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    2012/04/06 16:11

    I discovered japan when a japanese friend in elementary school living in hawaii gave me a mechanical pencil his dad had brought...

    on How Discovering Japan Changed My Life

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    2011/04/15 03:04

    I ordered this a few days ago you can get it at it's where I buy most of my touhou stuff none of those regular on...

    on Suika Ibuki

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    2011/03/23 07:35

    If i were to go to hongkong I would probably visit all the open air cafeteria shops though I would get sick... not so much the ...

    on Milky Holmes Hong Kong

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    2011/03/10 07:22

    I have two of these on order already I also want the plain clothes mato and yomi, but I'm not paying any stupid prices for them...

    on Miku Append

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    2011/03/04 12:27

    panty and stocking robots are interesting I wonder how well they will sell

    on Hobby Maker Show Winter 2011

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    2011/02/10 11:00

    I approve of anything kipi does

    on Kipi Mirai Cosplay

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    2011/01/13 17:00

    What is the legality of making your own stickers and put them on your car? I mean, none of these guys are paying license fees, ...

    on Itasha Accessories

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    2011/01/11 12:13

    I think it is wonderful that you have a vision and have taken steps to break into new ground that has never been done before. I...

    on Summary of 2010

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    2010/12/22 16:40

    world is mine miku is nice, but I would prefer it as an extra costume set and the default costume be the traditional 01

    on Hatsune Miku Dollfie

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    2010/12/22 16:37

    Japanese game rankings don't really mean much now-a-days if it's not on it does not matter much to me ever sin...

    on Best of 2010 : Games

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    2010/11/11 18:12

    needs a small dannychoo with beanie hat as an accessory instead!

    on Figma Mirai Pre-order

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    2010/09/11 15:28

    I can tell this person is an older fellow by his choices in anime also, over 5000$ worth of erogames takes a while to collect :)

    on Eroge Room

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    2010/09/11 09:11

    I use a LCD as the main screen, then I push the macbook pro off to the side as an optional second screen when i work at home

    on Desk Diary 2010/09/10

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    2010/09/04 04:44

    I just ordered from them yesterday even though I promised myself I would not order anything from japan that deals in yen for th...

    on Hobby Search

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    2010/06/02 15:40

    I'm not really sure what's going on in this thread, but the term 'haters' is not really meant to be used for anyone who dislike...

    on Dealing with Haters Part 1

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    2010/05/17 16:54

    when i first clicked this link I thought all of this stuff was owned by one person *phew* I was almost jealous there :lol: oh, ...

    on Anime Loot

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    2009/07/04 18:57

    Does AT$T have their own network or a friend in Japan? I have the new iphone and their service has been great; not sure what e...

    on iPhone Usage in Japan

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    2009/06/09 21:42

    I will be buying the new iphone I sure hope they will have enough at launch

    on iPhone 3G S

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    2009/03/17 21:05

    La Fonera in kana makes me giggle. I was thinking about buying a popular third party keyobard by a company called Moshi. but ...

    on Mac Life 4

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    2009/03/04 06:22

    lol, is that a poseable death note doll? Depending on the bulb type and distance away figures can be discolored. It is not a pr...

    on Figure Display Cabinet

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    2009/03/04 06:16

    So far I am quite satisfied with my 15" macbookpro I recently purchased. It never gets hot and fits in most baggage. I think it...

    on New Macs

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    2009/02/28 05:09

    I would be interested in battle accessories and interchangeable faces

    on Figma Accessories

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    2009/01/20 11:35

    oh, and not that it matters, but toy production is currently out-pacing my wallet allowance. Not sure about others, but I've ...

    on Figma Cheerleader

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    2009/01/20 11:31

    looks like they took some notes on the Fraulein versions and decided to step it up. you can easily see how mikuru's body has m...

    on Figma Cheerleader

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    2009/01/06 01:00

    that is a lot of gashapon I want a windows Me doll

    on Hikikomori

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