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Currently a staff writer for wearearcade.com, where I write anime reviews and features, and operate my own fledgling blog at ukotaku.wordpress.com. I also do freelance web design and whatever else it takes to stay afloat ^_^;;

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    2011/10/21 21:03

    Monster Movie Party

    on Halloween in Japan

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    2011/10/18 23:27

    I bet he just keeps all the best pics of wifey to himself. More of a rawwrr than meow.

    on Lalaport

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    2011/10/17 23:26

    I got one of these for my 19th Birthday, along with the DVD. Best present ever ^_^

    on AFA11

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    2011/03/09 10:46

    I'd love one of these suits, if only to scare people at the local sainsburys. Just one day with that suit...

    on Skeletonics

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    2011/02/02 09:54

    Wow, this Chun fellow is quite the tailor. Also, loled at the lightsaber. Light. Saber. Gettit? XD

    on Hakama

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    2011/01/20 21:33

    Reminds me of British TV adverts, before they started becoming all dull American style.

    on Japan Commercial

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    2011/01/11 00:58

    Yup, 2010 has been a good year. So good in fact, you've inspired me to start up my own little venture to help spread anime in t...

    on Summary of 2010

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    2011/01/09 10:29

    Not the sort of thing you want on show if you have guests or a significant other, methinks :S

    on Ero Toilet Paper

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    2010/10/05 08:56

    Niiice. It's a pity you didnt run into the screwattack crew while you were there- that would've been pretty epic. Bets down pe...

    on Super Potato

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    2010/07/24 00:21


    on Akihabara

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    2010/07/24 00:17

    If I were that penguin, I'd be looking over in that direction too.

    on Akihabara

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    2010/07/21 08:40


    on Hokkaido Food

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    2010/07/21 08:36

    Then allow me. New Tenga 5 packs, for that special something at drunken work parties.

    on Hokkaido Food

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    2010/07/19 04:29

    Sunburn. All in a days work!

    on Kamakura

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    2010/07/19 04:27

    No showing off those abs!

    on Kamakura

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    2010/07/19 04:22

    Nice hat.

    on Kamakura

  • commented
    2010/05/02 18:22

    Sorry, but I just have too many issues with Apple and their ways of doing business to het an iPad. Besides, The HP Slate looks...

    on iPad Hands On

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    2010/01/24 06:06

    8meg, unlmited bandwidth @ £16 a month. ... Or at least that's what we should be getting. Thanks to maggie thatcher, we only g...

    on Business in Japan

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    2009/10/11 02:20

    "While a certain amount of "thinking" is good, its the "action" that makes the difference." Row Row? Anyways, glad to see you...

    on Karin

  • commented
    2009/10/07 02:49

    Look out gents, I think the ExitTrance crew MIGHT just have their own limo...

    on Anime Cars

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    2009/10/03 01:00

    'Playing about with the dynamic color settings here.' 'color' Danny, how could you?

    on Lumix GF1 Review

  • commented
    2009/09/29 01:47

    Stuff like this is why I want to live in japan. I wholeheartedly hope you had a absolutely magical evening danny, even if I am ...

    on Japanese Festivals

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    2009/09/26 21:12

    I guess [10:16:30] and [10:04:30]

    on Google Android Giveaway

  • commented
    2009/09/26 02:20

    I spent 5 years trying to get XP perfect, lots of little tweaks here and there, and now I no longer recognise it from the defau...

    on Windows 7 Japan

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    2009/09/26 01:46

    I leave my bag on a seat while I go to get food- but only if someone I can trust is nearby to keep an eye on it.

    on Japan Unattended Bags

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