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    2012/02/16 09:54

    Ah, but that's because this figure's probably based off of the original character designs by redjuice.

    on Good Smile Studios

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    2011/08/24 12:33

    Ah, Rails is a nice framework to work with. Learning Rails is a nice way to dabble in a bunch of areas in web application devel...

    on Tokyo Jobs - Ruby on Rails Developer

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    2010/06/07 05:28

    Too bad I can't go this year. =/

    on DC LA Meetup Final Details

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    2010/05/24 16:43

    "Still not too sure why the unit is as heavy as it is." The reason why it's heavy is because the internals include a giant bat...

    on iPad Video Review

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    2010/05/11 10:31

    Name: チェン Country of Residence: USA Phrase: 律の声 「今日から君は、富士山だ!!」 Question: 「けいおんのオーディション前にけいおんの漫画が読んだことがありますか。」 In case that que...

    on Satomi Sato

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    2010/05/02 08:50

    I've played with one, and it only reinforced the idea that it's completely useless for me. Touch typing is terrible and despite...

    on iPad Hands On

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    2010/03/18 12:58

    Make one for my Automata Theory class next quarter and I'll be good to go! XD

    on Manga Textbooks

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    2009/10/24 17:23

    Eh. I wouldn't exactly pin this on Windows or Microsoft in particular.

    on Microsoft Japan

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    2009/10/10 12:06

    Woah, I saw the first pic just a few days ago on Pixiv...

    on Illustrator KL

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    2009/10/03 07:32

    This reminds me of a scene in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

    on Figure Photography

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    2009/09/26 18:18

    [10:23:57] [10:19:09]

    on Google Android Giveaway

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    2009/09/26 02:41

    I've been running Windows 7 RC for a while now. I have a copy of Windows 7 Pro (yay for university resources) so I'll probably ...

    on Windows 7 Japan

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    2009/09/20 13:16

    Divine.... BUSTER!!!!

    on Mirai-tan 06

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    2009/09/19 12:48

    University breakfast choices are often pretty bad, so I tend to skip it even though I probably do have enough time to eat one. =(

    on Breakfast in Japan

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    2009/09/11 05:19


    on 20090910 Giveaway - Kagamiku

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    2009/08/17 12:08

    I want the mushroom under your desk.. :D

    on Comike

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    2009/08/12 02:37

    Ahahahaha, I just had to click on that because it was Shana related. It was... not too bad I suppose. =D However, that Miku ...

    on Hatsune Miku

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    2009/08/09 10:13

    First thought was, "There are lines at Forever 21!?"

    on Forever 21 Tokyo

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    2009/08/01 21:57

    The last picture... hahaha. Idolmaster F-22. :D If only one of these was actually in service.

    on Anime Figures

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    2009/07/15 21:05

    Epic fail for me. All my figures are currently sitting in a storage room 1000 miles away. =(

    on 20090715 Giveaway - 1075 USD

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    2009/07/02 09:14

    I generally make updates in the Puchi Blurbs that I wouldn't make in my Twitter account, so getting rid of Puchi Blurbs wouldn'...

    on Future of

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    2009/06/27 09:40

    I think I'll just have to warp Otome and the Vocaloids away from you. >:D And while I'm at it, I'll have to vacuum away the ...

    on June Christmas

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    2009/06/25 08:06

    Cute, but I don't think I have the resources to get this. I'm still trying to figure out if I want to spend a bajillion dollars...

    on Nendoroid Saber Lily

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    2009/06/09 03:28

    How did it die? And couldn't you just reinstall it? Unless you meant your computer died... =/

    on iPhone 3G S

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    2009/06/08 23:35

    Generally speaking it was a fairly underwhelming conference. A few updates here and there, but nothing terribly exciting. I got...

    on iPhone 3G S

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