit onto the regular users' page, but the second layout managed to fit everything...

    on Japan Design

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    2009/10/16 18:44

    +1 on Hetalia Nendoroids! They'd be adorable, and a good choice since they have a large fanbase.

    on Aki Takanori

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