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leonmaster1988 Member since 2011/10/12

I´m a German otaku, who loves nearly everything from Nippon. Besides this really large part of my life, I´m a student for electrical engineering (nearly done, yay!^^) and for sports I´m doing Taekwondo.

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  • commented on 2013/02/24 18:30

    Why is there no Mana in the poll? I love her, but if I can´t choose her, then Tohka is next in line.

  • commented on 2013/02/14 19:59

    It´s so far away T_T

  • commented on 2013/01/08 18:57

    Sword Girls Online

  • commented on 2012/10/02 23:44

    Every day a new one

  • commented on 2012/09/29 20:21

    Wow, we saw the Itasha from the first pic in Akihabara two weeks ago.

  • commented on 2012/09/29 20:13

    I just got back from Japan last week and I want to go again right away. It was the best holiday I ever had. I visted quite a few places you mentioned, Danny. Thanks for all of them.

  • commented on 2012/09/29 20:08


  • commented on 2012/09/26 00:49


  • commented on 2012/05/27 16:25

    I think the comments in your posts should be hidden and you have to click to show them. Like that it would be easier navigate while reading it. Btw, earning points for comments sounds like a good idea, too.

  • commented on 2012/03/26 18:53

    I´m a relatively new figure collector (only eight scale figures, no figmas or nendoroids up to date) and I tried many different shops (online and physical). Now there´re three main options I´ll use mostly from now on, ebay (for used figures), conventions (sometimes real bargains, but with a possibility of frauds) and the online shop (lowest prize for new figures in Germany, fast shipping and no need for paypal of credit card).

  • commented on 2012/03/26 18:42

  • commented on 2012/03/13 17:24

    This figure is on my wishlist since I first saw her!!/Leonmaster1988/status/179482334003863553

  • commented on 2012/02/09 18:38


  • commented on 2012/02/04 21:09

    Could I use this figure: The manufacturer is Max Faxtory, but she was distributed by Good Smile Company!

  • commented on 2012/01/28 03:14

    Nokia C2-02

  • commented on 2012/01/19 17:59

    Homura is my pick, but I love Kyouko nearly as much as her!

  • commented on 2012/01/18 00:58


  • commented on 2012/01/02 04:28

    Happy new year to you too, Danny! I hope you´ll have a nice year 2012.

  • commented on 2011/12/25 18:23

    Merry Christmas to you too, Danny! Have a nice day with your family. I will be staying at home today, stuffing myself with food, visiting the internet from time to time and doing pretty much nothing. Next year will be pretty stressful for me, so I have to enjoy my last vacation!

  • commented on 2011/12/24 01:48

    Hitagi Senjogahara 1/7 Figure ~ Bakemonogatari I don´t need her for myself, but my daughters will be pretty lonely next year, while I´m busy working on my dissertation. And with Senjougahara and all her utensils they will be able to make something creative as a present for me in the meantime. Ok, in the end I will still profit myself... ;)

  • commented on 2011/12/23 22:42

    I´m getting hungry...some cake would be nice! Danny, wouldn´t you share some of yours? XD

  • commented on 2011/12/23 22:39

    Danny, please stop posting places, one should visit in Tokyo! How many weeks do you think I would need for this? I have only four days on my hands in Tokyo, when I´m visiting Japan next year...

  • commented on 2011/12/18 21:08

    Hi! My name is André and I'm located in Germany. On the internet I´m mostly known as Keita or Leo. I´m currently studying electrical engineering. I just love everything from Japan and I´m an Otaku with all my life! I´ll visit Japan next year and I´ll try to visit all the places Danny mentioned here or in Culture Japan.

  • commented on 2011/12/15 04:47

    I´m visiting Japan next year with some friends. We put this vacation off for a year, not because of the tsunami but rather ´cause we didn´t have enough money this year. And just so you know, no earthquake, tsunami, nuclear radiation or anything else along those lines will get in my way visiting the holy land! ;)

  • commented on 2011/11/30 20:41

    Kuroneko Beach Queens 1/10 Figure $58.00 Erio Towa Fleece Blanket Type. B ~ Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko $28.00 And as always: Thanks Danny!