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I'm here for the hobby stuff and food pictures! I like collecting pretty pictures in the forms of magazines, art books, and doujinshi.

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    2009/12/06 23:46

    She looks way better playing the guitar than when she's walking. Her walk still looks very stiff.

    on Dancing Dollfie

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    2009/11/21 12:18

    Are you borrowing a Summer Wars poster? Good choice :D

    on AFA Countdown

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    2009/11/21 12:11

    Can't wait to see what the May'n x dannychoo connection brings :3

    on May'n

  • commented
    2009/11/08 09:42

    Wow, that seamless body is just making it eerily close to Barbie dolls... Actually, even Barbies have more joints than that. It...

    on Anime Shop

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    2009/10/31 01:34

    Oh, I know none of them are "easy" and I don't mean to degrade the other two. It's just a matter of comparison. Figures are art...

    on Gurren Lagann

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    2009/10/30 21:40

    That Yoko really is exceptionally well-made. The holster and belt have so much detail, and the coat too. They really didn't tak...

    on Gurren Lagann

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    2009/10/30 13:24

    Even the color choices make me think they're going for an older target audience. They should start making the games to match :P

    on DSi LL

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    2009/10/30 13:20

    That Haruka looks like a Pinky St. figure! :D

    on Japanese Comics

  • commented
    2009/10/30 13:17

    If garage kits are the ones where you have to paint the figure, then that's an amazing job. I bet that guy gets a lot of commis...

    on Toradora

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    2009/10/26 00:34

    I create my blog content, mostly because art books and doujinshi are a bit of a niche hobby so there aren't many other sites ta...

    on LCI Broadcast

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    2009/10/21 03:31

    I've got the dakimakura, but I'm lacking the pillow ;_;

    on Haruka Nogizaka

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    2009/10/20 05:19

    I hope the extra paint job is going towards her face, she just doesn't look right and her nose completely disappears in most of...

    on Samurai Shodown

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    2009/10/20 05:16

    I don't think most cities are properly set up for cyclists. Not my words, but definitely my sentiments: As a driver I hate pede...

    on Cycling in Tokyo

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    2009/10/15 12:54

    Wow, it's really impressive that you can look at a dance like that and learn it, especially if you've never had dance training.

    on Gatsby Trooper

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    2009/10/13 03:04

    There's a lot of text in all of them, although for most pages screen shots and character profiles are interspersed in the previ...

    on Anime Magazines

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    2009/10/13 02:59

    I collect all of these except the Dengeki Hime (not really my taste and too game focused). It's also what I blog about :3 Love ...

    on Anime Magazines

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    2009/10/11 01:40

    What other kinds of things are there to do at a convention like this? It sounds more business like than an AX or Otakon kind of...

    on Animation Asia Conference

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    2009/10/11 01:27

    That hat looks so cute on her too! I think she has the best hair out of all of your girls :D

    on Karin

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