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I'm addicted to figurines and cosplay. Hoping to helm my own game development company someday.

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    2009/07/13 23:47

    Are those Rainier cherries I spot with the mentaiko? Quite a combo!

    on A Week in Tokyo 41

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    2009/06/27 21:42


    on Tenga Cosplay

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    2009/05/06 13:24

    Yoko's hair is amazing! It would be much more difficult to recreate on a human scale. Nia's eyes look really weird in real l...

    on Dollfie Yoko

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    2009/05/05 20:51

    Always order your drinks without ice! It's kind of redundant since liquids usually are kept cold to preserve them.

    on A Day in Tokyo 4

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    2009/05/03 23:39

    Well, I think it's impressive they paid for all that. Anyone can amass a huge collection from downloading and the most you pay ...

    on MIT Anime Club

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    2009/05/03 23:32

    Yes we have fansubbers too. d^____^b

    on MIT Anime Club

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    2009/05/03 23:29

    We should hold a "Calanimage" Summit one year and gather all the CA anime clubs together. I feel the anime club is becoming les...

    on MIT Anime Club

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    2009/05/03 03:20

    You should come to UC Berkeley, Cal Animage Alpha is probably the oldest anime club in the West Coast (this year is our 20th an...

    on MIT Anime Club

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    2009/04/29 20:56

    Banana chai siu! Lady at the counter also gave me a machine gun concealed in a guitar case, not sure what was up with that.

    on 7pm in Tokyo - Ramen 5

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    2009/04/28 19:39

    MY FAVORITE MIKU SONG I might actually consider getting it, since I totally have room for a photo frame. Smart space saving ...

    on World is Mine Miku

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    2009/04/12 14:53

    Long summary is long, but bear with me. Mirai is an alien from a future dimension. She and her sister are orphans who were a...

    on Suenaga Sisters Manga

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    2009/03/26 11:13

    FFFFFFFFF Why did you have to announce this contest during Spring Break?? All my figures + really nerdy things are back in m...

    on 20090326 Giveaway - Your Room

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    2009/03/19 13:09

    Shokotan I love you. This is the greatest thing ever.

    on Eat Figure

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    2009/03/18 06:44

    Okay, I admit the Kino cocoon is cute. And, um, are your Dolfies "hiding" anything if they use the Tenga as "playthings"? As...

    on Tenga Egg

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    2009/03/15 05:10

    front:3 back:2

    on 20090314 Giveaway - Iroha

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    2009/03/14 13:31

    Love Kagami in the Tachikoma. Reminds me of Kemeko!

    on Shiro Masamune

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    2009/03/12 02:46

    . . . the wasabi is in a terrible position underneath Mikuru, it looks like ________.

    on 7pm in Tokyo - Shotengai

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    2009/03/07 06:24

    It's a real life Kei from Moyashimon, lol.

    on Boy is Maid

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    2009/03/04 08:46

    Wow this is amazing. I'm curious though, do they consider her Hatsune Miku or an original character? Favorite Hatsune Miku s...

    on Black Rock Shooter

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    2009/03/01 13:18

    Shokotan is in the Doraemon clip's panel, ha ha. And Astroboy/Atom is pretty accurate, actually . . .

    on Cosplay

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    2009/02/26 16:21

    I've been almost everywhere you have been (born in Vancouver, visited Seattle/Grand Canyon/Las Vegas/China, live in LA, college...

    on Working at Amazon and Microsoft

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    2009/02/25 19:20

    LOL I love Kanon. <3 And maybe I should invest in a humidifier, my lips and skin dry out during winter, and I have to wear t...

    on 7pm in Tokyo - Humidifier

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    2009/02/24 04:34

    More gym uniform Kyou hell yeah! Although that last one . . . that apple is so inaccurate.

    on Treasure Festa

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    2009/02/23 16:18

    Oh, that's cool. I was just surprised to see a fellow Berkeley student on DC. You should come to Game Night on Thursdays, it's ...

    on No Foreigners Or Pets

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    2009/02/22 08:12

    WHOA sorry for the off-topic but are you also a Cal student? If so, are you in CAA?

    on No Foreigners Or Pets

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