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Loves dolls, anime, manga, fashion, and food!

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  • commented on 2015/06/29 00:52

    For the wig, you could use an alternative material -- mohair. It's what most doll owners use when they can't get the right look for male hairstyles.

  • commented on 2014/06/28 09:44

    Does the Smart Doll con price includes California tax? :o

  • commented on 2014/01/27 02:04

    It was awarded to Volks for having the longest line of dolls holding hands.

  • commented on 2014/01/15 14:32

    Probably should test how well a SmartDoll can be shipped when sitting down. I had some dolls shipped to me in fetal positions in past, and they usually arrived with scuffs and/or chipped areas. Reducing areas that would cause high friction would be ideal.

  • commented on 2013/08/24 11:25

    Best cape fling ever!

  • commented on 2013/07/31 12:33

    I hope her foot is supported nicely.

  • commented on 2013/07/31 12:32

    Definitely want! I need a Klein and Sachi figure for my SAO collection.

  • commented on 2013/03/03 04:04

    That's some serious detailed work. Special props to the person to sew this. =D

  • commented on 2013/02/16 10:41

    Must remember to pre-order Asuna~ =3

  • commented on 2013/02/12 11:45

    There needs to be a Kirito figure to pair up with Asuna. =)

  • commented on 2013/02/12 11:41

    Mind crush!

  • commented on 2013/02/12 11:40

    Vash! Loving the dynamic pose. =3

  • commented on 2012/12/08 16:42

    Homura Kuromi~

  • commented on 2012/12/08 16:40

    Twilight BK Burger with a freebie crown? I dunno man... >__>

  • commented on 2012/12/04 09:12

    Definitely on my wish list! I hope they will make a Kirito figure in the future to match her. =3

  • commented on 2012/03/14 10:56

    Free Hugs Day

  • commented on 2011/10/12 14:35

    I would love to experience being in Japan at least once in my lifetime. I have a huge love for its culture and history. As much as I love eating ramen, udon and the casual fare of Japanese food offered in Southern California, I'm more interested in trying out food that I'll never see in the States. Also, I think the number one thing I would like to do is go to a local town festival in the summer, just as the seasons are about to change. I'm more interested in intimate settings, so I can just let it all soak in and relax. Furthermore, my husband has been interested in hiking, and I feel that an excursion Japan's beautiful wilderness would be the adventure that he would be truly enjoy and remember.

  • commented on 2011/09/28 10:16

    Oh, I've been sticking around because I love all the fun little entries about food, dolls and figures! XD

  • commented on 2011/09/28 10:14

    Den of Angels BJD Forum =P

  • commented on 2011/08/22 03:00

    The ParaKiss OP is by Tommy February5. You're thinking about the ED. =X

  • commented on 2011/08/20 14:48

    I have several favs. Is it okay to name more than one? :o In no particular order. - Full Metal Alchemist 4th Opening, "Rewrite" - Gundam 00 2nd 1st Opening, "Hakanaku mo Towa no Kanashi" - Elven Lied Opening, "Lilium"